Thursday Things

I am so thankful for so many things, but today I am thankful for certain things.

1. The outpouring of support in texts, emails, facebook message and comments on yesterdays post. Really I am thankful for any support, but the amount of support I have gotten for the beginning of my journey with Team in Training, is unbelievable. I can’t wait to see what this training season holds for me.

2. I have met so many wonderful people through blogging. People who I am not sure I would have ever crossed paths with, even if they live close by. Today, instead of mailing my Foodie Penpals package, I was able to hand deliver it to Elizabeth. I love when I am able to do that!

3. I am thankful that people think of me, when they are extremely busy. I received 3 mothers day gifts in the mail from random family members. Every single one surprised me and every single one was thoughtful and amazing. I cannot thank these people enough. I only hope that I am as good to them as they are to me.

4. I am grateful for the people in my life, who have shown me who I want to be, and who I don’t want to become.

5. There are a few people in my life that share my passion for fitness and then their are those who run with me because I tell them it’s fun, but they might not agree, and they do it anyway.

6. I get to stay home with this smiling face every day. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

IMG 2980

Thursday Things: Materialistic Edition

With so many things on the schedule lately, I have been trolling the internet looking at clothes, running & normal that I am really wanting lately.

Ever since B was born, even though I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans, they don’t fit right. So I have been living in my momiform of yoga pants and sweaters. I want to actually keep my work out clothes for working out (more on that tomorrow ha) and have some great mom outfits to wear. I also want some great date night outfits as well!

TOMS ballet flats, I love these. I actually tried buying some a few weeks ago, but the store didn’t have my size.

I have these in silver, but I need, yes need, a good black peep toe. Plus even though they are super tall, they are the most comfortable heels.

I have been on the hunt for nude pumps, and I love these.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

The momiform I would love to be wearing

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

more momiform

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

great date night outfit

Also, I need some new running clothes. So a shopping spree at lululemon would be nice ;)



What clothes have you been wanting lately?

Thursday Things

1. My little munchkin is finally crawling! He had been pulling himself up on things even before he started crawling. I think he will be walking in no time.

2. Nights out with friends are not the same as they once was. I, for one, was a mess the next day. Nick and I had a full day planned and it was pouring. If we didn’t have plans I would’ve stayed in bed most of the days. Although I did bounce back quicker than I thought I would.

Also a lesson in photos.
This is what you look like when you’ve been dating less than a year:

Caitlin & Conner

This is what you look like when you are engaged:

Casey & Mark

And this is what you look like when you’ve been married for 4 years:

Nick & I


3. I have the itch to plan a vacation. I want to go to the beach, who is with me?

4. I am so excited for this weekend. I am finally meeting Cait! I am also attending my sister-in-laws bridal shower. So pumped for the champagne tower, and obviously celebrating her big day.

I also have this dress to wear. Love.



5. I need a pair of nude pumps. Where are your favorites from?

6. The top secret bachelorette plans are almost complete. June 9th, get here.

Thursday Things: What you do matters


I am not ashamed to say that I am sad that One Tree Hill is over, for good. It has been the only show I have really stuck with over a long period of time. It holds great memories for me. The end of the show is almost like the end of an era. I guess it’s time for me to grow up.

One tree hill show

I started watching in college, with a group of my sorority sisters. Before DVRs, we used to all block out this one hour of time to take over the house tv, and watch together. It is one of my favorite memories in college, and I miss spending that time with those girls.

I think part of it too was that when you are young and vulnerable and watching a show where those people are sort of in the same situations that it resonates with you. The quotes, the music, the characters. The show always made me feel like no matter what you what it is theta you are doing, WHAT YOU DO MATTERS. I will miss it all. I don’t really care if that makes me a baby. I will always miss it.

I will just leave you with one of my favorite quotes and then I will go on acting like a normal 27 year old.

Happiness comes in many forms.

In the company of good friends,

in the feeling you get when you make someone else’s dreams come true,or in a promise of hope renewed.

It’s ok to let yourself be happy,

because you never know how great that happiness might be.

Sometimes pain becomes such a huge part of your life,

that you expect it to always be there,

because you can’t remember a time in your life when it wasn’t.

But then one day you feel something else.

Something that feels wrong only because it’s so unfamiliar,

and in that moment you realize you’re happy

-Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill


In this post I talked about trying new products. Swanson Health Products also sent me chia seeds and a multi-vitamin.

I have obviously seen the craze about chia seeds and have wanted to try it but didn’t want to buy a whole container just to hate it.

I tried it on my oatmeal and I didn’t like it. I couldn’t get past the texture. Have you tried chia seeds? In what foods? If you want to try them let me know, I have a whole container just sitting here.

IMG 1437

I also am really bad at taking my vitamins, I hate pills, I can take them but for some reason they make my stomach hurt. When I was pregnant I went through every single vitamin brand and every single one made me sick, until I found the gummy ones. They were the only ones I could take that didn’t immediately make me run to the bathroom. So I though a gummy multi-vitamin would be great.

IMG 1440

They are the same as the pre-natal vitamins in terms of how easy on my stomach they are, but the flavor of the pre-natal vitamins are MUCH better. Seriously like candy.


I have had a how to make your own baby food post in the making for awhile. It’s great timing because now B seems to not want to east the pureed food that I make him. He has learned how to blow raspberries and he loves to do it with food in his mouth.


IMG 1428

He thinks it is so funny. So now we are moving to primarily table food since he actually eats that. I will be posting my baby food tutorial soon, and adding a post about table foods!

All products were provided by Swanson Health products, all opinions are my own.

Thursday Things: loving my life

I am linking up with Averie for Thursday Things.

Life is pretty good right now, no complaints from me.

1. I signed up for another 5k. Hopefully there will be at least one before this, however this one is pretty awesome. It is the Color Me Rad 5k. Seriously take the 2 minutes to watch the video, that alone will put a smile on your face. I am running the race on May 26, in Hartford CT. I can’t run the Boston race because of conflict. However if you want to run the CT race and join my team (Cupcake Kelly’s) let me know!

Also, whoever runs the Color Me Rad twitter is hilarious.

Just do yourself a favor and sign up, if you don’t have fun I will buy you a beer.

And this is the inspiration video they posted:

2. Blogging Friends.

I never would have though that I would have met people that I have a ton in common with and talk to on a regular basis, or other moms who are looking for mom friends through my blog. But I did. I have met some wonderful women through my blogging and I am so grateful for that.

Last week we had a playmate with Colleen and her son Lyle who is 5 weeks younger than B. It was a beautiful date and I had a great time. I hope Colleen and Lyle did too! I hope once the weather gets back to being beautiful we can have more of these. Especially when the boys are older and more able to interact with one another.

IMG 2527

I also have made a great friend with Caitlin, a foodie and fitness blogger who of all places lives 15 minutes away from Nick’s family. She wrote this great post about blogging friends, and I might be a bit biased since she mentions me, but I have to agree with her, blogging has brought so many more benefits than I ever anticipated. And whole Cait and I have yet to meet, it will happen ASAP since I am in CT so often.

3. I am still grateful for my real life friends and family. Many of them have been my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to running and blogging, and I am eternally grateful for that.

4. I am grateful for such a happy baby. Even when he is sick he is in high spirits.

IMG 2562

IMG 2568

I also opened one of his Christmas toys that we had no room for so we had put in the closet until we needed a new toy, well because every sick baby deserves a new toy :)

5. Somedays I think I should have been a party or wedding planner. I am enjoying putting together my sister-in-laws bachelorette. That’s all I can say since she might read this.

What things are you loving about your life lately?