Hung for the Holidays

Since we just moved into the new house, and we still have a fair amount of boxes (unpacking with a toddler is pretty difficult) left, the last thing on our mind is Christmas decorations. Luckily, B is young enough that he won’t notice the lack of tree or decorations.

Of course when you make plans, they almost always fall through, right? The original move in date for the house was for late November, knowing that I had signed up for a great blogger exchange that Carlyn had put together, called Hung for the Holidays, basically we were paired with two others. One person would send us an ornament and we would send an ornament to someone else. I love new ornaments (90% of ours were lost when our condo garage flooded and they were not stored properly) so I was pretty excited to get involved in this.

Turns out one of my twitter & blog friends, Betsy, was going to be sending me an ornament.

IMG 4569

Um, does she know me or what. It is the perfect ornament for me, even if for now it is displayed on the mantle instead of a tree. This blog originally started as a baking blog, with a focus in cupcakes, it was so nice to get a reminder of my “roots”. I am so proud of where I started and how far I have come. Plus it is the perfect segway to tell you, with a new kitchen and better natural lighting, there is going to be more baking coming your way in 2013. As for the ornament, I am telling you now it will be stored properly for next year and the years to come.

For our other decorations, we also have a few rope lights on our front porch and a decorated wreath, Nick’s mom told us we couldn’t be without a few decorations, and I agree.

Check out what I sent to Lindsay, she was so sweet she even sent me a card as a thank you afterwards. Now I feel ilk a jerk since I only tweeted Betsy!

What’s your favorite or most meaningful ornament?