The S Word.

On a rare occasion I like to get out, just by myself, and get my nails done. Usually it’s because of a big event we are attending, so it is nice to get some time to myself and get a little pampered.

B’s baptism is this coming weekend so I took the opportunity to get out today since Nick was home. Usually, I like to read blogs or a book or just relax. I like to go to places where the ladies working talk to each other instead of making small talk with me.

Today, however, I went to my usual place and for awhile it was silent. Then another customer came in and talked the whole time. To me, to the women working, to the customer that came in after her… what got me thinking though, was when the woman doing her nails couldn’t open the bottle and the customer said it’s fine you can just use clear polish. Okay that’s normal, but when the woman finally got the bottle open and said “I win”, the customer said, “I’d rather be dainty then strong”.

Maybe it’s because of the women I choose to have in my life, but I’ve never heard such a young woman put down having strength. Why is it such a bad thing to be called strong?

I love weightlifting and strength training more than running because I always feel stronger after. Whereas in running it takes me a lot longer to produce results. I am proud of the weight I can lift. I am proud of the strength I have been able to hold on during my pregnancy and the strength I was able to build back since giving birth.

I would rather have this

IMG 0987

IMG 0971

than to be called dainty instead of strong.

I don’t think being a woman and being dainty are synonymous. I think you can be a beautiful classy woman and still be strong.