Confessions of a Mom, Vol. 10

Before we get to today’s post, I just want to say there has been too much loss in the past year, in the city of Boston and in my personal life. Many thoughts and prayers to the Boston Fire Department and to the families and friends of the two firefighters who lost their lives doing their job. Thank you to all first responders, everywhere, without you wouldn’t be safe.

Disclaimer: please read this post with an open mind and sense of humor. Sometimes we all need a good laugh.


When my toddler picks out his own clothes for the day


How I feel about the fact that it has been freezing cold outside the past week


How I feel that the temperature for today and tomorrow is “play outside all day” type of weather


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Weekly Updates: 02/17/14 – 02/23/14

Another week, another update!

Weekly Workouts

Monday -

As usual, Monday was a rest day. I am trying to not make my rest days back-to-back, but lately we have had a very long drive on Sundays and getting home late, so I am usually exhausted.

Tuesday -

My plan was to get to Achieve for the 6 am class, but B decided to come in our bed at 4:30 am, which was disrupting enough to wake me, but not enough that I could just get up. When my alarm went off 30 minutes later I turned it off. My mom was visiting so I ended up taking Studio Poise’s new class The Remix {Description from the website: A hip-hop inspired express cardio workout. 40 minutes of the latest and old school hits that will get your heart beating and body sweating!}. I would say that it is similar to Zumba, where every song has a set routine, so the more you go the easier the routines get to remember, but you are still working every time.

I really loved it, I felt like I was in the Vegas week of So You Think You Can Dance! The class flew by, and I especially loved her song selection (old school Nsync, hell yes). Since this was the first class a lot of us struggled with following and it took a minute to grasp the routines. The ones I found to be the hardest was when there were turns involved and everyone was looking back to see what we were supposed to be doing, whoops. I only wish there were more classes, maybe even a 6 am. Right now the only classes are 12 pm on Tuesdays and 11:30 am on Sundays. I’m pretty sure this is one class that Caitlin and Jane would love it too!


Also, I sort of need these sneaks for this class, right?

Wednesday – 

Since it snowed all night on Tuesday, I ended up spending 90 minutes shovelling, it took longer than normal because I couldn’t find a place to put all the dang snow. Afterwards my arms and legs were killing me (bend with your knees not with your back = a hundred squats) so I decided to forgo another workout.

Thursday -

Was a very sad day, my membership at Achieve is officially over and that was my last workout. I have a post about this coming soon, but my last MetCon was awesome and pushed me. I am glad I have this experience and I can’t wait until I can go back.

Friday – 

Took my favorite class at Studio Poise, Pound Fit with Emily. Seriously, I love this class and I hate the weeks I miss it. For those of you curios about what Pound is? Pound is a full-body cardio jam session that combines light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses! It’s another class I am trying to get Caitlin and Jane to come too but Emily doesn’t teach on the weekends, womp womp.

Saturday & Sunday -

I did some yoga at home on Saturday and took Sunday off for the above mentioned driving, etc… I am trying to get better workouts into my weekends, which should be a bit easier the next few weeks.

Food – 

It was pretty much an exact replication of last week. Creatures of habit, much? I am still working on a baked oatmeal that I like after I re-heat it. A lot of the ones I’ve made are great right out of the oven, but get a little rubbery after a microwave heating during the week.

How were your workouts this week? Do you have a baked oatmeal recipe you love?

Year of Baking: Joy the Baker’s Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

I am pretty sure this weeks recipe doesn’t necessarily qualify as baking, but last week was crazy so I didn’t get a chance to really plan, prep and bake something.

I did however have a perfect reason to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate.


Last week Nick, B and I headed up to Killington, VT for a mini-ski trip with my sister & her boyfriend and my dad, his girlfriend and her kids.

It’s weird to me to stay in a hotel for a ski trip. I grew up about 45 minutes away from Killington and any time we went skiing it was always a day trip. I didn’t take many photos because we weren’t there for that long Monday – Wednesday morning. I did however take a few. We stayed at the Killington Grand Resort and had dinner there on Monday night.

IMG 5170
I had this amazing seared ahi tuna, I can’t find the menu online, but for VT it was pretty tasty!

Nick, B and I have also been adding extra veggies and fruits in with smoothies, and they are perfect for B when he is sick!

IMG 5200

Tuesday, Dad and I took a little father-daughter time to ski. Nick can’t and my sister doesn’t do well on the slopes so they stayed back to watch the little man.

IMG 5178
Um, even the kids snow pants were to tall for me.

We spent three hours out on the slopes, and I have to say I was terrified, I hadn’t been downhill skiing in almost 20 years. I have cross-country skied but that is most certainly not the same. I will say though, I get my ski legs back pretty quickly.

You know what goes great with an afternoon of skiing? A piping hot mug of homemade hot cocoa. I took my recipe from Joy the Baker‘s cookbook and it was a hit.

1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 heaping tablespoons of white chocolate chips
2 cups of milk (any fat content)
1/2 teaspoon of instant coffee powder (optional)
pinch of salt


1. Pour 2 inches of water into a medium saucepan and place over medium heat
2. Place dark and white chocolate in a heatproof bowl
3. When the water has come to a boil, place the bowl of chocolate on top but not touching the simmering water
4. Stir chocolate until melted
5. As you put your water on to boil, heat the milk in a small saucepan until almost boiling
6. Whisk the melted chocolate, coffee powder, and salt into the heating milk and whisk until smooth and incorporated
7. Pour into 2 cups and enjoy with marshmallows or your favorite cookie

IMG 3262


I don’t like white chocolate so I never have any on hand – I used extra semi-sweet but in the future I might use peanut butter chips or even butterscotch. At the holidays, I will definitely be using mint chips.

I used espresso powder and only a 1/4 teaspoon, that was definitely enough.

We enjoyed ours plain but I know Nick would’ve loved some marshmallows.

The hot chocolate was perfectly creamy, but because of the chocolate I used it was a bit too sweet for me. We also only had whole milk so I would definitely use something different for me in the future.

Link up with Jenn for more tasty treats on WIAW!

Hodge Podge

This post is a hodgepodge of things that have been going on my brain lately, but first, check out my post on the FitFluential blog today, Five pieces for at home workouts. Perfect timing since I am not at my home for a few weeks and I could use these tips myself!

IMG 3957
let’s get our workout on Reeboks

*Obviously not everyone can be pleased with the outcome of the election – from the town to the national level. I wish we’d leave all the hate and the sayings that the wrong person was elected for those offices. While I may not personally agree with some of the elected officials, that doesn’t change that they were elected. We just need to move forward and work together, and not attack each other.

*I appreciate that I have the right to vote, but all the facebook posts, twitter status, etc… telling people to go vote make me angry. I want you to vote, BUT I want you to vote intelligently. That doesn’t mean vote for who I am voting for, that means vote after you’ve informed yourself of all parties platforms. This means more than the democrat and republican nominee and it means more than the social issues. BE INFORMED AND VOTE. And for the love, vote more than just during national elections, those local town votes, they affect you way more than the presidential one.

*It is waaaay to cold already. There was frost on my windshield yesterday morning and we are supposed to get our first Nor’easter tonight… which severely hinders me getting back to MA for my Team In Training dinner. At least B can participate in the snow this year. Let’s look at last year shall we?

IMG 1951
not a fan mom

*I have been eating a lot of bread since it is one of the foods that I can stomach and that doesn’t affect my ulcer, but I haven’t been working out because the ulcer has been painful and I have been napping with the baby. Not good.

*Maybe it’s all the carbs, but I have the itch to run another half…uh oh. Or maybe I really want a PR and NWM redemption.

What’s going on in your brain today?