Kona Kase Review

I recently got the opportunity to try Kona Kase.

IMG 4131

Kona Kase is a monthly subscription service, similar to your Birchbox or Bulu Boxes, that delivers endurance nutrition samples to you!

This is a great service and not just if you are new to endurance sports. Lets face it, we have all forked over hard earned money for a type of fuel or recovery and hated it or the product wreaked havoc on our body. At least I hope I am not the only one. Kona Kase lets you try different products to see if they work with your body and if you like them.

Kona Kase is $15 per month and ship one the 15th of every month, and soon you will be able to go to the website and purchase the items you like. Shipping is free as well and you can cancel your membership any time WITHOUT penalty.

Each kase is a surprise, however you can see past kases to get an idea of products.

I tried the October Kase, lets break it down by product.

IMG 4132

Clif Builder’s Protein Bar – Chocolate Mint Flavor

Larabar – Blueberry Muffin Flavor

Powerbar Performance Energy – Banana Flavor

I’ll be honest, the only bar I liked was the Clif bar. I know from previous experience that the blueberry Larabar is not for me. I tried the Powerbar but I didn’t really love the flavor.


2nd Surge Gel – Chocolate tasted good very similar to a Gu.

3 FRS Drink Sticks – Orange similar to EBoost, not a flavor I would use frequently, but not too sweet.

Vega Drink Stick – Chocolate the one item I have yet to try, I will update this as soon as I do!

Sharkies – Berry I loved these, similar to any shot blok in consistency, although berry is not my favorite flavor, these weren’t bad.

Gatorade Prime – Berry This was VERY sweet and sat in my stomach a bit weird. I was always interested in trying this but I am glad this is how I was able too, since I don’t think I would go out and buy these on my own.

I would definitely buy the Clif bars, Sharkies and 2nd surge again on my own.

So would I try Kona Kase again? Yes! I loved the idea behind the product and ironically would use more of the items in this than in my birchboxes. How would I improve it?

It would be awesome if you could customize even more, perhaps make a “no list” in terms of flavors that you don’t like? Or even more specifics, like I know that I don’t like the blueberry larabar. Other than that I loved the box.

What items would you love to see in a Kona Kase? What is your favorite endurance sports item?

Disclaimer: I was provided one months box free of charge, as always opinions are my own.