WIAW & Baking Updates

As I am sure some of you have noticed my Year of Baking posts haven’t been very frequent. I have definitely been baking, but with the craziness of summer it’s been a rush to get the baking done and get out of the house to whichever event we are going too, never mind taking pictures.

I am hoping with the start of fall (apple and pumpkin season!) I will be able to spend a little more time in the kitchen and share some recipes with you. My dad & his wife also got me a wonderful gift card to Williams-Sonoma so I was able to get some baking tools that I have been too cheap to buy myself, so hopefully I can expand on what I make.

I did however learn a lot from this experiment thus far, I have learned that I would rather make cookies and brownies from scratch, but that can usually alter how a recipe will turn out. I am looking at you slutty brownies! Long story short, my sister and I tried to make these but with homemade brownies and cookies, turns out those are much more dense than the pre-packaged kind. SO we will make these again, but we have a plan on how to make sure the entire recipe gets cooked instead of ending up with raw dough & brownies!

This past week I have been obsessed with having an egg rollup for lunch, sometimes I even have it for breakfast.



A tortilla, eggs (usually scrambled), avocado, tomato, and onion. It doesn’t sound like much but it is perfect on a summer day.

Grilled Chicken & Peppers and Carrot and Parsnip puree!

Grilled Chicken & Peppers and Carrot and Parsnip puree!

I have also been experimenting with my Vitamix. I have been looking for new ways to get some veggies in to my diet.

I made a mash-up of a carrot & potato and paleo parsnip puree. I cubed about a pound of carrots and parsnips and one onion and put them in a pot with two cups of water and two cups of low sodium chicken stock, the water boiled off faster than the I anticipated, so I added a cup of 2% milk. Warning: the milk will cause the liquid to boil up fast, so don’t wander to far.

Once the veggies were fork tender, I drained the liquid and put the veggies into the Vitamix and blended for about one minute. Yes it looks like baby food, but it is delicious. The parsnip flavor was a bit too sweet for Nick, but B and I took it down.

I have also learned how to bake Bacon. The secret is to put it in a cold oven!

Do you have any great fall Vitamix recipes? What is one secret to easy cooking you’ve learned?

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Marvelous in my Monday: Grateful Edition

I am linking up with the lovely Katie for another edition of Marvelous Monday!

I’ll be honest, this weekend had serious potential to be horrendous. It never fails that any weekend we have something big going on, another something big is happening. This weekend was no different, except the “something bigs” were on opposite sides of New England (or at least it felt that way).

Friday, Nick left work early so we could head to my home state of Vermont and see my nephew graduate high school. This event (more so than my 10 year high school reunion) made me feel old. I was 11 years old when he was born and here I was sitting at his High School graduation ceremony with my almost 2 year old on my lap. Weird.

The weather had the potential to be terrible, but it was a gorgeous day and the outdoor ceremony was beautiful, and B was on his very best behavior.

IMG 6046
B, Nick and I with the graduate! Congrats bud! {photo courtesy of my sister}

Saturday, bright and early, we met my dad and his girlfriend for a Father’s Day breakfast and some more personal family time. It was nice to get an hour to chat and catch up!

After breakfast we hit the road, 3 hours to Nick’s parents house, stopped for a bathroom break, and another 45 minutes to a birthday party. Nick’s cousin has twin boys and we haven’t been able to make it to any of their parties (since their first) because I was in the hospital (having B) or out celebrating my SIL’s bachelorette.

It was a lot of fun and B had a great time playing with the birthday boys and other kids. I didn’t get any pictures but it was another gorgeous day, perfect for a party!

We headed back to Nick’s parents to catch the Bruins game (a win for the B’s yes!) and then yesterday we had a surf-n-turf dinner with the family for Father’s Day.

Finally we headed back to our house and relaxed for a bit. We are so lucky that B is such a laid back kid, he barely fussed with all that car time and was so good at all the events, we are very blessed.

If you follow me on Instagram you already know the big gift I got this year. About a month ago my blender broke, and I was super bummed, I make a ton of smoothies, especially in the hot months, and we really couldn’t afford a good new one (I hate buying cheap stuff that I know will break!). Nick and I wanted a Vitamix but we thought we wouldn’t have to buy one for a few years, so this blender breaking was a shock.

My birthday is on Friday and Nick’s mom said I could open my gift early. She brought me this giant box.

IMG 6038

I was shocked. It’s expensive, I didn’t ask for one. But I am blessed, I know a lot of people don’t have great relationships with their in-laws, but my MIL is really a mother to me. I’m not just grateful because of this wonderful gift, but because of EVERYTHING she does for Nick and I (and B obviously). She puts everyone before herself and is one of the most selfless people I know. I hope one day I can be have the MIL she is!

Now with that said, link to your favorite Vitamix creations, I want to try em out!