Team In Training: Round 2 & Raffle Prizes!

You know what would make my Monday EXTRA marvelous? A donation to the LLS, via my Team In Training chapter!

As most of you know I ran my second half marathon with Team in Training!

IMG 4075

Then this year I was given the opportunity to mentor the Boston chapter participants who are running Nike this year.


This weeks practice: with a participant & Coach Spencer. Photo Credit: Coach Laura!

So what does this mean to you? I am raising $500 to help the find a cure for blood cancers, 100% of the donations I receive of to LLS. I try not to ask readers for money to donate to often, but I did want to make you aware of the raffle I have going on. Anyone who donates $10 between now and September 7, 2013 will be given an online raffle ticket.


Edited: It has been brought to my attention that I can’t use some companies information, even in raffle purposes, on the blog. I have taken down the raffle prizes and they are now listed only on the donation site. I hope no one feels any pressure to donate.

I appreciate anyone’s support, and if you can’t donate to a charity (mine or anyone else’s) things like donating blood are also a wonderful way to help!

Playlist Thursday: ANGSTY & Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Wild Harvest giveaway is: Raymond! Congratulations. (For some reason the rafflecopter is not showing up for me)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out my guest post on the Team In Training blog today!

Now onto Playlist Thursday!

I am linking up with Pavement Runner today. I LOVE his music posts, mostly because I am always looking for new running songs to add to my playlist, but because of the format of his posts.

Playlist thursday logo

Today’s theme is: Teenage Angst, songs that remind us of our teenage years, whether good or bad. I went with another sub-theme, Andrew McMahon, he has been the front man for Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin. He also is a Leukemia survivor, and even started a foundation, and since this weekend is all about LLS, I think I owe him a tribute.

Artist: Something Corporate
Title: Hurricane
Side Note: I saw Something Corporate twice on their reunion tour in 2010, the Philly show was quite possibly one of the best shows I have ever been too. (So that’s the video)
Quotable: Stand up don’t make a sound. Your ears might bleed. There are sweet fluorescent enemies. That live inside of me. The world moves faster than I knew. Not fast enough to not creep up on you. And the space we put between. So pull me under your weather patterns. Your cold fronts and the rain don’t matter. Because the sun burns what I needed.

Artist: Jack’s Mannequin
Title: Caves
Side Note: Another live video, this one from when they performed with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra…one of my first review posts was reviewing this. This song is about Andrew’s struggle with cancer. Holy tears.
Quotable: I fought a war to walk a gang plank. Into a life I left behind. Windows leading to the past. Think it’s time I broke some glass. Get this history off my mind

Artist:Something Corporate
Title: Konstantine
Side Note: This song is about 9 minutes long, and if you are a longtime fan of SoCo you know this one. The one they NEVER play. But they played it on the reunion tour. I mean what is an angst palylist if there is no song that boy sings about a girl? This was at the live show in Boston!
Quotable: This is because I can spell confusion with a K and I like it. It’s to dying in another’s arms. And why I had to try it. It’s to jimmy eat world. And those nights in my car. But this time I’m alone, and I don’t see those stars. I’m not your star? Isn’t that what you said. What you thought this song meant. You thought this song meant

Have you ever heard of Andrew or these bands? WHat do you think?

It’s a PARTY and Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. There is no better time than now to donate to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS). Your donation will help find cures and better treatments for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. There are still children and adults who are not surviving blood cancer, because they do not have the finances or resources, and I am trying to provide them with that.

A donation of $500 could provide patient aid to THREE patients with Leukemia or a related cancer for a year. That is $1 from each one of my followers, less than your daily cup of coffee!

Along with one of my teammates from Team In Training, we are hosting a fundraising party at The Greatest Bar (Friend Street) in Boston and you are invited. We have been training with TNT and raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Help us raise money to beat cancer and have fun while doing it! This is something you can be a part of even if you are NOT local to Boston.

IMG 3595  Version 2
just after our first 10 miler!

$10 at the door (includes 2 raffle tickets), a fun TNT drink and a raffle. All proceeds go to Team In Training Fundraising. You will be able to buy additional raffle tickets at the event, $5 for 1 and $10 for 3.

Raffle prizes so far include:

Gift Card to any Legal Seafoods Restaurant

A Lululemon Outfit

SparklySoul Headbands


Gift Card to The Cheesecake Factory

Voucher for a dinner for TWO at Texas Roadhouse

THREE gift cards to Johnny Cupcakes

THREE runner goodie bags – which includes fuel (gu, carbboom, nuun, etc…), laces, head gear, hand held water bottles and more!

Cake pops & cupcakes for a donation!

Bring your friends and have a fun Saturday night while benefitting a great cause!

Here is where it gets fun, if you are local, we would love to have you join us. If you are not local you can buy raffle tickets, all you need to do is email me at with the subject TNT fundraiser.

Or if you would just like to donate, you can do that here. Every donation from here until the race is going to get a dedicated mile on the race. There will also be another giveaway with three prizes including Lululemon and Starbucks, that anyone who donates online from here until September 28 is eligible for.

IMG 3582

I appreciate all your support on my journey to becoming a half-marathoner!