Weekly Updates: 07/07/14 – 07/20/14

20140323-222747.jpgNow we are getting all caught up! I am planning on sharing my Zooma training plan at the end of this week with you all, and that will hopefully add some variety to my workouts!

07/07 – 07/13

Tuesday I had a double, Poise Fusion Xpress in the morning and Pure Barre in the afternoon.

Wednesday and Friday I also took a Pure Barre class and Thursday I took Buti at Studio Poise. Thursday was my last forseeable class at Studio Poise. I don’t have any more classes in my account, and while I love the variety and teachers there I just wasn’t super motivated to get out of bed for class, and that for me means it is time to switch it up.

07/14 – 07/20

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were Pure Barre days. Since I have the Summer Slimdown special, I want to make the most of it. Unfortunately, every single one of my July weekends is packed, so I am trying to get at least 3-4 classes in a week.



The past two weekends have been hard, we had B’s birthday party, OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE HE IS THREE, and this past weekend was a close friend/family member’s wedding and B was the ring bearer. That meant a lot of time around not such great food, and I think I did really well, considering.  I have written before about how summer is more difficult for me, but I have been making an effort to make sure I am eating 100% clean and healthy when I am home, and that way I don’t feel guilty when I don’t have healthy options!

What have you been doing for workouts this summer?

Weekly Updates: 06/02/14 – 07/06/14

Yikes, it’s been awhile huh? I feel like a broken record, but summer is just so crazy busy! We haven’t had a free weekend since Memorial Day, and really only had a few free since Easter. Blogging just falls to back burner sometimes. I am starting training for Zooma soon,so I will be posting these more frequently as I incorporate runs back into my weekly workouts. FYI if you are interested in Zooma they are almost sold out, use code CCAMB9 to get 10% off your entry!


06/02 – 06/08

Monday – Buti Xpress at Studio Poise, Buti is what I would describe as “sexy yoga”. It is yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics all in one class. I was definitely apprehensive, but I am really glad I did. It pushed me way out of my comfort zone…in a good way.

Tuesday – Poise Xpress at Studio Poise. I love Emily’s class and was happy to see progress since the last time I took this class.

Friday – Pound at Studio Poise, another favorite at SP and another great class taught by Emily. We had some new routines, which is also fun, and really brings out how uncoordinated I am, haha.

Sunday – My first DanceFIT class in Natick, I loved it so much I bought a Groupon! I loved the class, the studio, and Gina {owner and instructor} was awesome! If you are in the area make sure you check it out!


06/09 – 06/15 & 06/10 -06/22

We started potty training B the first week, and I decided that it would be easier if I could be home when he woke up so that we could get our bathroom routine down. We took lots of walks at home and I did some videos when I could squeeze them in.

06/23 – 06/29

Wednesday and Thursday I went to Pure Barre, and was super glad to be back in the swing of things, but damn I was sore.

06/30 – 06/06

Tuesday and Wednesday were Pure Barre days, then we headed to CT for Independence Day festivities, and I spent a lot of time chasing B around and swimming. I purchased a deal for unlimited July & August classes at Pure Barre, so I will be alternating that with running and training!



I had another appointment with my nutritionist. I am keeping all the same goals as last time, but I am adding two, the first is to make sure I am eating enough protein at every meal, we’ve discussed numbers, but what works for me  might not work for you, so I will keep those numbers between us. The second goal is to work out 4 times a week, it is going to be a bit of a challenge just because of all the events, travel, and hosting we will be doing, but I will work it out!

What is your summer workout plan?

Weekly Updates: 05/05/14 – 06/01/14

20140323-222747.jpgUntil I start training for the Zooma 10K, I figured that weekly workout recaps were a bit much since I was doing the same workouts 3-4 times a week. As I start adding new recipes into my repertoire, I will update more often than I currently am, this is trial and error for me.

05/05 – 05/11

Tuesday and Thursday were Pure Barre mornings. I had intended to go to Studio Poise on Friday morning but I accidentally slept through my alarm and I missed Friday’s pound class. This was the final week of my unlimited class package at Pure Barre. I have a few packages that I bought, but I am trying to use up other groupon and class packages I have before they expire!

05/12 – 05/18

Tuesday I went to Studio Poise for Poise Fusion Xpress, it had been probably two months since I have gone to this class. Most days I struggled through even the opening sequence because there was so much core work. Sticking with Pure Barre, and accomplishing the challenge were huge in helping me start to develop a strong core. I was able to get through the entire opening sequence without much thought. It was still difficult, but I honestly felt much stronger, and that was something I so desperately needed.


Friday I went to the Pure Barre Lynnfield Grand Opening Party with Jane, which was so much fun, and even though we didn’t win any raffle prizes, it was fun to see the studio in a different manner and to mingle with all the other clients and teachers.

Sunday I went to Poise Power Flow at Studio Poise, and honestly this was extremely difficult for me. Turns out the scheduled teacher was out, and Melissa, who I absolutely love, would be teaching. It washer first class back post-baby, and her due date was close to what mine should have been. A class that should have pushed and soothed me, made me frustrated and bitter.  Everyone wanted to talk about new mom hood and the baby. It isn’t her fault that I felt this way, and I know that. My grief and frustrating with the situation hit me at weird moments. Would it have been as bad if I was able to conceive and know that I am carrying a child? Maybe, but maybe not. That’s the shitty thing about grief, you never know when it’s going to hit you.

05/19 – 05/25

Tuesday and Friday were back at Studio Poise for Poise Fusion Xpress and Pound respectively. It was my first Pound class back after a while and I had definitely lost some of my knowledge about the routines. Luckily, I seemed to pick it up pretty quickly.

05/26 – 06/-01

Tuesday was Poise Fusion Xpress followed by a few hours at the Zoo with B and a friend. We walked about 2 miles at the Zoo.

Wednesday morning  I walked 3.5 miles with one of my neighbors. It is always nice to have a morning workout buddy!

Thursday I went for a 2 mile walk with my mother-in-law and B around my in-laws neighborhood.  I was in CT for the weekend so I wasn’t able to get to a gym, but it was nice to spend a ton of time outside just walking everywhere!


In my last post, I talked about my food not being so great, but I feel like I am in a great routine now, and I will post more about that soon. It definitely feels nice though to know I can travel and still be on top of what I am eating. I can also have a 20% meal and not feel like I failed myself. It’s all about progress.

Five Things Friday: Mother’s Day Gifts!

Five Things Friday

Mother’s Day is next Sunday, and while I don’t think it is necessary to get or give a lavish gift for these type of holidays, I still love putting together gift lists…I mean who doesn’t?

1. 90+ Cellars has a great deal, a 3 bottle set, prosecco, cabernet sauvignon, and chardonnay, all for $45 and if you enter the code HARTFORDPRINTS at checkout you get a greeting card as well! I mean wine & motherhood go hand-in-hand, right?

2. Shoes

skyscapeI’ve been on the hunt for an everyday shoe for a long time, in the summer especially we do A LOT of walking, and I need something that is comfortable and versatile, cute would be a bonus. I have a pair of regular Toms, but they aren’t as comfortable for me as they are for others. I have tried other shoes on, but haven’t pulled the trigger because of price. My top three favorites are: Reebok Skyscape, Tieks flats, and Toms ballet flats. Clearly the Skyscapes are the most affordable.

3. Clothes are so hard to buy for people, at least that is my experience. The only person I ever buy clothes for, besides my husband and son, is my sister. Our styles are pretty similar and she doesn’t get offended if I buy her an item that is a size too big or small. That being said, Stitch Fix* is a great way to let someone pick out their own clothes without making them go to the mall with small child(ren) in tow. You can read my review here!


4. A spa day! Who doesn’t love getting pampered? Massages, manicures & pedicures, day drinking with other mom friends.

5. A gift card to her favorite place of exercise, whether it be yoga, barre, or a fitness boutique. Does she go to a gym with a monthly rate? You can always get her a gift card to her favorite athletic apparel store!

And at the end of the day, all I really need is some quality time with my two favorite boys.


What’s on your Mother’s Day Wish List?

*referral link

Weekly Updates: 03/10/14 – 03/16/14

Weekly Workouts

Happy St. Patricks Day! Hope you wore your green today!

And if you missed it last week, I had a guest post on the 90 Plus Cellars blog last week!

Monday -

Finally, I got my butt to Pure Barre in the morning, apparently I am not the only one that has a hard time getting out of bed Monday mornings because it was the smallest PBL class I have been to so far. (5/20)

Tuesday – 

I was supposed to go to Studio Poise with  Jane for Poise Xpress in the morning but she texted me in the morning that she wasn’t going to make it. I was rallying for her but I had a long day ahead of me so I am glad I got the extra sleep.

Wednesday – 

I made it to Pure Barre in the morning (6/20) and then at night I went to Studio Poise for a charity yoga session that Yoga Jake was leading, you might remember that I had an awesome experience last time Jake taught at Studio Poise so I was definitely looking forward to this. The class was on the smaller side, so we ended up practicing different types of inversions. I had never done one before so I was totally down to hang out in Child’s Pose the whole time. I did try to do one and I was pretty impressed that I was able to do it. I continue to surprise myself and I think I forget how strong I can be.

Thursday – 

As I was heading home from yoga on Wednesday it was raining and foggy so I ended up cancelling my morning class, it was a good thing I did because it was pretty slick on the roads.

Friday – 

purebarremadnessI know you’re surprised, another Pure Barre class, I gotta get to 20 somehow! (7/20)

Saturday – 

I headed to Pure Barre in the morning, then Nick, B and I went for a couple walks because it was gorgeous out. (8/20)

Sunday – 

I took a late morning Pure Barre class with Lauren and it was wonderful, I had never had her as a teacher before and she was able to chat with me about things that would specifically help my body keep the correct form. After Pure Barre I ended up going grocery shopping and then running around and doing a ton of errands and cleaning after I got home. I think I spent the entire day on my feet. (9/20)

Food -

We were pretty good this week. For fasting we had the quinoa bake and for the other days we had grilled chicken kabob and lots of veggies. For lunches I had fish, broccoli and sweet potatoes. I keep craving chocolate and lots of it, my sweet tooth is going crazy lately.

How was your week in workouts and food? Any cravings lately?

Weekly Updates: 02/24/14 – 03/02/14

Weekly WorkoutsMonday – 

I took Monday off, we were traveling over the weekend and when I do that I like to use Mondays to prep for the week.

Tuesday -

I took Poise Fusion XPress at Studio Poise. I forgot how much I love and hate that class. I do get frustrated with how I do struggle with a lot of the moves, but I know that with consistency I will get better at pushing through the pain.

Wednesday -

I was supposed to do an at-home workout, but I was feeling like garbage, I ended up doing an at-home yoga video instead, thanks Cait those have really come in very handy.

Thursday – 

I was still getting over my sickness from Wednesday, so I decided to sweat it out with a HIIT workout from Sarah’s YouTube channel. It was quick and effective, and even though I wasn’t feeling 100% it felt good to get my sweat on.

Friday -

I started with my favorite class, Pound at Studio Poise, I love this class – I hate going a week without! I also took yoga at night at Balance Yoga Studio, they have this awesome $5 drop-in community yoga class every Friday night. I had been once before and there was a great turnout. Thankfully, I had pre-registered for the class because they were at max capacity and I was the last person to show up. On top of it all Amy, a local Boston blogger who I met at HLS two years ago was the yoga teacher. I loved her style, and I can’t wait to try another class of hers. The perfect ending to my week.

Saturday -

I needed a rest day and a family day and we had that. It was a blessing because B ended up spiking a fever late and it was good we were all home.

Sunday – 

I had plans to go to The Remix at Studio Poise with Jane, but B’s fever was still hitting 103, I decided that I should stay home with and make sure things were getting better and not worse and we wouldn’t have to make an emergency trip to the doctor.


I got a bit sick of salad last week so I am prepping some sweet potato baked oatmeal and egg bites for lunch. I also bought some fish that was on sale, and hopefully I won’t get bored. I also prepped for this awesome Black bean and quinoa enchilada bake!

How were your workouts this week? Any new recipes?

Achieve Fitness: On Saying Goodbye

As I mentioned in my last post, Thursday was my last day at Achieve Fitness. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but in the end I know that it is the best decision for our family at this moment. It takes me 20-30 minutes to get there even when I go to a 6 am class, and evening classes are not an option because of traffic, by the time Nick gets home from work I just would not make it. Obviously, there is hope that I will get pregnant again sometime within the 2014 year, but I am not naive to think that it could take longer. IF it happens in 2014 though, Achieve just wouldn’t be a fiscally responsible decision.



I was first introduced to Achieve by Amanda, and while I was intimidated at first it was definitely one of the best decisions I have made for myself in a long time. I have always loved strength training and cardio, but I had never been in a gym that approached these two things like the way Achieve does. Metabolic Conditioning and Strength Training classes were held the most often, with a few kettlebell classes as well.

Photo via Achieve Fitness. Just another action packed MetCon class!

Photo via Achieve Fitness. Just another action packed MetCon class!

I was part of a gym family, something I had never experienced before. I looked forward to seeing my favorite 6 am folk and even though I already loved the gym, they made me happy and excited to be there before the sun came out.



I participated in my first ever triathlon with members of Achieve. I also went through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. These friends were there for me, even when they didn’t realize it, it made a huge difference in my mental health. I don’t know that I will be able to separate the triathlon from the miscarriage, but it will also remind me of how lucky I was to have all these people in my life.



I have always been a fan of kettlebells, and I would one more than one if they weren’t so darn expensive. I love that Achieve had a class solely focused on kettlebells and we were constantly working on our strength!

Turkish Get Up - Proud Moment Photo!

Turkish Get Up – Proud Moment Photo!

I know that with Achieve I have gotten a 100 times stronger than I would have if I had not ever joined. Mentally, I am in a better space because of the support from Lauren and Jason and the rest of the members of the gym.


I definitely suggest if you are nearby that you check it out, I am hoping to be back after our kids are at least in pre-school.

I do have some plans for the future. I am going to continue my favorite classes at Studio Poise: Pound, Poise Fusion, The Remix, and Zumba! And for the next month I am participating in the Pure Barre Lynnfield Pure Madness Challenge.



While I can’t continue with Pure Barre after my package expires, it was a great deal and it will help force me into a routine with studio classes. Plus, I love a good competition. I also bought a few online deals for yoga studios nearby.

Thank you Lauren, Jason and all my fellow 6 AMers, you’ve made it one hell of a strong year.

Have you ever left a gym with sadness? I have not, I have always left gyms willingly.

Weekly Updates: 02/17/14 – 02/23/14

Another week, another update!

Weekly Workouts

Monday -

As usual, Monday was a rest day. I am trying to not make my rest days back-to-back, but lately we have had a very long drive on Sundays and getting home late, so I am usually exhausted.

Tuesday -

My plan was to get to Achieve for the 6 am class, but B decided to come in our bed at 4:30 am, which was disrupting enough to wake me, but not enough that I could just get up. When my alarm went off 30 minutes later I turned it off. My mom was visiting so I ended up taking Studio Poise’s new class The Remix {Description from the website: A hip-hop inspired express cardio workout. 40 minutes of the latest and old school hits that will get your heart beating and body sweating!}. I would say that it is similar to Zumba, where every song has a set routine, so the more you go the easier the routines get to remember, but you are still working every time.

I really loved it, I felt like I was in the Vegas week of So You Think You Can Dance! The class flew by, and I especially loved her song selection (old school Nsync, hell yes). Since this was the first class a lot of us struggled with following and it took a minute to grasp the routines. The ones I found to be the hardest was when there were turns involved and everyone was looking back to see what we were supposed to be doing, whoops. I only wish there were more classes, maybe even a 6 am. Right now the only classes are 12 pm on Tuesdays and 11:30 am on Sundays. I’m pretty sure this is one class that Caitlin and Jane would love it too!


Also, I sort of need these sneaks for this class, right?

Wednesday – 

Since it snowed all night on Tuesday, I ended up spending 90 minutes shovelling, it took longer than normal because I couldn’t find a place to put all the dang snow. Afterwards my arms and legs were killing me (bend with your knees not with your back = a hundred squats) so I decided to forgo another workout.

Thursday -

Was a very sad day, my membership at Achieve is officially over and that was my last workout. I have a post about this coming soon, but my last MetCon was awesome and pushed me. I am glad I have this experience and I can’t wait until I can go back.

Friday – 

Took my favorite class at Studio Poise, Pound Fit with Emily. Seriously, I love this class and I hate the weeks I miss it. For those of you curios about what Pound is? Pound is a full-body cardio jam session that combines light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses! It’s another class I am trying to get Caitlin and Jane to come too but Emily doesn’t teach on the weekends, womp womp.

Saturday & Sunday -

I did some yoga at home on Saturday and took Sunday off for the above mentioned driving, etc… I am trying to get better workouts into my weekends, which should be a bit easier the next few weeks.

Food – 

It was pretty much an exact replication of last week. Creatures of habit, much? I am still working on a baked oatmeal that I like after I re-heat it. A lot of the ones I’ve made are great right out of the oven, but get a little rubbery after a microwave heating during the week.

How were your workouts this week? Do you have a baked oatmeal recipe you love?

Weekly Updates: 02/10/14 – 02/16/14

Weekly Workouts


My plan this week was: Monday at home workout, Tuesday – Thursday at Achieve, and Friday & Saturday at Studio Poise.

Monday – 

My good friend that is a trainer came over and trained me for a little bit on Tuesday afternoon. Lots of kettlebells, weights, core, etc… I do a fair number of at home workouts on my own, but it is always nice to have someone push you extra hard.

Tuesday -

I made it to Achieve for kettlebells class, this one was a doozy. It was a lot of short sets but the exercises were intense, and I loved it.

Wednesday – 

I was planning on hitting Achieve, but B ended up in our bed and was waking me every 10 minutes. I ended up turning off my alarm and taking a rest day.

Thursday – 

We live at the top of a pretty steep hill that has a tight curve and no barriers, and it is always last to get salted, plowed, etc… I don’t feel safe leaving my house early in the morning unless I know it has been sanded or salted and I won’t go flying down it. That being said, I stayed home and did another home workout, this time with the TRX.

Friday – 

Because of the snow and ice prediction for the overnight, my Studio Poise class was cancelled. This winter is getting ridiculous. I ended up doing a bit of a yoga dvd that Caitlin let me borrow. I need another shot at the dvd, since B decided he also wanted to participate and it wasn’t the yoga I was expecting ;)

Saturday & Sunday – 

Nick and I had some family things to deal with so I ended up canceling my classes to deal with it.


I was much better with food this week, I had prepped a ton of breakfast, lunch and dinners.

Breakfast was always a pre-made baked oatmeal heated up and topped with half a serving of peanut butter. Of course with a side of coffee.

Lunch was salad with spinach, greens, edamame, quinoa, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, goat cheese, avocado and grilled chicken sausage. If we had leftover veggies from the night before those got tossed in as well.

Snacks: apples, oranges, and almonds

Dinners: Turkey Meatloaf, Buffalo Chicken Burrito Bowls, Breakfast for Dinner (aka eggs)


How was your week? Are you still getting snow?

Toddler Time Workout!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or trainer, please consult with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise routine.

Let’s catch up on last weeks food and exercise first. I posted my plans last week, they were Tuesday – Achieve Kettlebell Class, Wednesday – at home workout, Thursday – Achieve MetCon, Friday - Studio Poise Pound, Saturday – Studio Poise Zumba & Pound Xpress.

So how did I fair? Tuesday, Friday & Saturday went as planned. Wednesday was a crazy day and it just didn’t happen so I figured I would hit up a Sunday class at Studio Poise instead of taking a rest day. Wednesday night my ulcer started flaring up, again. I went through everything I ate and there was no caffeine, no acidic foods, no stress. It was extremely frustrating. On the plan for dinner was spicy chili. It was already made and I needed to eat, so I ended making a grilled cheese. Not exactly on the plan, it was extremely frustrating. As one Instagrammer pointed out, it’s not me falling off the plan, it is me taking care of myself which is #1 on the plan. Because of the pain, lying down is actually very painful, so I ended up going to bed late and not getting up at 5 am to get to the gym. I ended up pulling together a short but sweaty at-home workout.

I didn’t end up getting that Sunday class at Studio Poise because B ended up very sick Saturday night, including a fever, throwing up, and feeling very uncomfortable. He wanted his momma and I was more than happy to oblige.

Here is the workout I ended up doing on Thursday:


photo 4

What you need:
A set of weights
One kettlebell
TRX (or you can modify)

Warm Up:
3 rounds of 15 squats and 15 push ups

Each section has 3 exercise done three times.
1. squat press, one arm kettlebell swing, sit ups
2. knees to chest, squats, TRX rows or pull ups
3. Right Side Plank for 30 seconds, Plank for one minutes, Left Side Plank for 30 seconds.

For the kettlebell and TRX portions please make sure you have had practice with these as you can get injured if done with incorrect form.

It’s not a long workout and you can make it as hard as you need and if you have a toddler like mine, you know the one that sometimes won’t take a nap, it’s easy to do while they play with their toys.

My plan for this week is to eat healthy for the week. We are hosting a Superbowl Party on Sunday and I would like to be able to indulge in a few of the less healthy things. So far so good.

For workouts: Monday – Strength at Achieve, Tuesday – KB’s at Achieve, Wednesday – preview class at a new barre studio in the area, Thursday – at home workout, Friday – Pound at SP, and Saturday – Yoga & Zumba at SP. Because of B’s stomach bug (it got worse and included a late doctors visit) I haven’t made any of my scheduled workouts. I might change my schedule, just to get in some great workouts in.

What are your workouts this week? Have you ever trained with kettlebells or a TRX?