Nutrition: What’s Different

Disclaimer: The views I express are mine alone, based on what works for me, and should not be taken as medical advice. Always talk to your doctor or a trained professional before starting a new diet or fitness plan.

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I met with Amanda for two months to revamp my nutrition. I also ended up revamping fitness as well (I promise, more on that soon).

I have been meaning to meet with a Nutritionist for a long time, I don’t eat that unhealthy, but I knew there were areas that I could clean up. Due to my medical past I have a very slow metabolism, and I needed to know how to work with that.

Amanda was wonderful to work with, she totally gets where I am coming from, as a mom, as someone who has the desire to “figure it out”. figure out what works for me body, and as someone who understands that while eating healthy makes me feel great, sometimes I like to indulge (that’s you, mr. year of baking)

We met in person for the start, Amanda took my weight and measurements, we discussed my long-term goals and thoughts and Amanda went over the program and the first section of the Precision Nutrition manual (Amanda is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Expert) this is what would be guiding my 8-week journey. Each section lasted two weeks and each section had goals for me to reach for.

Amanda and I met halfway through the program and at the end. She was available for email support, thankfully! I am one of those people who shoots off an email, forgets something, sends another one, and remembers something else, you see where I am going with this… Luckily, Amanda didn’t mind and was always very responsive to my emails.

Here’s the thing, I like healthy food. I love fruits and veggies, I eat food that is good for you all the time, but with certain weight loss and PR goals, I knew that I needed to make sure the fuel I was putting in my body was the right type.

At the end of the program, aka now, this is where I’m at. I journal my food, but not for a certain calorie count, I journal my workouts, for me it’s a Type A thing, and also to make sure I am getting the right percentages of protein, fat, and carbs, not as a focus on the actual calories. I work out HARD five days a week. I usually have one active rest day and one complete rest day.

Salad, Veggies, Turkey and Avocado

Salad, Veggies, Turkey and Avocado

I am eating veggies with every meal, I’ve broadened the snacking department, I am eating carbs just post-workout, I’ve cut out beans, dairy, and carbs (except the post-workout ones), I drink 100 oz of water daily.

90% of the time.

I know if I say no more carbs, no more dessert, no more beers then I will fail. This means I really have to figure out what I want my indulgences to be. If I want cheesecake tomorrow night when we go out to dinner then I won’t mindlessly snack on a piece of chocolate bunny tonight. Sometimes I have carbs when I haven’t just worked out. This is what works for me! Tracking also helps me stay true to this.

My favorite post-workout carb!

My favorite post-workout carb!

Prior to this program, I said I hate 80% clean, but it probably wasn’t accurate, and for my aggressive goals I needed to be eating 90% clean. This equates to 2-3 meals a week that aren’t clean (depending on how many you eat daily), some weeks I found myself having a tiny chocolate every day because I had the calories in my day, but that was more sugar than I needed. I don’t miss those chocolates either.

Lemon Lust Bar = Part of my 10%. NO REGRETS

Lemon Lust Bar = Part of my 10%. NO REGRETS

So where am I at now?




photos courtesy of Amanda

Down 4.6 lbs when the last picture was taken, and I am down 6.4 total. I didn’t think I had that much of a difference, but you can really tell in these photos. I wish I was wearing the same outfit, but oh well.

I feel great, I have more energy than before, and I am working out harder. I honestly believe that this coupled with the new fitness program is exactly what I needed to reach my goals. I know that if I keep this up, I will reach my goals, and probably have even better results than I expected originally.

Amanda has been a huge support system for me and I am forever grateful. If you are in doubts about whether or not your current nutrition system is working for you or you know you need something to change, contact Amanda, she even has a program that can be done completely online.