WIAW: Three Meals Out

Thanks to Jenn for hosting another wonderful What I Ate Wednesday. I am going to share three wonderful meals that I have eaten out recently.

The first was dinner, girls night out style, with Cait at Agave Grill in Hartford.


We started with drinks, which was a bit confusing, either our waitress didn’t know the menu that well or the menu was outdated. Regardless, we ordered the “skinny” margarita. Which was just tequila, lime juice, and agave nectar, I call that a regular margarita…

Agave is also famous for their table side guacamole, but Cait isn’t a huge fan so the waitress offered to just bring me a small order which I enjoyed with the chips. For not table side guar, the spice was just right.

I had looked at the dinner menu prior to our visit and the Agave Street Taco’s kept jumping out at me. Cait told me they were pretty famous for them, and they were at the Taste of the Nation, but apparently I missed them. I am glad I was able to have them, as they were just what I wanted. The double taco was really filling so towards the end I ditched them and just ate the filling.

IMG 6961

However, the real star of the night was the Cornbread Pudding. Ever since our honeymoon, where I had my first corn cakes, I have been obsessed with trying any corn foods when I find them on a menu. This dish paired with the Mango Sauce from Cait’s tuna was perfect.

IMG 6973

The second was brunch with Nick at Peels in New York City.


I love when restaurants give you your own water and you don’t have to wait for anyone to refill your tiny glass.

We started with coffee and split the Cinnamon Sugar Donut. The donut was a bit dry for my liking, but I just dunked it in my coffee. For my meal I had the SPA Eggs which was an egg white omelette with goat cheese and herbs and a side green salad. The omelet was wonderful, the cheese was throughout the entire thing, which is a rare find.

IMG 7026

The third meal I am sharing was a surprise dinner for my Dad’s birthday. Nick, B man, and I made the trek to VT to surprise my dad and my step brother for both of their birthdays, we met them at the Fair Haven Inn.


We, along with my sister and her boyfriend, headed to the restaurant early so we got started with a drink – brut prosecco for me.

Once the guests arrived we ordered, Nick and I started with Saganaki (Imported Kasseri Cheese, dipped in eggs, sautéed in butter, & served Flambe table side) and with the appetizers the wait staff brought fresh loaves of bread, chickpeas and beets.

For dinner, I went with the Grecian Baked Scrod (a filet sprinkled with crumbs, feta, and butter then baked). I had mine served with roasted potatoes and a garden salad. The appetizer and salad were great, and my entrée was wonderful. My only two issues were that the kids pasta was huge noodle and the bowl was too gigantic for even an adult, and frankly I wish the waitress would have told me. The second was that my sister took one bite of her salmon and got a mouthful of bones. They gave her a new entrée, but for the price of the meal there should have been zero bones.

Where Fair Haven Inn went above and beyond was that my sister and I made cakes for my dad and step brother and for a small charge they allowed us to bring them in and cut the cake and handled all the candles etc… for us.

IMG 7029

Woah that is a lot of food. Have you had a great meal lately?

Guest Post: Running while Traveling

Today’s guest post is from Amalia, her blog is a mish mash of things, much like this one, and I love that she talks about traveling on a budget, so when we talked about her guest posting all I could think about was her traveling experiences and how she ran during them. She is going to share her experience with you all and like always please show her some love.

My name is Amalia, I blog at Live Travel Eat and Run, I make faces a lot, and I have a confession to make.

I’ve become a traveling runner.


I say this because I never ended to be a runner, but I always intended on being a traveler. Who knew the two would go together so well?

My love for traveling started when my parents put me on a plane at the age of two, and I don’t think there has been a year that has passed where I haven’t had the excitement and privilege of going somewhere awesome and new. I currently live in one of my favourite cities I ever visited. Vancouver,
British Columbia


My relationship with running was one of pain and anger and hatred for about 23 years, until this past March. A friend had dared me to run the Ottawa 5 km with her, and I never back down from a challenge. The second someone says “I dare you to,” is the second I’m hooked. So it makes sense to me that that is how I started my running journey.

So in May, I packed up my bags for a weekend and drove six hours to Ottawa. I ran my first 5 km with one of my very best friends and after that, it was like I couldn’t stop running. The same day, I signed up to run my first half marathon in Disney world in January. I figured, “Hey I have 6 months to save some money to go and to start running longer distances” (35 days now!). For some reason, pairing running with traveling has made my life that much more exciting. And now I love running, go figure. My Dad makes fun of me because he could NEVER get me to run when I was a kid in team sports. I’d rather compete with myself!


Ottawa was probably the best decision of my life. Running by the Canadian Parliament (I used to want to be a politician, so the amount I know about that building would astound anyone), with one of my best friends, in a great city? It was incredible. The best part was I was able to crash with my best friend and her boyfriend, and therefore my costs were limited to the swag I bought at the expo and the 12 hours of driving time.



I say it was the best decision of my life because I realized something about myself that day. I could do more than I ever thought possible, and I would prove it to myself again and again in the next six months as I trained, beat my time at another 5 km, and (cross your fingers general population of the world) successfully completed the Disney Half Marathon in January.


But of course, I’m impulsive. And I love to sign myself up for things and generally don’t consider the cost. Run-cations can be expensive! Especially when you don’t have runner buddies to split the bill. Manfriend (my better half) is not a runner, and so to get him to come along there has to be some sort of video game convention going on at the same time.

So far I’ve only traveled by car to get to a race. I’m traveling by plane in January. But I don’t think there is any limit. I have big dreams of running the big 5 marathons. I want to run New York, Boston, Chicago, London and Athens.

I’m thankful for my Mom, who supports my crazy decisions and is generally willing to hop on a plane to come somewhere exciting, even if it means she foots most of the bill.


So in order for me (and you) to learn better about traveling and running I’ve started this series on my blog called the Traveling Runner! If you’ve traveled anywhere for a race, no matter how big or small, I want to hear from you. You can find the form over at my website. And remember, dream big. Because life is just one day, one moment, at a time.

See you in 2013 Ottawa!

Make sure you follow Amalia on twitter to learn more!

Have you ever traveled to run? What is your favorite destination race?

Scenes from San Francisco & NWM

I really should be packing now, but I wanted to share a few photos with you of this past weekend in San Francisco!

IMG 4017

IMG 4027

IMG 4043
Can you find me>

IMG 4051
My motivation!

Sister time!

FitFluential Time

IMG 4079
Officially a Nike Women’s half Marathon Finisher.

Official race reports and thoughts will be up soon, but first, packing and processing :)

What to pack for race day?

You have until midnight (EST) tonight to enter the Wild Harvest giveaway.

IMG 3564

As we all know, I am running the Nike Women’s Marathon – Half on Sunday. I am excited for the race and I have a few goals in mind, goals I will probably share post race. But I have finished a half-marathon previously, so what am I nervous about?

The packing! It is easy when you are in your own house and you are able to do something last minute or you have a pantry full of your staples, but how do you pack for a race that includes a flight?

I know that I need my clothes, fuel, chargers, but what are the little items that I can’t remember?

What are the must-have items on your packing list?

The 802

This weekend Nick was at a conference so I took B for the first time to my home state of Vermont. I don’t really travel home a ton, I don’t have a room at either of my parents, or a ton of friends that still live there, so it is usually easier for my parents and siblings to visit me. But I decided to be adventurous and take a trip by myself.

I made a few observations while on this trip.

Massachusetts drivers really are idiots. Not all of them, but a good majority, once I got about 45 minutes out of the city it turns into a 2 lane road, when someone passes you they get back in the right lane. Also no one rides your tail in the right lane. Well, one person did, but shocker they had MA plates.

There is nothing to do. Literally nothing, I wanted to go buy some local to VT goodies for my foodie penpals but everything was closed after 6 on Saturday and all day on Sunday. Whoops.

Except you can buy beer and wine in the gas station.
IMG 2710

Vermont really is beautiful.

IMG 2689
Don’t worry I wasn’t driving

I will never move back. As beautiful as it is, there are a multitude of reasons that I could never go back there, visiting is enough for me.

First, these driveways

IMG 2692

Dear Sister – please find a house with a normal driveway, thanks!

Second, I am not really nostalgic for the past. High School, with a few exceptions, wasn’t one of the best times of my life. Frankly, I would like to forget a large chunk of it.

Third, the closest mall is an hour away, and it’s not even great.

Fourth, after living in the city, I realize that’s just much more my speed. I like having lots of culture around me.

There are many more personal reasons, these are just touching the surface.

Do you live in your hometown? Would you want to?

March Photo a Day, Week 2

IMG 2209

Check out week one here.

Thursday, March 8 – Window

IMG 2359

Window shopping in Dedham, it was a gorgeous day for an outdoor mall

Friday, March 9 – Red

IMG 2362

My favorite red striped hoodie for B

Saturday, March 10 – Loud

IMG 2374

Cannons are loud. Taken in New Orleans, October 2009, during a visit with my sister

Sunday, March 11 – Someone you talked to today

IMG 2376

Another flashback photo, In New Orleans for Mardi Gras 2009. Nick, My sister-in-law, me and my sister. Talked to all of them today

Monday, March 12 – Fork

IMG 2395

Stick a fork in me I’m done. Monday was a long, mentally and physically exhausting day.

Tuesday, March 13 – A Sign

IMG 2400

I think this is a sign that B’s done eating dinner.

Wednesday, March 14 – Clouds

IMG 2415

A cloudy day in Boston today.

Tips for eating healthy

For this installment of What I Ate Wednesday, instead of showing you all the same things I ate this week, I am going to share my tips for healthy eating while you are on the go!

I will be the first to say we travel A LOT. We go to my in-laws at least one, if not two, weekends out of the month. I don’t mind, but visiting usually means getting together with our friends and at least one night of eating (and drinking) out.

Here are a few tips I use to make sure that I stay on track while traveling and eating out.

In terms of eating at my in-laws, I am pretty lucky, my mother in-law eats very healthy and is totally understanding of Nick and I wanting to eat healthy. She always has salad and a healthy dinner waiting for us. She also sends us home with lots of food too. This weekend we came home with grilled chicken, turkey burgers, steamed veggies and shrimp. Yum.

If you are visiting someone that is cooking for you, it doesn’t hurt to tell them that you are eating healthy. I used to bring my own oatmeal, peanut butter & coffee. I would buy creamer and other perishable items to keep at their house. I have a routine and I like to stick to it as much as possible. If you want specific foods go to the store and pick them up, you’ll be less likely to dig into the foods you wouldn’t normally eat.

When I eat out, I always look at the menu before going to the restaurant. This minimizes the likelihood that I will pick something that sounds good off the menu and probably isn’t the best in terms of what my body needs.

Let’s start with the freebies. Chips, bread, etc… if no one at the table is going to eat it, have them take it away. If everyone is partaking then eat 1/3 of a slice a bread, or usually with chips I let everyone else have a couple then I have one chip. I break the chips into small pieces and eat those, it takes longer and I don’t stuff my face with six thousand chips.

I also like to start my meal with a salad, usually a small garden salad without dressing or a small amount. This usually prevents me from overeating with my entree.

When I get my plate I look at the size of the entree. Is the portion size too large, if it is I will cut the food in half and take the one half with me.

In terms of alcohol, I try to stick to one drink, usually a glass of wine or champagne. I don’t drink either fast, I like to savor them and one glass will last me the entire meal, usually.

I also try to not get dessert every outing, I would say I get dessert about 15% of the time, I also split it and let the other person eat more.

IMG 2342

Here is my weekly salad. I replaced the meat with cannelini and black beans since I am fasting for Orthodox Easter.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 6

I have seen this song challenge on many other blogs or facebook and twitter. The idea is to share a tiny bit of yourself by choosing a song. The idea is to choose a song every day, but for the purpose of the blog I am going to choose once a week.


The sixth day is a song that reminds you of somewhere.For this week I picked “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. It reminds me of when we were in Vegas for mine and Nick’s Bachelor/Bachelorette and Nick had a lot of wine and did his best impersonation.


Nick’s rendition:




Today’s Question: What song reminds you of a place you travelled to?