Summer Craziness and Running Updates

I know that my blogs have been inconsistent as of late, and I want to apologize.

These summer months, and the nice weather lasts only so long, I like to spend the majority of my weekdays with B.

IMG 6382
Fill me up with gas please

IMG 6379
You’re taking to long, let me handle it

He received a bunch of wonderful outside toys, and before you know it, it is going to be brutally cold, so I want to make sure he has ample time to play with them.


It’s also only about 8 weeks until the Zooma Half Marathon (by the way you can still get 10% off with the code: CCAMB9) and I don’t think I have had a great training so far. I am getting the miles in but I feel slow, and my last long run was supposed to be 7 miles and I had to tap out at 4. My left hip, right leg and left heel were bothering me and instead of hurting myself I decided to take a break.

IMG 6364

I am still doing a ton of strength training and metabolic conditioning at Achieve, so I am hoping that I will be able to log some serious miles these next few weekends, I really want to PR at Zooma, but I know that I need to set myself up for success.

I know I will be out and about the next 3 or 4 weeks so I need to make sure that I make training a priority.

How is your summer training going?

A Love Affair: Mizuno Sayonara

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Whenever anyone asks me to recommend gear for running, I always tell them that the first thing they need to do is to get fitted for the proper sneaker. Most find the perfect shoe after trying one or two pairs. I used to have a favorite shoe, then once I had B my feet changed and my favorite shoe no longer fit.

I went back to my favorite running store, Marathon Sports, and got fitted, and then I got fitted again, and then I got fitted two more times. While the shoes were okay for short distances, I didn’t feel 100% comfortable, and eventually I returned them. I kept two pairs because I needed to run.

I let my running slack a little in the winter months and did mostly strength training at Achieve Fitness and when I strength train I wear a minimalist shoe, so putting on my running shoes after a few months off made my legs and feet feel extremely heavy.

Recently, through my relationship with FitfLuential, I was given the opportunity to try out the Mizuno Wave Sayonara.

IMG 6098
How gorgeous are these sneakers? I almost tackled the FedEx man at the door when he arrived with these.

While, I prefer the perfect shoe over a pretty color, I really love it when the two meld together.

The Wave Sayonara is Mizuno’s lightest training shoes, the women’s shoes is 7.1 oz and the mens is 8.1 oz, The euphoric foam midsole ensures the proper cushioning without added weight and bulk so runners experience a light,
smooth, comfortable, and responsive ride. via Mizuno

IMG 6169

I have been doing my long runs as a mentor with Team In Training, and I have to say these shoes are the lightest running sneaker I have ever worn. For most shoes I have a “breaking-in” phase. It usually takes me a few weeks to feel completely comfortable in a pair of shoes, but not with these babies. I felt comfortable with that first step out the door. My feet fell softly on the pavement, my pace was faster than last year, and even though it was excruciatingly hot out – I felt like I was flying.


I have even taken them on short runs and speed work. The dating game is over folks, I have found my perfect shoe and I am saying, I do – to the Mizuno Wave Sayonara. If you want to try them for yourself they go on sale on July 5 for $119.00.

Until then, you should check out this Mezamashii Running video, it is full of inspiration, including a story from one of my favorite bloggers, Michele.

Have you found your “I do” shoe?