Lifestyle Changes, 1 Month Update


I’m cheering mom on!

I honestly felt like I had slacked this month, that maybe I hadn’t done enough, or I ate too much when we went out. Let’s be honest counting calories at restaurants is hard.

Lets just start with the stats.

Weight – down 7 pounds!

Right Arm – Same

Hips – down 1.5 inches

Waist – down 3.1 inches

Right Calf – down .6 inches

Right Thigh – down .5 inches

Clearly numbers don’t lie. This is much better than I expected, and my inch loss in the waist was definitely surprising to both my trainer and I. The hard work is paying off.

I had a chat recently with some girlfriends, about counting calories, I have come to realize that I HAVE to do it. I can eat healthy, but since I am home every day the desire to snack is definitely increased. If I don’t keep myself accountable I will snack all day long. Even if it is healthy foods, they still have caloric value.

I think in addition to this “snack” revelation it is also important to note that healthy foods should still be eaten in moderation. Before I started counting calories I would eat healthy foods and wasn’t as conscious of my portion control because it was a healthy food. Check out this article from Shape magazine, that breaks down healthy foods and why it is still important to count calories for healthy foods.

In terms of workouts I have been running and mixing in strength training. I am trying to increase my mileage and train for some races.

I am a little nervous with what the next month will bring. We have a lot of obligations out of state and I am hoping I can keep my calories in check and my workouts strong!

In addition, I am super proud of Nick who has started to weigh his portions and count calories to lose 20 pounds and he is down 5.4 pounds, yay!