The Tank

Life is about to get real crazy!

IMG 4418
Please ignore the grass issue and orange cone.

This is our new house, at least it will be on Monday. We had a pretty frustrating search, of finding something to meet all our requirements, and we happened to come up on this new construction house. It was early enough that we were also able to customize a good chunk of it.

However, this all means that this little blog of mine is going to take a backseat for a week or two, because we will have no internet for awhile so that I can unpack. I will have some great guest posts for you and hopefully I will have some posts written in advance.

But until then, we have been spending time with our friends. We LOVE trivia, and the Hooters near Nick’s parents has trivia weekly, so of course we went.

IMG 4484
Meet the Tank.

I did not participate in the drinking of this, because I was recovering from a cold and because it was Coors Light…enough said.

Hooters actually has pretty decent salads, so I got my usual chicken salad but I also indulged in one of my favorite things.

IMG 4483
Fried Pickles. I actually hate regular pickles, but love fried pickles.

We did horrible in trivia, but it is always nice to see our Connecticut friends and spend time together, it doesn’t happen nearly enough.

Earlier this week B and I also took a trip to the money suck known as Target.

First – the Neiman Marcus collection is so underwhelming. The little girls dresses are gorgeous, but other than that, meh.

I did find this gem though…
IMG 4479
Trying to decide which lucky girl gets. Fight it out ladies.

IMG 4480
B hates the top part of the cart, so finally I allowed him to sit in the base part. For only about 5 minutes, and then he refused to get out. Apparently the base part is the fun part?

Also, I think it’s important to note that I got out of Target spending only $40 and only purchasing ONE thing that I wasn’t planning on buying.

Today, I am taking B to see Santa, I didn’t do it last year so I am not sure how he is going to react.

Tough Girl

Before I move on to today’s post, I want to share Ashley’s post. I met Jen at the Healthy Living Summit in August, she and I had breakfast at the same table and I remember thinking what a running inspiration she is. She and her husband lost everything and she almost lost her husband. Ashley has put together a post where you can donate items for their family.

I have been MIA for a few days, largely in part of our move from our condo to our temporary home until our new house is ready. Partly because, apparently, I have been stressed.

Photo 6
Empty House

I actually thought I was handling it well, I certainly didn’t feel stressed. Yes, our movers cancelled our move without notifying us, yes, we had to make a few unnecessary trips that were 2+ hours, but I thought I was doing fine.

Monday night as we finished dinner I started to get a pain in my lower stomach, I ignored it and went to bed when I usually do, woke up on Tuesday and was still in a bit of pain, but we had a lot of scrambling to do so I sort of just forgot about it. Tuesday evening the pain was getting worse, I tried a bunch of home remedies but eventually I went to bed and woke up Wednesday, again in pain but I had a trip to make in order to get the movers all set, so I just sort of forgot about it.

Wednesday night we were at our temporary home and I started getting really terrible stomach pains, I was able to go to bed but when I woke up I still felt bad. I called my doctor, but I assumed that it was some GI problems so I went and got a coffee from Starbucks, some Colace from CVS and hoped that would move things along.

Friday it was fine during the day, but I was in terrible pain in the morning and the evening. Saturday was a very busy day, I woke up in pain but needed to get moving so I tried to forget about it. Nick and I made a 2 hour drive to a friends baby shower/housewarming party, we hadn’t eaten more than breakfast before we left and only nibbled on some appetizers during the party. I was getting a headache so on the way back I grabbed 2 Advil and a soda because I had no caffeine at all during the day.

Nick and I went straight from the party to a dinner & drinks date with Caitlin

Photo 7
stolen from Caitlin.

We had an awesome time as well as some great food and drinks. Nick and I went home around 9 and my stomach started feeling terrible again, I even told Nick, if it still hurts in the morning I needed to go to Urgent Care because this is not normal and not GI anymore.

I woke up on Sunday at 1 am, in excruciating pain. I tried ginger ale, pepto bismol, tried going to the bathroom and it just kept getting worse. Nick stayed home in case B woke up and my mother-in-law ended up taking me to the ER.

After 30 minutes of registering, I sat in the waiting room for 30 minutes. They brought me back into a room and had me change into a gown. Two and half hours later, after my MIL went to the nurses station, I finally had a nurse come in to check me out. He asked me a lot of questions repeatedly and then left. About 30 minutes later a doctor came in and started asking me questions, she told me that she thought I had a stress ulcer, and she wanted the doctor who was in charge to double check and make sure it wasn’t gall stones or anything more serious. She was pressing on my stomach and asked if I was a tough girl. Even though I was in excruciating pain I was silent, seemingly calm. Side note: I was the same way when I was in labor. I think it shocked most people, I am loud and curse like a sailor, but when it comes to severe pain I just go to this place where I am completely quiet.

The doctor came in and she agreed that it was pretty textbook stress ulcer and told me what meds to take and that the following things need to be abstained from until it goes away: alcohol, Advil/ibuprofen, caffeine, spicy foods, fast foods, etc… Now I know why it hurt so bad, I had caffeine, alcohol and Advil within three hours and it probably really irritated the ulcer.

Photo 5

I got home around 7 am on Sunday and immediately took a nap, I am still in some pain but the pain is starting to lessen. I have to see my doctor tomorrow to make sure things are going okay, and where to go from here.

I just want to say thank you to those who sent me messages, texts, emails etc… I really appreciate the love!


As this post goes live, Nick and I are trying to hastily pack the last-minute items we NEEDED until the last minute (I mean as long as Sandy passes quickly and without much fanfare) while making sure B doesn’t toss any items, like keys or wallets, into a box that is going into storage for an undetermined amount of time.

IMG 2059

I love(d) our condo, it was our first home as a married couple, the first home we purchased. The first home where I felt we weren’t living like post-college still wish we were in college adults. You know, plastic beer bong tables in the kitchen, etc… (currently that table is in the garage, we are parents that still have fun

Time is Love

Today’s post is most definitely inspired by this song.

It’s so hard sometimes to not get hurt by stupid things that have happened in my life, but I have to remember there are so many good things that are going on. I have had a lot of negativity regarding my Nike half, which is pretty disappointing. So in order to not let it get me down, I am making a list of things that are great lately.

I’ve been sort of MIA since we are packing up our condo and we are moving.

IMG 4100
1. Cabinets are empty so B has started hiding his toys in them. I love opening the cabinet and finding clifford, blocks, pacifiers and water cups.

IMG 4129
2. I’ve received a few new products to try, the first being this Uncle Sam cereal.

IMG 4131
I am really excited to test out this! The Kona Kase is such an awesome concept, I have been slowly testing out all the products, so I will have that up for you soon!

IMG 4008
Yurbuds, I have been testing these out, and so far, love them. I will have a review of these for you too!

IMG 4126
4. Family – B & Uncle Chris.

IMG 4069
Sister & I

IMG 3992
The husband & I at the Patriots game.

Love is what really matters, I need to forget about the hate.

Busy Little Bees

I am be in the minority here, but I love when my weekends are full. Especially when they are full of fun stuff!

I can tell you that as of now I have one free weekend between now and August.

I like knowing what’s going, it makes life easier to plan, at least for me.

It also doesn’t hurt that my weekends are full of weddings, bachelorettes, bridal showers, graduation parties, running, races, I could go on and on.

I am blessed to have a healthy family and a wonderful extended family.

Living life, no matter how busy, is how I want to be. Living, not waiting for it to pass me by.