Fitness Update & Guest Post!

Hi Everyone! I know I don’t usually post on Saturday’s but I have two important pieces of information.

The first important piece of information is my guest post for one of my favorite running bloggers! Pavement Runner is unplugged this weekend and asked that I write a post for him. I obviously agreed, and wrote about how I fell in love with running. Head on over and read my story and leave some love!

The second piece of information is:
I have been terrible at my weight loss updates, it has partially been because I have been a little bit frustrated, but also because my workouts have been pretty similar as of late. I usually do between 1 and 3 workouts with my trainer a week, depending on our schedules. 1 is a TRX workout (IN LOVE) and the others are usually HIIT workouts.

pre baby

We have both seen definite improvements over my form and my abilities in the past year.

I also run 3 times a week. I have been doing my short run at home on the treadmill, I do an informal track workout with some of my TNT teammates and then finally my long run with TNT. Frankly, I had a lot of doubt in the beginning with my ability to actually run a half-marathon. But now, regardless of how slow I am, I am seeing improvement and loving it.

So that brings me to one important piece of information…I am finally down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I know for some moms it takes a few months, but weight loss has never been easy for me. The funny thing is, my heaviest weight, was probably pretty close to my weight when I was pregnant. It took me three years to lose weight prior to pregnancy, but one year after pregnancy. Improvement, right?

I still have a decent number that I would like to lose, but I am proud of where I am today!

IMG 3420
one year after baby!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Fitness Friday: race goals & an update

I am excited to say I have 3 races registered for! I have a 4th on the maybe list, but I am waiting to hear if a few friends want to run it together.

I have registered for:

Color Me Rad 5k

May 26, Hartford, CT

Team Cupcake Kelly’s if you want to join.

I am running with one of Nick’s cousins and persuaded Nick to run as well.

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The Color Run

July 28, Amesbury, MA

My trainer’s fiancé put together a team, and I can’t pass up a fun run. I did the Spartan Race at this location and I don’t love it, in fact I kind of hate it. However, I was at my lowest weight pre-pregnancy when I raced then and I wasn’t as dedicated about getting my workouts in. I want to see how much I have improved with this course.

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The Warrior Dash

September 22, Willington, CT

A few friends from CT are running this race, so I decided to join them. I have done a Spartan Race so I sort of know what to expect, I hope. Like I said, I can’t pass up a fun run.

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My goals are to have fun and for the MA Color Run, to PR my previous time. I also want to find an October 5k, to PR at.

Body Update

In my race recap I was pretty down on myself about my performance, but I have to remind myself that my body is now a completely different machine than it was 2 years ago.

In general, I have been feeling bad about my body and weight loss. I eat really well, I am always within my calorie allotment and I have been working really hard.

I forgot to do measurements last month so we will count this as month 3 check in.

Check out my 1st month update

Weight – down 14 pounds which brings me to a total of 21 pounds!

Right Arm – down .78, total down .78 inches

Hips – down 1.18 inches total of 3.08 inches

Waist – down .4 inches, total of 3.5 inches

Right Calf – down 1 inch, total of 1.6 inches

Right Thigh – down .5 inches, total of 1 inch.

Seriously, I don’t get why I am so down on my self. I am clearly doing awesome. I will post pictures of the end of February and April (since both will have me very dressed up, and won’t be iPhone photos) just to see the difference.

It’s clear that my upped running, Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp and increased intensity of workouts with my trainer are paying off. My next goal is to lose 25 pounds by my sister-in-law’s wedding. From these stats it will be a little less than 3 months. I think this goal is definitely within my reach!

Lifestyle Change, Week 1.

As I posted my goal here, I thought it would be good to do updates with my fitness and what I am eating to keep myself accountable, but also to share with those who are on a weight loss journey as well. Exchanging ideas about food and fitness.

I plan on sharing my numbers as well, but in terms of body measurements, I don’t think a weekly share is worthwhile. I will be sharing those numbers monthly, and my weight weekly.

This week in terms of food, I had to change my diet a little bit in order to keep within my 1400 calories.

I usually have oatmeal made with milk for breakfast, I usually add 1 serving of natural peanut butter or granola. Somedays I use both. A few hours later I will have a snack, usually a banana or hard-boiled egg. For lunch I have either soup or a raw veggie salad (tomato, cucumber, green pepper and carrots) with 3 oz of no salt turkey and italian dressing. For dinner it varies, I like to keep things light, even if there is meat.

In terms of fitness, Monday I did a 30 minute Bosu workout.

IMG 1920

Tuesday, my lungs were still feeling a bit sickly, so I went to the mall to spend some gift cards. I ended up walking around with B for 3 hours. He was spent.

IMG 1926

Wednesday I took a rest day, I woke up still feeling like crap so I wanted to give myself one more day of rest.

Thursday I ran on the treadmill, 3.02 km. I felt winded but I think a good portion of that was because I was pretty sick for almost 2 weeks.

Friday I ran again on the treadmill, 3.10 km.

Saturday, I ran for 20 min then I met with my trainer where I did an hour of strength training and core work. I really wanted to burn a lot of calories today since it was date night, and I wanted to have some wiggle room in terms of my options for dinner.

Sunday I took my 2nd rest day of the week.

I am down 3 pounds in one week. I am pretty happy with my results, especially since I know I can step it up in the workout department. I took it easy on myself because I was still getting over this lingering cold and I didn’t want to push myself into a place where I would end up hurting myself.

I am coming for you this week.

What are your go to workouts when you are sick?