belVita breakfast biscuits: my favorite pairings

Whether you’re a mom or not I think you can all relate to the mornings where you are rushing to get everything you need to leave the house for the day. For me it is usually, dress B and get all his food, snacks and drinks packed. Make sure I am reasonably put together, get out of the house…ON TIME. The one thing for me that is usually a casualty to time management? Breakfast. I know, you don’t have to tell me, the worse thing to do, especially when trying to lose weight, is miss breakfast. So how do I remedy this?

Introducing belVita breakfast biscuits:

I have been keeping packages of belVita in my car and purse. Each package contains 4 biscuits, and each package has 18-20 grams of whole grains, 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein. The biscuits are baked to release energy continuously and that gives the consumer nutritiously sustained energy all morning. So how’d they stand up for me?

The first morning I had already prepared my oatmeal, so I shared a packet with my main man. We shared the Cinnamon Brown Sugar flavor, two biscuits for him and two for me.

I took mine and broke them into pieces and let them sit in my oatmeal while the peanut butter melted. While this is not one of the suggested pairings of the belVita biscuits, I can see myself eating this often (and if you love oatmeal you should try it). Since, I let my oatmeal cool/the peanut butter melt into the oatmeal, what ended up happening was that the biscuits sort of also melted into the oatmeal and the flavors mixed with the oatmeal was amazing. B also chowed down on his biscuits, paired with half a banana, he was very happy with his breakfast. I have to say this flavor, hands down, was my favorite.

The next flavor I tried was the Apple Cinnamon, I was in a rush and I needed something quick and easy. I paired the biscuits with an Apple Cinnamon Greek Yogurt.

I loved this pairing, I ended up using the biscuits almost as a spoon, and the yogurt as a dip. For someone who is in a real rush, this is a great way to get in a healthy breakfast, and one that will keep you full and satisfied all morning. Plus if you use the biscuits as a spoon you don’t have to dirty any dishes. That’s what I call a win!

Next I tried the Blueberry flavor paired with blueberries and raspberries, and while this wasn’t bad, I preferred my biscuits with yogurt. Next up, the golden oat flavor with banana and a small amount of peanut butter. Here is the only snag I hit. The first package I opened had a piece of gravel in it. Not something I want to bite down on. The representative at belVita felt awful and sent me a replacement box immediately. They even included a sweet note about their quality control and making sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Things that make me love companies, excellent customer service. BelVita is exactly that, they were apologetic and gracious, and 100% ensures that I will buy the product from my local store.

The last flavor I had was Chocolate. I try to have my sweet snacks at night, it’s my little treat. I paired this flavor with a greek yogurt and honey. For me this was a wonderful sweet treat at the end of the night. I wouldn’t necessarily eat this for breakfast, but could envision it as a snack or dessert again.

I also paired it with a banana and peanut butter, unpictured but delicious.

Since I was adding the biscuits to another part of a meal, I never ate the whole packet, 2 was usually enough, I think if only had the biscuits to eat, I would eat the entire packet, but for the instances I listed I always had another component.

So where can you find belVita breakfast biscuits? They are in your Cracker & Cookie aisle in your local grocery store. They are available in 23 countries, so even if you live outside the United States, you might still be able to try them.

To read more about how you can check out RacingTale’s Pear Tart recipe or Tina’s Protein Chocolate Cookie Crumble Ice Cream.

Have you ever had belVita breakfast biscuits, what was your favorite flavor?

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Guest Post: Motivation

Today’s guest post is Molly, she is going to share with you what motivates her. I am motivated to get out there and run by myself, just by seeing her run with her girls! Enjoy her post and leave her some love!

My name is Molly Ritterbeck and I blog over at Miss Molly and I am so blessed to be writing as a guest today!

Stroller win

What I am going to talk about today is motivation. What motivates you? Let me tell you about what motivates me!

I am a working mother who has two beautiful daughters and a husband that serves in the military — that is enough stress in itself isn’t it? Well, let me tell you with the bills that come with kids and life in general and job changes to boot I was getting stressed. My tension headaches, anxiety, and sore shoulders (my stress goes straight to my shoulders) I just didn’t know what to do. I was also starting to really lose myself in taking care of everything and everyone else that I was kind of fighting off some depression. I didn’t want to turn to medicine and I knew if I went to a doctor that is what I would get.

My husband told me I needed to get active and change my diet — but I was never going to do something because I was told – I needed to do it for myself. I had friends who went back and forth with new diet fads (meal plans, pills, prescription pills, etc) and I saw how they aged, fought self confidence issues, and more. I didn’t want to be like that. Being a gymnast for over 8 years I thought I was still in shape despite not doing anything for a long time… so I decided one day to run a 5K with NO training. Not one of my brightest moments, I paid for that for a couple days after.

As I was sitting in pain one of the days after I was mad. I was mad that I couldn’t do it. I was mad that Nick finished in 21 minutes and came back and ran half of it with me again. I didn’t need his help to finish. I didn’t want his help to finish ever again. I was going to do this. I started running little by little and building distance. I found friends to do it with me. I joined a running club. People were motivating me who didn’t even know me. I was not the best but they didn’t care at all. They thought it was awesome to do what I could and so did I.

Running FOTT

I also started to notice the pain in my shoulders was gone, the anxiety was gone, and the headaches were gone. I had energy and could get more accomplished in the day. I was happier and was eating better. I was becoming what I had wanted and it was all because I didn’t want to be beaten. My motivation was to not be beaten.

I only had one moment of doubt and that was when my friends started to notice that I was losing weight and asked about it. Since I do not weigh myself very often at all (the gymnast in me swore I would never worry about a scale again), I had no clue — and I honestly said I didn’t think I had lost much so I couldn’t tell them. One of my friends stopped and looked at me and said, “Well what’s the point if you aren’t losing weight?” I stopped in my tracks. Wow – what was the point I thought. The best part is — it only lasted a moment and I was able to say, “The point is I feel better, and I now know I can do anything I put my mind to.”

I was mad at my friend for asking such a shallow question, but at the same time I was glad that I could answer her with the right answer and not a shallow one.

My motivation is myself and my family. It will never be to get to a number on the scale, but maybe to fit in my jeans better. It will never be to in the “in crowd” and be skinny because lets be real — strong is the new skinny. I will be strong for myself and my family.

So tell Molly & I: what motivates you?

You know you are a mom when

You know you are a mom when:

Even with a diaper bag, your purse is full of things for your child
Mine has bibs, pacifiers, puffs and toys.

You realize how much junk you have in your house
As soon as B started crawling, everything that wasn’t nailed down was his for the taking. Plus any cords or cables were things he wanted to play with.

You go days without showering
I used to be the type that had to shower to wake up everyday. Now I try to shower after working out, but some days it might not happen. Also, going to the store in sweatpants or workout clothes, fair game.

Any news stories about any harm, intended or not, is heartbreaking
I used to watch most cop dramas pretty religiously, and I still watch a lot, but the cases that involve children I have to stop watching. I just usually can’t handle it. I have a hard time with any news or media story.

I also some fellow moms what they would say makes them a mom.

Vanessa said
When you are in a store alone and a kid cries and your glad it isn’t yours

Christine said
Vomit and poop no longer bother you

Meagan said
When you think your kids poop face is cute

Callie said
You get peed on and don’t bother changing your clothes

I also had a wonderful first mothers day.

We started with breakfast in bed, snuggles with B, and he gave me all the gifts he obviously picked out.

4a9692c5 0cf2 4f4d 9b00 14e4063028bdwallpaper

I received a picture frame to put in a photo I took on Sunday, a kindle case with a light, and a pandora charm that is B’s birthstone and some beautiful flowers.

My dad was also kind enough to send Nick and I a package for Mother’s and Father’s Day.

7386538e 4a12 445b 9a83 d46cb1098c54wallpaper

Goodies from one of my favorite places, Boudin in San Francisco.
It had 3 loaves of bread, salami, cheese, blue cheese dijon mustard, a woven basket and a cutting board shaped like a piece of bread. So cute.

If anyone ever needs any gift ideas, the bread of the month club Boudin has amazing. Each month the bread is a different character.

How did you know when you were a mom?