Last race of 2012: Jingle Bell 5k

Moving and the holidays got away from me so I didn’t get the chance to blog about my last race of 2012.

Pro Compression and Team Sparkle Skirt to help me run fast!

I ran the Jingle Bell 5k, the same course as my first postpartum race.

I had taken a significant amount of time off after the half-marathon in October. As soon as I got back to Massachusetts, I had to pack up the rest of our condo and we moved to Connecticut temporarily. We had originally thought we’d only be there a few weeks, but as it always does, house process didn’t go the way we thought it would and we were in CT for six weeks. Most days it was too cold to take B for a walk (we had packed most of our stuff in storage including some stroller gear), so I ended up getting a temporary gym membership.

Again, life doesn’t go as planned, and after suffering a stint in the ER every workout was stopped when I felt my ulcer flaring up, it was frustrating, as I was getting into the groove with my run or weights workout I would start to feel pain and I would have to stop. I didn’t want to make the situation worse but I didn’t want to lose my momentum either.

As I was overall starting to feel better, we were moving back to MA. The first weekend back was my last 5K of the year. It is a great course and I was doing the race with friends, I was excited, and grateful for the ability to go blow off some steam during the middle of the move. I will admit I was nervous, I hadn’t done a real run outside in weeks, I hadn’t raced since October, and it was cold and windy that day.

_Before I left for the race

I met up with my friends and we took fun pics and watched all the fun costumes while we waited to start. The first mile was great, lots of crowd support, a bit of an incline, but I was able to keep my pace around 11 minutes, not bad for not racing in 2 months. The second mile was the worst, there was an insane amount of head wind and it was freezing. The saving grace was the local HS Girls Cross Country team manning the water station, they were yelling and screaming, it was hard to not catch their enthusiasm and smile. I definitely hit a mental block and when my hip started feeling off I took a few walk breaks, 90 seconds run 30 seconds walk, only until I got to the last hill. The course is near our old condo and apartment so I know the area. Once I got to the hill a group tethered together as reindeer carrying santa and a sleigh were close behind, I couldn’t let them beat me. So I picked it up and ran up the hill and took a small walking break at the top, and stretched out my hip. Then ran to the finish.

Crossing the finish line!

I PRed on the course by 5 minutes, and I am really excited by that.

So what is in store for 2013. Ideally I would love to complete 13 races in 2013. I ran 7 in 2012 and I only ran 2 between January and June. I can totally step it up. So far I have 2 half-marathons that I would love to run, one in May and one in September. Other than that I am open, what are your favorite races in the New England area?

2012’s Best Moments.

As the year winds down and I spend the night with some dear family and friends, I wanted to share some of the most important and significant moments of 2012.


One of my favorite desserts was the Samoa Bar I baked for our Superbowl party

I actually packaged them up and gave them all away to whoever came, if the pan was left out I would’ve eaten them all.

B was Baptized.

B, Nick & I and B’s Godparents.


I ran my first Post Partum 5k (I ran the same course as my last race of 2012 recap to come later)


I became a FitFluential Ambassador and celebrated with my blend, Cait!


I signed up to run my first half-marathon with Team In Training.

We also threw a surprise party for my mom’s 60th birthday.


I had one of my first terrible training runs. It was an experience I needed, and one I hadn’t really had since I never really trained for an event.

I threw a bachelorette party for my sister-in-law. So much fun, let’s do it again

Oh, and she got married ;)

One of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen.


B turned one. I still can’t comprehend this one.


I ran my PDR and had a DNS.

I also attended the Healthy Living Summit and won the Wild Harvest Breakfast Showdown.


I attended the wedding of one of my very best friends.

I ran my very FIRST half-marathon.


I ran the NWM’s Half Marathon with Team in Training.

My name on the wall.


Post-Race with my dear sister.


We left our first home.

And had a awesome trip to the ER

But at least I got to spend some awesome time with my blend, Cait.


We moved into our new house!

I was also nominated and won some Playlist Thursday Awards.

What and amazing year it has been! What are some of your favorite moments of 2012?

San Francisco: Day 3 – The Half-Marathon

Check out where I shopped and what I ate before you read about how I raced!


It’s here, it’s finally race day. Decked out in my favorite reebok capris, sparkle skirt, lululemon tank, TNT tank and of course no outfit is complete without a sparkly soul headband or garmin ;)

I may have a big smile on my gave but I was a wreck. My sister made me coffee while I showered and dressed. I drank about half a cup and choked down an english muffin with some peanut butter. I met the rest of my Team In Training group in the hotel lobby, we took some group photos and headed to the start corrals together. I took a banana with me so that I could have something to eat, but ended up eating it before we left the hotel. We got into the corrals around 6ish, the race didn’t start until 7 am.

Let me start by saying, I did have race goals, ones that I kept to myself, the first was to finish and be happy, but what I really wanted was to finish in the same time as my first half or PR. So when I bird pooped on my head on Friday I thought, hey this race is going to be awesome and I am going to ROCK IT.

Unfortunately, this is not a happy tale. As I mentioned before we went to our start corrals about an hour before the race started and because it was such a large race and my corral was so far back, it took our group about 30 minutes to even cross the start line. I ended up starting my fuel earlier than I usually do.

The race started in Union Square and made its way down towards the Embarcadero and the Marina, Christine managed to find me in the crowd and I actually heard her, thanks for the encouragement! The first 4 miles were relatively flat and I was under my goal pace for those miles, but I still felt like I was not really pushing myself, I wanted some energy in the tank for the hard miles.

I made a bathroom stop around mile 3 and around mile 3.5-4 was the first big hill, but I just powered through it and got to the top, I saw my sister at mile 4…(sorry to anyone I sent this too, she took this pic at mile 4 NOT the finish line)


I wish I had remembered to grab the extra fuel that I packed for her to take but I forgot, problem #2. I had my fuel around mile 4.5 – 5, these areas were fairly flat, I remembered that there were going to be shot bloks at the aid stations so I thought I would be okay. Mile 6 was were it started to take a turn for the worse. It was a winding hill that I thought was going to never end. I trained on some hills but they were nothing compared to this. I ended up power walking about halfway through, but I was starting to feel woozy at the top. I started walking when it flattened out and grabbed as much water and nuun as I could carry and hoped that I was dehydrated, but the fluid was not helping either. Around mile 8 a girl that I talked to earlier in the race noticed that I had slowed down, and maybe saw the desperate look on my face. She offered me a pack of sports beans, black cherry flavor, and I was so grateful, I wish I had caught her name or something, she saved me from a DNF, I am quite certain.


This is what desperation looks like

I call mile 8 – 9.5 my dark miles. These are the ones I was alone and all I wanted to do was quit. It was an internal battle. I started secondary fuel way too late and I just wouldn’t be able to recover. Which meant walking the last 5 miles, I ended up on my feet for much longer than I ever had been before and that really hurt my knees and hips.

I was texting my sister and told her that she was going to have to wait longer than we had anticipated, but she was awesome.


Honestly, I was not feeling it, I just wanted to finish. My time was 03:56:45, a full 38 minutes slower than my first half-marathon. I ran through the finish line, determined to have a smile on my face, it didn’t hurt that the commentators were discussing my awesome sparkle skirt over the speakers.



I grabbed my necklace, finishers T, food and bag! I just wanted to eat and go shower, so I only stuck around long enough to snag the last long sleeved 13.1 finishers shirt.


Caty and I hopped on to the TNT shuttle back to our hotel and showered & changed then proceeded to Boudin and Ghiradelli for my post-race treats, and unfortunately I forgot my ID so no post-race beer for me

What to pack for race day?

You have until midnight (EST) tonight to enter the Wild Harvest giveaway.

IMG 3564

As we all know, I am running the Nike Women’s Marathon – Half on Sunday. I am excited for the race and I have a few goals in mind, goals I will probably share post race. But I have finished a half-marathon previously, so what am I nervous about?

The packing! It is easy when you are in your own house and you are able to do something last minute or you have a pantry full of your staples, but how do you pack for a race that includes a flight?

I know that I need my clothes, fuel, chargers, but what are the little items that I can’t remember?

What are the must-have items on your packing list?

It’s a beautiful day

It’s a beautiful day…for a run.

Yesterday, Monday – maybe it’s just a MA thing, but Columbus Day is a bank holiday, no schools, some companies have the day off, etc… and what better way to celebrate a day off than with a 10k?

This is to be my last long run before Nike next weekend! It was also going to be my second 10k, well second 10k that I raced. I was again racing with some of my fellow Fitfluential‘s and was given the opportunity to run from Reebok. It’s funny, when I first started running 5ks a lot of my running friends said “run the Tufts 10k with me” and my response was always along the lines of “I could never run 6 miles” OHHHH how the times have changed.

So what is the Tufts 10K?

The Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women has its origins in 1977, when it was known as the Bonne Bell Mini Marathon. It was one of a series of 12 races for women that were held across the country.

Although only 200 women had been expected to participate that first year, 2,231 women ran and walked the course that began and ended at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge. The first race included a series of 17 steps, an unusual feature in a foot race.

In 1978, the race moved to the Boston Common and the course was certified on its present route.
via Tufts website

They sent me a shirt to wear for the race and of course my favorite Reebok crossfit socks.

IMG 3954

I, unfortunately, missed the FitFluential meet up, but I was able to see some of my support system at the Team In Training booth. My coach was actually running the race, along with a TNT alum and another friend.

IMG 4002
Liz, Allison, Kerry and I – at the start line.

One of my few complaints from this race was the walk to the start. I try not to waste any energy by running to the start, but with so many participants you kind got pushed along. As well as the start time, noon, I do not know how to fuel properly for that.

Other than that the race was wonderful, the weather was perfect, nice and cool, cloudy, and tons of race support! I learned my lesson from my previous 10k and started out conservatively. I was impressed with the race, there were tons of spectators out and the water stations were plentiful on the course, one at every mile and 2 during mile 4. It was awesome running through the Boston streets with all traffic closed down, it’s the closest I am going to get to running Boston for a long time.

I ran around a 14 – 14:30 min per mile, but I started getting hungry around mile 5 and was starting to feel weak. I held back a little bit because I did not want to burn out and get sick. I was running closer to 14:45 towards the end and once I hit the straight away into the finish I picked it up and my last 0.2 were in 13 min pace.

I ran through the finish and had the honor of having my name announced (always fun) and checked my watch, my garmin read 1:30:011, that’s a 4 minute PR from my previous PR, it just proves to me I can continue to get faster and continue to get better with my own running.

IMG 4004

I met up with a few friends at the end and then I headed home to spend some quality time with my family. If you are in the area, I definitely recommend this race to you. It is an amazing race being surrounded by health & fitness minded women, there is just nothing like it.

Disclaimer: Reebok provided my race gear and entry fee, but as always all thoughts are my own.

Breaking the cardinal rule of racing

Thank you for all your comments on yesterday’s post! I do consider myself a runner, but I don’t always feel like I am in the same league as “the real runners”.

Now let’s talk about everything I did wrong with race day.

I broke the cardinal rule of running. Don’t try anything new on race day. Whoops.

I kept getting crummy tummy, that’s the best way I have ever heard it described, after long runs even though I was hydrated and fueled properly. So I decided I needed to try something new, race day probably wasn’t the best time but it was my planned long run.

I usually take 1 Gu type of fuel before my run, and take something every hour after that. Instead, Saturday, I decided to take 3 shot bloks 15 minutes before gun time, an hour into running I took 3 more, and at the 2 hour mark I took one gu. Honestly, I felt great, I think too much gu just sort of hangs around my stomach like a brick, the shot bloks seemed to digest a bit better.

The other problem, is that I was on a runners high from the time I left until I got home, and then I looked at the photo’s my coach took at the finish line and I was disgusted with how I looked. I count my calories, I eat healthy 90% of the time and I work out 6 days a week. And I just cannot get this belly bulge to go away, frustrating. And I am frustrated that instead of focusing on this huge accomplishment I am focused on the negative stuff.

I am working hard on eating clean and training hard until Nike, and then I will rock it! Only 3 more weeks!

Can I call myself a runner now?

Another weekend has passed which means another race is in the books. This one is something I thought I would never accomplish.

I finished my first half-marathon. Holy crap, I can’t even believe I typed those words.

I ran 11 miles of the Wicked Half Marathon as per my training plan, and I walked 2.2 miles.

The morning started very early, race time was 7 am, so I needed to be out of the house by 6. I had prepped all my stuff the night before, so all I needed to do was get up, make & eat breakfast, do my morning routine and leave the house. Easy, right?

The night before I was full of nerves, emailing my Team In Training coach and not sleeping through the night. When I woke up, I had no choice, I knew I was prepared to run 11 and I just needed to DO IT.

It was pretty chilly but the long bathroom lines and nerves definitely made me forget the temperature. Before I knew it we were lining up to start and just like that we were off.

The first 4 miles were great, they were hilly & tough, but my legs felt great and mentally I felt fine. The race course was awesome, we ran through Salem and into Marblehead alongside the ocean. It was foggy buy you could see the beach and smell the salt water. I couldn’t think of a better first race course.

I took some fuel right before mile 5, my coach passed me at this point and it was nice to see a smiling face. I had this. I got a little nervous around miles 5 and 6 since there wasn’t a ton of race support and since I was in the back of the pack there were not any other runners that I could see. I kept wondering if I was going the right way.

Around mile 7.5 my upper thigh muscle started to hurt, I tried walking and massaging it for a bit to see if that would help. I ended up walking one of my miles at this point. I started to get in my head, thinking I can’t do this, why was I so foolish to sign up for this!? After a mile I started jogging and slowly increased my speed. I definitely was not running the same min/miles as I was in the first half of the race and that was disappointing, but at least I was running.

Miles 8.5 – 11 were pretty uneventful, lots of hills, at mile 11 I was going to walk my other 1.2 because I knew I wanted to run in to the finish. I met a woman from North Carolina who was running her first half and we power walked together. Once my watch hit 12.2 I started running again, I had to run past my parked car (what a tease) and other finished runners so I kept picking up my pace.

As I was coming into the finishers chute, I saw another TNT coach, my mentor, a TNT runner (and one of the alums that helped with our team) and they were all cheering me on. As I came through the finish, the announcer was congratulating me on my first half-marathon finish and my coach was waiting for me! It was so exhilarating, coming through the finish.


I have never considered myself a runner, so can I know? I don’t know. My finishing time was 3:18:12, I know some people can run marathons in that time, and sometimes that makes me feel like less of a runner, even though I know I shouldn’t. I am still very proud of what I did this weekend!


Finisher Medal

I have a lot more to say on this, but I will get to that later this week! When did you start consider yourself a runner?

I can honestly say I would have never gotten this far without my running coach from TNT, without my trainer and without the friends and family who have continued to support me!

We Run This

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you have probably seen my pictures and tweets getting ready for my first 10k road race this past Saturday.

With six other Fitfluential Ambassadors, we were given the opportunity to run either the 5k or 10k for Reebok at the Canton Road Race.

Reebok was awesome and sent all seven of us bright matching outfits!


We received an outfit for race day and the Team Reebok event t-shirt.

Reebok hosted the event at their headquarters and I learned that as a company Reebok launched a program with their fitness apparel, if the mission of the clothing was to “Empower People to be Fit for Life” they wanted their employees to have the opportunity to be fit as well. Reebok employees are encouraged to workout daily, you can even schedule your workout as a meeting, how cool is that? Reebok employees have world class facilities and coachers at the ready, and healthy eating is encouraged. Um, how do I get a job here!?


Shirt: Play Dry Short Sleeve Top in aubergine
Pants: Play Dry Skinny Capri in black
Socks: Reebok CrossFit No Show Socks

I have an irrational fear that my shirt is going to ride up and my pants are going to fall down, and since it was cold, I threw a gray tank on underneath, just in case my fear came true. In retrospect I should have known better, both the shirt and pants stayed put. I already own 3 pairs of Reebok capri’s and they are my favorite running pants, and the Skinny Capri’s did not disappoint, they fit my body perfectly and moved well when I was running. I don’t typically wear t-shirts since they usually make me feel like I don’t have a full range of motion with my arms, but I didn’t even notice I was wearing a t-shirt or tank once I started running. The reebok socks are my favorites, I already had 5 pairs at home. I love love love them, sometimes no-show socks still show over my low sneakers and I hate that, but not these, they are the perfect height.


Nick was sleepy so this was the best non-mirror photo I could get Saturday morning.

On my way to Canton Saturday morning, it started lightly raining, as I pulled into the parking lot. I ran to get my bib and t-shirt and it started down pouring. I quickly ran my shirt to my car then met up with the other Fitfluential Ambassadors, Elizabeth, Tina, Katie, Mattie, Robin and Sarah. Four of the seven were running the 5k, and with the weather and my busy day ahead I was so tempted to also run the 5k but Mattie said she would regret it if she didn’t and I knew I would do. I had never run a 10k road race, and I had 7 miles on the training plan so I needed to run the 10k.

We started a few minutes after the 5k group and the 10k was two loops through a very hilly Canton, I guess this was good preparation for Nike. I typically run a 15 minute mile in practice with Team In Training, so when I looked down at mile 1 and my time was 12:30 I was so impressed with myself. I just wanted to remember to not blow out too fast and not worry about my place or pace. Mile 2 was 14 minutes, and I knew it was because of a hill I struggled with, when I hit the 3rd mile marker my pace was 13 minutes. As some 10k runners were closing in on the finish, including Mattie, I was starting my second loop.

I’ve never been one to be concerned with my pace, while 13 minutes is not super fast, I also don’t think it is an unexpected pace in a run. I’ve run 5k’s at a 15 minute pace and been in the middle of the pack. I came up on what I thought was the turn to head towards the mile 4 marker and the notification signs had been taken down and the volunteers were gone, as I came up on the water station it was being taken down as well, because they were told there were no more runners on the course. There were still runners behind me so I notified the volunteers and I asked if they could tell the second water station. I was a little frustrated at this point, I was having a personal great race, yet I felt rushed and slow, which is where I start to mentally lose it. I get angry at myself that I am not fast enough. I tried to not let it get the best of me, but when I got to the second water station all that was there was one bottle of water. I tried to pick up the pace and just get back to the finish and not feel super slow.

As I closed in on the last .2 miles the volunteers were still very encouraging and cheering me in. When I ran in, I saw Sarah almost immediately, and took this awesome picture.


I am super red and sweaty and she looks great!

We even got our results within an hour of finishing the race, in an email, I have never experienced that before and I thought it was pretty cool, it was nice to not have to wait a few days for results.

Looking back, I am extremely happy that I ran the 10k, even at an average of 14 minute miles, and that I ran my first 10k. Reebok treated everyone wonderfully and I had a great time with my fellow Fitfluential’s. I hope next time there is more water

Fitness Friday: Race Schedule and My Fitness Inspiration

Fitness Friday is BACK!

First up! My race itinerary from now until October. I am using the last 6 weeks of my training to get in to race mode. I am still doing my weekly runs and track workouts, but my weekend runs have been replaced by road races.

September 15 – I am running the Canton Road Race 10k with Reebok and Fitfluential. This will be my first race that is longer than a 5k, I am super excited and also super nervous!

3zheckztfxpk54342huu reasonably small

September 22 – This is my last long run before my half! 11 Miles. So my coach and another teammate and I are running the Salem Wicked Half. I realize that I am completing a half before my real half. The game plan, go all out for the first 11 miles, and walk/use the last 2.1 miles for cool down.

Wicked Half bat logoredletters 000

October 8 – My last training run before the big day. I am running the Tufts 10k for Women. This race is near my town and I have had friends run it every year, but honestly the 10k distance intimidated me for such a long time. I am pumped for this.


October 14 – THE BIG ONE. The race I have been training all summer for. The Nike Women’s Half!

IMG 3582


Are you running any of these? Let me know if you’d like to meet up!

For the second part of Fitness Friday, my fitness inspiration!

I entered this competition on Pinterest, but it really got me thinking…who is my fitness inspiration. Not just the people who support me emotionally, like my amazing husband and family, or my friends. These are the people that understand my fitness craziness.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

The answer is in this picture.
IMG 0975
who is sick of this photo? ha

I would never have started seriously running if it wasn’t for two of the people here, I also don’t think I would enjoy this journey as much without either of them alongside me.

The first being my trainer, he constantly is pushing me beyond what I think is possible and he is definitely my running inspiration. Completing an IronMan and PRing a half-ironman a few days after a bike accident, seriously he is insane, in a good way obviously. When I doubted my athletic abilities, or when I had a break down about not being able to run a half-marathon, he had my back and gave me support on my running. Our relationship has evolved from trainer & trainee to friends. I am so glad that I have him to confide in about my athletic worries.

not our most attractive photo..

The other is my best friend, Casey. She has always been into working out, being fit and running. When we first started hanging out she was training for duathalons, and we started going to boot camp together, running fun runs together. She and my trainer got me to sign up for my first Spartan Race and I have been hooked on mud/fun runs ever since.

She has always cheerleader my fitness accomplishments and has always been supportive, even of my crazy ideas.

I can’t thank either of these two enough for their support.

Who is your fitness inspiration?

Race Recap: Color Me Rad 5K: Hartford, CT

Let me preface this by saying, I love a good fun run, but I think because there are so many out there, the run has to be organized really well in order for it to be REALLY fun.

Nick, our friend Tom, one of Nick’s cousins and I were all signed up to run the Hartford Color Me Rad 5k on Saturday.

I’ll be honest the whole thing started out rough. B decided that he didn’t want to go to bed until really late, like 11 pm, on Friday night. Then he was up off and on from 3:30 until 6:30 and was up for good at 6:30. We were leaving the house at 7:30, so we were not exactly rested.

We had received pack information the week before, and packet pick up was Thursday and Friday before the race, unfortunately we couldn’t get there before late Friday evening, but the race said any team or individual that lived more than 60 miles away could pick up on Saturday morning.

Our wave started at 9 so we left the house at 7:30, Nick’s parent live about 15 minutes away, and hit a small amount of traffic as we got off the highway. We parked and got to packet pickup, here’s the first area that I think could use some improvement.

The first tent had 4 people looking up names/teams and they gave you your bib number then, then they had to put your number into the system, and wrote the shirt size you registered for on the back of your bib. It wasn’t organized by last name or anything. It was just two giant lines.

After you got your bib you went to the second tent to get your shirt & sunglasses, you were supposed to get a color packet, but we never got ours. The girls (4 of them) at the shirt booth were literally sitting around until we got there. I think it would have gone a lot faster if they prepped in advance. If they had put bibs, shirts and glasses in a bag and had you pick up by last name or by team leaders last name.

We ran our stuff to our car and waited for Nick’s cousin, by this time the line for the packet pick up was insane, and the line to get into the parking was backed up onto the highway, which is where Nick’s cousin was.

We got to the field 90 minutes before our start time and we still weren’t able to start with the 9 am wave. This is the second area of improvement. Most races have staggered starts but you are in corrals or they have signs where it says 8 min pace, 12 min pace, walkers, etc… This race had neither, everyone was in a giant clump and they let a group of people go every 15 or so minutes. We ended up going with either the second or third wave. Because of this people would walk 5 or 6 across and block the entire path. Even after being nice and saying excuse me some people refused to move. I ended up just pushing my way through.

At the first color station it was a narrow path so it ended up being bottlenecked and you had to wait to get through. There wasn’t an issue like this at any of the other color stations, but because those throwing the color were volunteers, a lot of them were younger kids, and they had the tendency to peg people in the face. There were 2 stations with liquid paint instead of powder paint, and they were worse they were aiming their jet pack at people’s faces and it had a hose. The girl holding one of these aimed at my face and got me right in the eye, and another one got our friend Tom in the mouth, at the second wet paint station I ended up covering my faces and running through saying spray me anywhere but my face. I think in the future they should make sure the kids aren’t purposefully getting people in the face, especially since this was a family race, and I saw more than one kid being pushed in a stroller.

The last general area that was really lacking was the water station. We were only the second or third wave and not terribly slow. But there was a line. We ran past it and they were pouring the waters to order it seemed. I don’t think they had any pre-set or they just didn’t have enough people manning the water station to keep up. I can only imagine what the water station looked like later in the day.

For the Hartford specific race, they said in the race packet that you could only park through one entrance, and there are multiple entrances to the football field. This caused a HUGE backup. Nick’s cousin was supposed to run with us at 9. She didn’t even get in to race until we were already mostly through the course. The second part is that race packet said it was partially on gravel and if you needed to you could run on the grass. It was all gravel, save form maybe a half mile, and not small pebbles, it was golf ball sized gravel. I tried running on the grass, but it was long and was almost harder to run through.

With that being said we had a fun time, I’ll be interested to see how the race improves over time. I think the race would be even more fun once all the kinks are worked out.

Here we are post race:


My clothes aren’t that colorful, but I think the color had a hard time sticking to the dry tech material. My arms were purple, green and yellow. The underside of my right arm looked like a nasty bruise and the back of my neck was completely hot pink. Most of the color came out in the first shower. Just my “bruise arm” took two showers.

Have you ever run a fun run that needed some improvement?