Cold Weather Necessities

I don’t know about you but even though I don’t like the cold weather my biggest pet peeve is the fact that it wreaks havoc on my skin. Couple the weather with well water, and I am in dry skin hell. It took me almost a year, but I have found products that work so that my skin isn’t cracking and bleeding all winter long. I bet you are loving that visual.


I went into Sephora last winter and basically pleaded with the sales associate to find a moisturizer that would not make me want to claw my skin off after an hour or two of wear. I fully expected the woman to refer me to something that would cost a lot of money, but she actually referred me to the Sephora line.

The first layer is Ultimate Moisture Serum, I put this on immediately on after I get out of the shower. I wait a minute or two for it to set and then I do one of two things.

Most days I move immediately to the Intensive Instant Moisturizer, unless I am going out, then I use Smashbox BB Cream, it has a moisturizer in it so I don’t feel the need to use both.

Cold Weather Necissites.jpg

Cetaphil was actually something I found through B’s pediatrician. Unfortunately, B inherited my dry skin and no lotion we tried worked. His pediatrician recommended the Cetaphil Restoraderm Skin Restoring Moisturizer it is a long-lasting moisturizer that is approved for Eczema prone skin. It keeps B’s skin smooth and it helps keep mine from feeling dry as well. I also keep their Therapeutic Hand Cream in purse. When we are out I am constantly washing both of our hands and it dries out our skin and causes it to crack and bleed. This has been lifesaver, it is not greasy and dries very quickly.

A tip: if my hands start bleedings, especially the knuckles, I dab on some Aquaphor before bed and it is usually a lot better by the time I wake up.

Unfortunately, I also get chapped lips like crazy and for years I have been using Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, it is a bit more expensive then your regular chapstick but I find it is the best for dry chapped lips. I keep tubes everywhere, my car, purse, house, etc…


Lastly, I love having soft and comfortable sweats. There are some days that it can be too brutally cold to spend a lot of time outside. Those days B and I get dressed in our comfiest sweats and spend our time playing in our living room. Right now my favorite gear is the Batwing and Robin CowlNeck from Athleta and my Studio Poise sweatpants. They both are soft on the inside and outside, none of that itchy material. I ordered both a size up because I like my sweats kind of baggy.

What are your cold weather must haves?

Birchbox Review: Month 2, February 2012

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F0r $10 a month you receive 4-5 beauty products picked just for you!

IMG 1260

January’s box was my first so it didn’t have a theme. However February’s box was about focusing on yourself. The items were chosen to highlight the person using them and to give yourself attention, and frankly as a new mom this was something that I needed.

IMG 1264

From Left to Right.

1. Chuao Chocolatier – Spicy Maya ChocoPod

This chocolate at first wasn’t spicy, but if you waited a few minutes after your first bite and it hits you. It might have just been me because my tolerance for spicy is pretty low. But honestly, it just sat in my stomach and I felt poorly after. Not a fan. Full size $6

2. Birchbox Digital Download – Six free songs from Green River Ordinance

Green River Ordinance is an indie rock band, and I loved their music, I love discovering new artists or bands and this one sounds similar to one of my favorite artists. Great band.

3. beautyblender® – the original beautyblender®

The hot pink sponge helps you smooth out your foundation, so that you don’t need a lot or any touching up in photos. I use this everyday that I wear foundation. I use my brush to put on the foundation and then use the blender to smooth out any areas that look uneven. I think it makes a huge difference. I will be purchasing more of these when I need new ones. 2 pack $25.95

4. Jouer – Luminizing Moisture Tint

Like I have said before I have extremely dry skin, this moisture works wonders and adds a little glow to your skin! Full size $38.

5. EYE ROCK - Designer Liner

This is an item I haven’t used yet. These are perfect cat eye liners that you stick on your eyes. I haven’t had the opportunity to really glam it up, but next time I do, these are first on the list to use. 2 packs of 4 are $13.

6. Mineralogie® – Ultimate Cream Concealer

Another perfect pick for a new mom. This is a full coverage concealer that gets rid of under eye circles and any blemishes. This isn’t heavy like most concealers, I really loved it. Full size $16.

Convinced yet?