Back on the Wagon

I made no secret that I was letting many things slip after the miscarriage. For the first week or so I wasn’t working out I was obviously very depressed and I definitely turned to the comfort of sleep and eating. Not exactly the healthiest ways to deal with things, but it is what I did. The holidays came quickly after that, followed by a nasty bout of the flu, and here we are today.

I learned a lot about nutrition and how to eat well for my body when I met with Amanda, and I know I need to get back on the eating right plan.

I have a few tools that I plan on utilizing.


I love the Lose It! app, it helps Nick and I take accountability for the food we eat and for portion size. I love that it has both a web and app for you to use. I like that it keeps things real, losing weight is not something that happens overnight, you input your weight, goal weight, and can choose between 1/2 lb and 2 lb loss per week. It can be a bit daunting to see you won’t get to your goal weight for 6-8 months, but it is the healthiest way to get there.

Turkish Get Up - Proud Moment Photo!

Turkish Get Up – Proud Moment Photo!

I write out my workouts, and I plan on blogging about them here, just for accountability’s sake. This week my plan is: Tuesday – Kettlebell class at Achieve, Wednesday – at home workout, Thursday – MetCon at Achieve, Pound Workout at Studio Poise, Saturday – Zumba and Poise Xpress at Studio Poise. I am hoping to throw in a yoga class at some point this week, because honestly, it has been doing wonders for my mind and stress.


I also need to meal plan. This is something that I really struggle with. I like to see what the sales are, but I also prefer to shop on Monday or Tuesday’s because it is less crowded and there is usually a shipment in the morning. This makes things a bit hectic since I don’t have X amount of hours to meal prep sans kiddo. I do my best but it can big a struggle.

The last thing I need to do is keep up on my water intake. I used to be so so good at getting 90-100 oz of water in a day, but for some reason I haven’t been great about it lately. I know that I can do it, I just need to get better about it.

So that is my plan, what do you do stay on track or get back on the wagon?

Healthy Swaps for 2014

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Designer Whey.

I am definitely a proponent for people partaking in the indulgences that surround the holidays, I don’t believe the holidays should be all about abstaining and calorie counting. I personally love to have the deserts that are only around during the holiday season, and I don’t feel guilty about that.

However, it can be very hard to get back on track after the holiday season. One of the easiest and tastiest ways for me to keep on track is by using Designer Whey in smoothies and different snacks. I had mentioned that I had fallen off the healthy eating path a little bit lately, and I know that getting back on is necessary, I feel like garbage when I eat garbage. For 2014 I will make strides to get my eating back in check. How am I going to do that? By making sure I have plenty of items in my fridge and pantry that are healthy, instead of reaching for some toast or a cookie, I can reach for a bar, smoothie or another protein packed treat!


Designer Whey has a plethora of protein powder flavors, I haven’t met one that I didn’t like! Most recipes will use the protein powder. My favorite smoothie is my Chocolate Peanut Butter & Jelly smoothie, which uses the Chocolate Velvet Sustained Energy powder. It really tastes like a pb&j, but it is all healthy, it also has some spinach to ensure I get a lot of veggies during the day. Linz also has a ton of wonderful smoothie ideas for every flavor pallet!


My favorite bites to make are Lindsay’s Tropical Orange healthy bites, for these I used the French Vanilla powder. I love these because they are easy to make, and I can grab a couple and stash them in the car so that I have something to eat immediately after I leave the gym, because let’s be honest when I get home and B is awake my first priorities are his breakfast and I end up waiting way to long to eat something.

One of the most common ways I use the powder is in my oatmeal, my favorite is to use 1 scoop of the White Chocolate powder and a tablespoon of peanut butter, it tastes like a cookie to me. Linz also has a great sunflower seed vanilla oatmeal that I love making on the weekends as a special treat!


I have to say, I am really great at making sure I have a bag full of snacks for B whenever we go anywhere. Lots of veggies and fruits and snacks that will keep him full, and ones that aren’t packed with sugar is a must. I used to be terrible at doing the same for myself. I finally realized that if I don’t want to become a bear, either due to hunger or the fact that I am sugar crashing, then I need to keep something for myself in that snack bag. I love having a bar because they are easiest to eat. I love the designer whey bars are perfect for this. They have a few different flavors and you don’t get that cardboard taste that some bars have. There are also recipes on the Designer Whey website where you can make your own bars!


The last product that I use a lot are the shakes. They come in two flavors, gourmet chocolate and french vanilla. They are 100 calories, 18g of protein, and only 2g of sugar. I prefer to drink them cold, so I bring them to the gym and stash them in the gym fridge, or I leave it at home and drink it as soon as I get in the house while I am getting B’s breakfast ready. My favorite is the chocolate because it tastes just like chocolate milk, which is one of my favorite post-workout drinks!

What all these things have in common is being prepared, when I first started on my eating healthy and weight loss journey, planning was something I didn’t really do, and it was a slow start. Once I started planning, by keeping bars in my bag or putting my shakes in the fridge. Even just portioning out my smoothie components the night before, that way I could just put all the items in my blender and mix.

If you aren’t sure about Designer Whey products, you can also try out a sampler pack. For $20.13 you receive 1 can of powder, three protein bars, three drink mixes, and a water bottle!

Prepped and Ready for 2014, are you!?

Prepped and Ready for 2014, are you!?

What are some of your favorite healthy habits? Share with us so we can all start 2014 on the right foot!

Swanson 30-Day Healthier Holiday Giveaway

It’s kinda crazy to think that one of my first ever reviews was for Swanson Health Products almost 2 years ago!


Here we are just in time for the holidays with another review and of course a giveaway! I am so honored to be a part of this group, each day for 30 days, well now there are 20 days left, a blogger will be hosting a giveaway and you could win $100 to spend at Swanson Health Products for the Swanson 30-Day Healthier Holiday Giveaway!

Swanson was wonderful and also gave me a $100 to spend. Here are a few of my favorites!


It’s not holiday time in my house without baking. I am participating in the Food Blogger Cookie Swap, I am hosting my own cookie swap, and of course I bake for my family, friends and neighbors. This means I need A LOT of flour. I am very loyal to two brands, one is King Arthur and the other is Bob’s Red Mill. I love that Swanson carries a variety of Bob’s Red Mill products, including some gluten-free items!

IMG 7315

I got hooked on this stuff when I received it in a Foodie Pen Pals box last year. I drizzle my veggies with olive oil and sprinkle this on top, it is so delicious, and I cannot find it anywhere else!

IMG 7316

The first time I tried Coconut Oil was the first time I ordered from Swanson, and I haven’t used any other brand since. Nick loves to use this when we make popcorn on the stove top!

IMG 7314

A fun treat for the B man and also my sister, ha. I love that Annie’s Organics are available online at Swanson.

IMG 7320

My favorite flavor or kind bar, Swanson actually has quite the variety of bars!

There are a few other items but some of those are going in stockings so you will have to wait until Christmas to see them, but if you would like to enter the giveaway to win $100, enter the widget below! This is only open for 24 hours so make sure you enter now!

What item would you buy first at Swanson?

Summer is hard

Before I get to today’s topic, I want to share two articles. The first is written by one of the owners & trainers at Achieve Fitness (my gym) and is about the struggles that even trainers face with the scale. The second article is one that she shared via social media and is an eye opener about what we are teaching children about health in the grocery store. Please take some time to read both of these!

For most people, well in New England at least, you look forward to summer all year long. Beautiful, sunny, long days. Plenty of fun things to do outside. Tons of parties and time to spend with friends and family.

Unless you are trying to lose weight.

At least for me, summer is the hardest months to lose weight. Even in the winter months, the temptation to indulge isn’t as strong as it is in the summer.

IMG 4086
This was my reward after my second half-marathon

In the summer I run a lot more than I do in the winter. But with the running comes the mindset, well I burned X calories so I can eat this. I don’t tend to do that with strength training for some reason.

Also in the summer are the every weekend bbq’s and beer and desserts. This is where the summer gets sneaky on ya.

The desserts, like strawberry shortcake, that’s healthy right? I mean it has strawberries.

IMG 6323

Of course, then we have the drinks. Nothing tastes as good on a summer day as an ice cold beer or margarita on the rocks, right?

IMG 6326

Then last but not least, and this may only be a problem for me, is the abundance of celebrations in the summer months.

For us it kicks off in May with my sister’s birthday, mothers day, and both our mom’s birthdays. June has fathers day & my birthday. July has our anniversary, B’s birthday, and Nick’s birthday. Talk about dessert over load.

So for me, I am looking forward to fall, the slowdown with the crazy celebrations and the regular eating.

What months are hardest for you?

Healthy Living Blogger…Musts?

This is another post, all in good fun, not meant to offend anyone :)

I got this great idea from my girl, Cait, to write a post on all the ways I am not a traditional healthy living blogger.


Photo via Cait

I don’t recap everything I do, sometimes I don’t even take out my camera, mostly on vacations and family time.


I eat real dessert. A brownie made completely of black beans is not dessert. While I love me some beans, they are still beans, just in a different form.


I don’t take pictures of every. single. workout and then post it on facebook, instagram, and twitter.


I am a slow runner and I am okay with that.


guess I am falling into that stereotype above, huh?

I enjoy eating bread from restaurants.



I like to have a few many drinks with my friends and not worry about a damn thing.

stolen from Cait!

stolen from Cait!

I love to bake and cook, but I sometimes take the easy way out, pre made burgers and cut veggies from Whole Foods. Time saver!!


I know that I fall into some healthy living blogger stereotypes as well, but that’s another post for another fun day.

What stereotypes do you break and what ones do you fall in to?

Holiday Challenge

The holidays can be pretty stressful. Currently we are in the last leg of bunking up with my in-laws while we wait for our house to be ready, add in the stress of home buying, the holidays, not being able to maintain your normal routine (not even close) and you have a recipe for disaster, or holiday weight gain.

I love my in-laws, don’t get me wrong, but it is hard when you are in someone else’s house, you know? I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or not do my part around the house, and I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to spend a certain amount of time with B.

So what am I doing to make sure I don’t fall into the holiday weight gain arena? I am keeping myself accountable with two challenges.

The first, Becki’s Healthy Holidays Challenge. The challenge is a competition for weight loss, inches lost, or muscle gain, it is up to the individual on which sections you want to be included in. There is a great facebook group where we encourage one another. You can follow the #healthyholidays on twitter and instagram.

The second is Lindsay and Elle’s Elf 4 Health!


Every day there are challenges to keep you motivated to make healthy decisions, there is also a great facebook group to encourage one another. The best part is that every two weeks we get paired up with another elf to correspond with, basically we can do that as much or as little as we want. I got paired up with Leila, and it’s been great, we have a lot in common and it is always nice making new blog friends. You can join for the next round if you still want to be a part of the experience. Follow all the elves by using #elf4health on twitter and instagram.

I am hoping to maintain my weight this holiday weight, I would still like to be losing, but with all the craziness, I am really just hoping to maintain.

How do you stay motivated during the holiday season?