Five Things Friday: Links I love

Welcome to another addition of Five Things Friday. I will be back to alternating this and Confessions of a Mom on a regular basis now.

This weeks post is dedicated to some awesome bloggers, some I have met, some I have only interacted with online. All the same, I want to share some important posts and causes this week.

1. Boston Marathon Fundraising


My pretend twin (I mean we have the same irrational fear of crickets) Jane is running the 2014 Boston Marathon for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, read all about her fundraising here, and she is also hosting a virtual valentine’s 5k and selling some super cute New Balance tech tanks and long sleeves. Please think about donating, participating in the 5K, or buying a shirt. I can’t wait to cheer Jane on during Marathon Monday, and I hope you can cheer her on virtually by helping her raise some money for such an important cause.


I mean how cute are those shirts!?

2. Struggling with fertility & miscarriage


It’s no secret that I have been struggling with dealing with my miscarriage and not being able to get pregnant, and I hate that more people are experiencing this. I am however glad that more women are opening up and talking about this. As women we should rally around each other and become lifelines of support and love.

Please read these three posts from Lindsay, Charlotte, and Colleen. Share them. Let women know it’s okay to talk about the pain and struggle, the sadness, the anger, and the hope. My raw posts about my feelings have never made me feel more exposed or more cared about.

3. On the Marine Corps Pull Up Requirement for Women

IMG 6657
That’s Lauren in the green tank on the right – the leader of the Achieve Fitness Triathlon Team

Lauren from Achieve Fitness wrote this AMAZING post about the Marine Corps eliminating the pull up requirement for women. Her thoughts are much more eloquent than mine and I really hope you take the time to read this article and share your thoughts. Also, there is an amazing video at the end of the post that I encourage you to watch.

4. Defeating Unhappiness

After having my breakthrough moment in yoga, I have been really into yoga and what it can do for me. Just like I loved reading about runners and their experiences, I want to immerse my self in the yogi world, so please send your favorite yoga websites, blogs, instagram accounts, etc… my way. This article on defeating unhappiness really spoke to me!

5. On Goal Making

PR & I

PR & I

Sometimes as bloggers we put all our goals out there in the blog world, almost keep us accountable. So what happens when we don’t accomplish those goals? I think my pal Pavement Runner handles this so well. He didn’t accomplish his goal, but he ran the best damn race he could that day. I have no doubts he will accomplish this goal and get that sub 3:30 soon. Stop by and show him some love.

What links are you loving this week?

The S Word.

On a rare occasion I like to get out, just by myself, and get my nails done. Usually it’s because of a big event we are attending, so it is nice to get some time to myself and get a little pampered.

B’s baptism is this coming weekend so I took the opportunity to get out today since Nick was home. Usually, I like to read blogs or a book or just relax. I like to go to places where the ladies working talk to each other instead of making small talk with me.

Today, however, I went to my usual place and for awhile it was silent. Then another customer came in and talked the whole time. To me, to the women working, to the customer that came in after her… what got me thinking though, was when the woman doing her nails couldn’t open the bottle and the customer said it’s fine you can just use clear polish. Okay that’s normal, but when the woman finally got the bottle open and said “I win”, the customer said, “I’d rather be dainty then strong”.

Maybe it’s because of the women I choose to have in my life, but I’ve never heard such a young woman put down having strength. Why is it such a bad thing to be called strong?

I love weightlifting and strength training more than running because I always feel stronger after. Whereas in running it takes me a lot longer to produce results. I am proud of the weight I can lift. I am proud of the strength I have been able to hold on during my pregnancy and the strength I was able to build back since giving birth.

I would rather have this

IMG 0987

IMG 0971

than to be called dainty instead of strong.

I don’t think being a woman and being dainty are synonymous. I think you can be a beautiful classy woman and still be strong.

January Joiners

We all know the term January Joiner, someone who joins the gym at the beginning of the year as a way to follow through with their resolutions and in turn our gyms get flooded with new people. Then in March suddenly our gyms are ours again.

I think the term has a bad rap, and I think sometimes people at gyms is what makes a January joiner become a statistic.

We were all once a “January Joiner”. Whether you joined in January at July, the first time anyone joined a gym it’s likely you didn’t know everything about every piece of equipment, what weight you should be using, or how to properly execute the exercise to make sure you were doing it correctly.

All over facebook and twitter are complaints about how people can’t wait until the January joiners leave. Personally, I think it’s terrible and sad.

People stay on treadmills because while it may take you 30 mins to run a 5k, it may take someone new 30 mins to walk/run a mile.

People loiter around the weights, not because they are lazy, but because maybe they aren’t sure what they are supposed to do.

I know I am not perfect when it comes to the gym, and some days, I took longer than I should have with the treadmill, I have used the wrong weights, I have done an exercise incorrectly, and I have used weights longer than I should because someone was waiting for me to be done.

Here’s the thing, we should be ecstatic that these people are changing their lives, for the better, not putting them down and glaring at them while they use “our” equipment.

As a nation we are fat and unhealthy, if that unhealthy person joins a gym, it wouldn’t kill you to be nice but it could kill them if you intimidate them enough that they are scared to come to the gym.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and people don’t know everything in a gym after a day. Give a smile instead of glare, and maybe you’ll feel better too.

How do you feel about the term January Joiners?