Scenes from San Francisco & NWM

I really should be packing now, but I wanted to share a few photos with you of this past weekend in San Francisco!

IMG 4017

IMG 4027

IMG 4043
Can you find me>

IMG 4051
My motivation!

Sister time!

FitFluential Time

IMG 4079
Officially a Nike Women’s half Marathon Finisher.

Official race reports and thoughts will be up soon, but first, packing and processing :)

HLS12: Day 2 Recap

Check out my recap of Friday if you missed it!

After I found out the wonderful news!

It was time for a WOD (workout of the day) with Crossfit One, from Reebok’s headquarters in Canton. It was a quick workout, 5 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible): 7 squats & 15 jumps, repeat as many times as possible in 5 minutes. I have been a bit hesitant about Crossfit, but I really loved it, now if only a Crossfit membership wasn’t so darn expensive.

After the workout, I visited some of the sponsor booths including Wild Harvest, Happy Family, Cheribundi, Energybits, Driscoll’s and of course Reebok!

IMG 3550
Fitness is my sport because running is MY time

IMG 3554
New toddler bowl from Happy Family for B to try!

After I visited the booths it was time for the sessions to start. It was really hard for me to decide which 4 of the 8 to attend.

I ended up attending
Blog Photog Basics with Gretchen

I really learned a lot of valuable information from Gretchen. I have a DSLR but I am super guilty of using the auto setting and flash a lot. This session gave a lot of tips on how to get quality photos without either of those things.

Blogging with Brands: A panel hosted by Lauren

Lauren led the panel, composed of bloggers: Anne, Ashley, Theodora and brands: Kelly, Valerie and Laura. She asked them questions about bloggers working with brands and how brands view working with bloggers. I have to say this session was extremely helpful and I took literally 5 pages of notes. A few gems that I want to share with you. If you wouldn’t work with a company for free you probably shouldn’t work with them for money. Always stay true to your brand and believe you are worth something.

In between the morning and afternoon sessions we had an amazing lunch, I wish I took photos, and a keynote from some wonderful ladies at Wild Harvest, Genie Nicholas & Kim Kirchher. After the keynote we moved into the second round of sessions!

I am the blogger in your neighborhood: Hosted by Holly, Meghann and Claire

Another extremely informative session. A big takeaway was to start with local companies to build your presence and brand, you don’t have to go after the national companies from the get go, sometimes you get the same if not more from the local smaller company.

Time for a snack courtesy of Cabot Cheese (home state represent) & Driscolls Berries

Social Media: Keeping Up with Online Trends hosted by Heather

Most of this session geared around Facebook and Twitter and how to use them more efficiently. I can’t wait to start using buffer, which Heather introduced me to!

After the sessions and the closing remarks from Meghann, Heather and Julie, I headed home to spend some quality time with my little one and my husband. As much as I would have loved hanging out with the other bloggers it was really important for me to be home with B, and to give my husband a break from the disaster that is a child’s first tooth.

After my first HLS and my first blogging conference, I know without a doubt I would do it again. It has been one of the best experience I have had, and I am so glad I got over my nerves and put myself out there, it has been extremely rewarding.

Healthy Living Summit 2012: What I am looking forward too!

Healthy Living Summit starts in less than 72 hours! Oh my goodness it seems like it was a few days ago when I bought my ticket!

Since this is my first conference I thought I would share with you all the top five things I am looking forward too. I have to say there are more then five things that I am looking forward too, but I don’t think you want to read a 4 page post!

In no particular order here are the TOP FIVE:

1. Wild Harvest Breakfast Showdown

To say that I was shocked that I made the Top 5 for the breakfast showdown would be an understatement. Regardless of the outcome I am very happy of my success thus far and I want to say good luck to Kristin, Alicia, Heather and Amy. I am very proud of my recipe, and I know whatever they choose, the breakfast spread at HLS will be AMAZING.

2. Meeting other bloggers

While this is probably the scariest thing for me, I am very shy around new people, this is also very exciting. Very few of my real life friends are as into blogging as I am and have made it a part of their life. I am very excited to meet such like minded people. If you see me being quiet, I am just shy not rude

Photo a Day May

The weekly photo a day post was really infringing on my other posts, and I am sure boring to you :), so I decided to just do a monthly post! Here is May!

IMG 2851

Tuesday, May 1 – Peace

Photo 1
Sam Adams Octoberfest 2010

Wednesday, May 2 – Skyline

IMG 0127

Thursday, May 3 – Something you wore today

IMG 2924
A pair of pre-pregnancy jeans that finally fit

Friday, May 4 – Fun

IMG 2914
Someone LOVED taking all the tissues out of the box

Saturday, May 5 – Bird

IMG 2930
Thought this little guy was funny

Sunday, May 6 – You

IMG 2955
This will always be one of my favorite photos of me

Monday, May 7 – Someone that inspires you

IMG 2956
my daddy — went back to med school when I was in middle school, graduated when I was graduating from high school

Tuesday, May 8 – A smell you adore

IMG 2957

Wednesday, May 9 – Something you do everyday

IMG 2958
Take care of this amazing guy

Thursday, May 10 – a favorite word

Photo 3

Friday, May 11 – Kitchen

IMG 3076
Note: I hate my tiny kitchen

Saturday, May 12 – Something that makes you happy

IMG 3077
The hand holding, I melt every time.

Sunday, May 13 – Mum

IMG 3078

Monday, May 14 – Grass

IMG 3087
Oh Canada – Canada Day 2010

Tuesday, May 15 – Love

IMG 3088
my little family

Wednesday, May 16 – What you’re reading

IMG 3089
I have approximately 10 books waiting

Thursday, May 17 – Snack

IMG 3090
guac <3

Friday, May 18 – Something you made

IMG 3103
Koulouria — from my MILs recipe

Saturday, May 19 – A favorite place

IMG 3092
New Orleans with my sister.

Sunday, May 20 – Something you can’t live without

IMG 3093
Being silly with my favorite people

Monday, May 21 – Where you stand

IMG 2259
On my own two feet

Tuesday, May 22 – Pink

IMG 2638
love pink workout clothes

Wednesday, May 23 – Technology

IMG 3099
Draw Something

Thursday, May 24 – Something new

IMG 3100
TRX — my new workout love/hate. I wish I owned one.

Friday, May 25 – Unusual

IMG 3101
The way my baby sleeps

Saturday, May 26 – 12 pm

IMG 3102
Color Me Rad aftermath

Sunday, May 27 – Something sweet

IMG 3098
Fruity Cocktails

Monday, May 28 – The weather today

IMG 3059
Sweaty? Totally dropped the ball, whoops.

Tuesday, May 29 – A number

IMG 1923
How many months old my baby is

Wednesday, May 30 – Your personality


Thursday, May 31 – Something beautiful

San Francisco

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IMG 3069

April Photo a Day, Week 3

IMG 2437

Check out weeks one and two.

Tuesday, April 17 – Something you don’t like

IMG 2781

warm water & chipped nails

Wednesday, April 18 – Hair

IMG 2791

I wish I had shorter hair again

Thursday, April 19 – Orange

IMG 2796

Orange spoon and yogurt face

Friday, April 20 – Something you drew

IMG 2820

Draw Something game with Caitlin, I know your jealous of my skills

Saturday, April 21 – Bottle

IMG 2823

I want to bottle this up

Sunday, April 22 – The last thing you bought

IMG 2825

Tank from Lululemon

Monday, April 23 – Vegetable

IMG 2830

Roasted Asparagus, yum

April Photo a Day, Week 2

IMG 2437

Check out week one!

Monday, April 9 – Younger You

IMG 2735

I couldn’t pick just one

Tuesday, April 10 – Cold

IMG 2731

drinking some cold water

Wednesday, April 11 – Where you ate breakfast

IMG 2739

at the counter

Thursday, April 12 – Stairs

IMG 2762

stairs at my in-laws

Friday, April 13 – Something you found

IMG 2763

shoes for my sister-in-laws wedding

Saturday, April 14 – How you feel today

IMG 2764

nervous watching this game

Sunday, April 15 – Sunset

IMG 2769

sunset in the Caribbean

Monday, April 16 – Flower

IMG 2770

flowers on my comforter

April Photo a Day, Week One

IMG 2437

Sunday, April 1 – Your reflection

IMG 2634

Me and B

Monday, April 2 – Color

IMG 2638

I think I need more color with my workout wardrobe

Tuesday, April 3 – Mail

IMG 2646

dirty old mailbox

Wednesday, April 4 – Someone who makes you happy

IMG 2666

Obviously this little guy :)

Thursday, April 5 – Tiny

IMG 2681

Tiny little fingers

Friday, April 6 – Lunch

IMG 2615

The usual

Saturday, April 7 – Shadow

IMG 2704

B’s shadow

Sunday, April 8 – Inside your wallet

IMG 2718

money, cards, and a few mementos

March Photo a Day, Week 3

IMG 2209

Check out weeks one and two!

Thursday, March 15 – Car

IMG 2522

The first car accident I was ever in. 20 years later and I still remember everything

Friday, March 16 – Sunglasses

IMG 2421

Greece, 2007. Feels like this was a hundred years ago

Saturday, March 17 – Green

IMG 2430

Momma & Baby St.Patricks Day pride

Sunday, March 18 – A corner of your home

IMG 2438

The corner where I work out

Monday, March 19 – Funny

IMG 2444

He thinks it’s funny to grab momma’s phone

Tuesday, March 20 – Before/After

IMG 2487

Halloween, before & after baby

Wednesday, March 21 – Delicious

IMG 2499

One of my favorite easy meals, a salmon burger

Thursday, March 22 – Kitchen Sink

IMG 2520

A dream kitchen sink…

February Photo a Day, Week 4

6799325789 fb267cb33d

Check out weeks one, two and three

Friday, February 24 – Inside your bathroom cabinet

IMG 2262

We don’t actually have a cabinet so I took a photo of my makeup table in the bathroom

Saturday, February 25 – Green

IMG 2273

B’s favorite paci. I was on the go all day on Saturday and forgot to take a pic so I took one late

Sunday, February 26 – Night

IMG 2274

The night of B’s baptism

Monday, February 27 – Something you ate

IMG 2277

The best item from my foodie penpals box

Tuesday, February 28 – Money

IMG 2275

My wallet where I keep my money

Wednesday, February 29 – Something you’re listening too

IMG 2282

Watching Sex and the City after a very long day

Here is the list if you want to join the March Photo a Day

IMG 2209