WIAW: Three Meals Out

Thanks to Jenn for hosting another wonderful What I Ate Wednesday. I am going to share three wonderful meals that I have eaten out recently.

The first was dinner, girls night out style, with Cait at Agave Grill in Hartford.


We started with drinks, which was a bit confusing, either our waitress didn’t know the menu that well or the menu was outdated. Regardless, we ordered the “skinny” margarita. Which was just tequila, lime juice, and agave nectar, I call that a regular margarita…

Agave is also famous for their table side guacamole, but Cait isn’t a huge fan so the waitress offered to just bring me a small order which I enjoyed with the chips. For not table side guar, the spice was just right.

I had looked at the dinner menu prior to our visit and the Agave Street Taco’s kept jumping out at me. Cait told me they were pretty famous for them, and they were at the Taste of the Nation, but apparently I missed them. I am glad I was able to have them, as they were just what I wanted. The double taco was really filling so towards the end I ditched them and just ate the filling.

IMG 6961

However, the real star of the night was the Cornbread Pudding. Ever since our honeymoon, where I had my first corn cakes, I have been obsessed with trying any corn foods when I find them on a menu. This dish paired with the Mango Sauce from Cait’s tuna was perfect.

IMG 6973

The second was brunch with Nick at Peels in New York City.


I love when restaurants give you your own water and you don’t have to wait for anyone to refill your tiny glass.

We started with coffee and split the Cinnamon Sugar Donut. The donut was a bit dry for my liking, but I just dunked it in my coffee. For my meal I had the SPA Eggs which was an egg white omelette with goat cheese and herbs and a side green salad. The omelet was wonderful, the cheese was throughout the entire thing, which is a rare find.

IMG 7026

The third meal I am sharing was a surprise dinner for my Dad’s birthday. Nick, B man, and I made the trek to VT to surprise my dad and my step brother for both of their birthdays, we met them at the Fair Haven Inn.


We, along with my sister and her boyfriend, headed to the restaurant early so we got started with a drink – brut prosecco for me.

Once the guests arrived we ordered, Nick and I started with Saganaki (Imported Kasseri Cheese, dipped in eggs, sautéed in butter, & served Flambe table side) and with the appetizers the wait staff brought fresh loaves of bread, chickpeas and beets.

For dinner, I went with the Grecian Baked Scrod (a filet sprinkled with crumbs, feta, and butter then baked). I had mine served with roasted potatoes and a garden salad. The appetizer and salad were great, and my entrée was wonderful. My only two issues were that the kids pasta was huge noodle and the bowl was too gigantic for even an adult, and frankly I wish the waitress would have told me. The second was that my sister took one bite of her salmon and got a mouthful of bones. They gave her a new entrée, but for the price of the meal there should have been zero bones.

Where Fair Haven Inn went above and beyond was that my sister and I made cakes for my dad and step brother and for a small charge they allowed us to bring them in and cut the cake and handled all the candles etc… for us.

IMG 7029

Woah that is a lot of food. Have you had a great meal lately?

Taste of the Nation Hartford

I was honored and excited to attend Taste of the Nation in Hartford almost two weeks ago now (sorry for the delay in posting, I needed a breather).

Taste of the Nation cost $75 for general admission and $125 for VIP, and those proceeds as well as those from the silent auction and wall of wine benefited local grantees to fight hunger in the Hartford area. Grantees included No Kid Hungry CT, Foodshare, Hartford Food System, and End Hunger Connecticut.

I was able to attend with Caitlin and Kaitlin and since Cait had a plus one she graciously brought my hubby.

IMG 3441

Blend Love

IMG 3443

Husband Love

Since the three of us were new to this (and the crowd was kind of overwhelming) we followed Cait’s lead.

Points of note: Next time bring a large tote to stuff things in and bring water.

Caitlin usually tries the beverages first and then hits up the food. I tried that method but new early on that this method wouldn’t work for me. My other tactic was to have one or two sips of each drink and one bite of each food item. This allowed me to try as many items as possible and if I loved something I indulged with no regrets, but if I disliked something, I didn’t feel rude.

Our first stop was at Agave where we indulged in Margarita’s which is appropriate since the first time Cait and I met in person we were celebrating meeting, obviously, and the fact that I just became a FitFluential Ambassador, with margaritas.

After we chatted for a bit, Nick, Kaitlin and I picked up this delicious treat. From Costa Del Sol – Chocolate Truffle with Caramelized Orange Crisps.

IMG 3448
Hands down my favorite dessert of the entire night. The truffle was creamy and light while the crisps were not to hard and the flavors blended together wonderfully.

The next table had a bottle of Josh Cabernet Sauvignon, which Caitlin told me I had to try. It was the perfect pairing after the truffle dessert.

IMG 3451

The next table had a gorgeous display, from Mystic Oyster Club

IMG 3454

I have had two experiences with Oysters, one was amazing and one was terrible, I passed on the oysters this time but I will definitely visit next time we get together with our friends that live in Mystic.

The next table was amazing, it had a great line up of foods from Mill Restaurant Group, Kaitlin and I had this delicious Ahi Tuna on a wonton chip with corn salsa. One of my favorites, and of course I ate the whole dang thing.

IMG 3457

Nick then tried both the following dishes:


It was cranberry bread with prosciutto and roasted duck (I think)


Chilled pea soup, you ate the cracker, which is topped with crab and then drank the soup out of the shooter.

Photos from Caitlin

Then Caitlin, Kaitlin, Nick and I all tried (separately) the Durigutti Reserva 2007 Malbec, one of my favorite wines of the night.

IMG 3463

The next stop for Nick and I was Plan B Burger. I have actually been here once, a long time ago, and my sister-in-law, her husband and my brother-in-law have been before so I wanted to try. The burger was juicy and flavorful but nothing I haven’t had before (although after looking at their menu there are other burgers I want to try). The real standout was the hot dog. It was a mini hot dog topped with chili, cheese and green onions, it was amazing.

IMG 3467

I took a really awesome photo of Cait enjoying hers.

IMG 3506
I’m lucky she loves me, ha!

We went and looked at the Silent Auction and bid on a signed UCONN 2012-2013 Women’s autographed basketball. Sadly, we did not win it, the bids got pretty high towards the end.

After we digested for a bit we made our way into the next room. Our first stop was Thomas Hooker Brewing Company, Nick has actually been on the tour of the brewery for his good friends birthday, I however couldn’t go because I was pregnant, so this was actually my first tasting.

IMG 3468

I love a nice, light and fresh summer beer, and this fits the bill. Don’t be surprised if you see one next to me in a month.

IMG 3470
Of course these two had to get a picture with the Alaska Outlaw Whiskey. These two love their whiskey, and talk about it often. I love that they had it poured in their wine glasses, always classy.

The next stop was Joey Garlic’s, my in-laws actually get pizza from here frequently, and it’s okay (I prefer thick pizza) but these sandwiches changed my opinion completely.

IMG 3472

Prime Rib on crusty bread with arugula and cheese. Delicious, the perfect bread to meat ratio and the Prime Rib was perfectly seasoned.

Rizzutto’s was hands-down my favorite table of the night, in fact we went twice. No regrets.

IMG 3476

That in fact is a steaming meatball on a crusty bun, it was delicious. The meatball was full of flavor and juicy, I also love the sauce wasn’t super oily, which is my biggest issue with restaurant sauces.

Not only was the food delicious, but the 2 men running the table were super nice. I dragged Cait and Kaitlin back with us the second time since they didn’t go to the table on their first round and they were starting to put their things away. Luckily we each snagged a meatball and Cait noticed a kitchen tub of some chocolate looking thing.

IMG 3519
Peanut Butter, Banana, and Chocolate Cheesecake. They also had homemade marshmallow to go on top but we were all almost through our dessert and passed.

I went on to try Layer Cake Pinot Noir, I have always seen this wine but I hate spending money on new drinks because I fear I won’t like it. Nick had the Shiraz but I wasn’t a fan, I definitely preferred the Pinot Noir.

IMG 3479

Our next stop was City Steam Brewery. I’ve actually had their beer before, and I enjoy it so I decided to dabble in a little tasting. I haven’t had the Naughty Nurse before so I decided to try it. Side-note: check out their beer page, the have hilarious names like Czars & Girls.

IMG 3482

It had a little bit of a bite, which was seemingly appropriate with the title, and I enjoyed the bittersweet finish.

IMG 3481

I loved that they gave us beer cups, a lot of the liquors were being poured in the wine glass and I don’t like mixing.

We ended up meeting up with ladies at our next stop, Cavey’s. Cavey’s is a unique restaurant because it has both an Italian side and a French side. They had food from both sides.

IMG 3483
Smoked Trout on crispy bread. I’ve never had smoked trout before and this was amazing and the perfect bite.

IMG 3485
Whipped ricotta and ratatouille. The combination was amazing, my only complaint? Not enough chip for the dish. It’s okay Nick used some crusty bread to eat the rest of the dish.

Nick mentioned to us that he heard whisperings of a Lobster Burger, none of us heard anything, but lo and behold we wandered into the hallway on our way upstairs and we found a booth with an Edamame burger, a Veggie burg and you guessed it – a Lobster burger.

IMG 3487
I tasted just the lobster, it was delicious. Not a lot of dressing and full of juicy pieces of lobster.

IMG 3486
I had the edamame burger, I’ll be honest it tasted a bit under seasoned, I think with a pinch of salt it could be amazing.

Caitlin then led us to Firebox, her friend Kat said it was a must try.

IMG 3491
Fluke crudo

Nick’s super picky about raw fish so he passed on this one, but I thought it was delicious, fresh and packed with flavor. They also had ONE of their drinks left. I forgot to write down exactly what was in it, but it had tequila and NO pre-made mixer, so it was a win.

After we walked around a bit we made our way upstairs to some of Caitlin’s favorite hangouts. The first stop was Millwrights Tavern, a place I’ve been telling Nick we need to go to.

IMG 3492
Chilled pea soup, smoked salmon rillettes, and shoots

They were literally picking the herbs from the plants (that they brought in) right there, talk about fresh. I loved the smoky flavor with cold soup, there were a ton of textures and flavors brought out and just reaffirmed that I need to visit them.

IMG 3494

The bartender was making a drink, the aviation, and served it in cute little glasses. It was made with gin, creme de violette, and citrus. It was a bit strong considering I was driving home soon, so I had one sip and passed it back, but I can see myself enjoying one of these in their bar.

The next stop was a place that I have been meaning to go to forever, Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant

IMG 3495
Whipped Goat Cheese, Pistachio, Smoked Paprika, Tuna and Tomato

I wish this had been a one bite type of thing because there was so much food, I couldn’t try it all together. It was delicious, and now I am planning a visit so Caitlin and I can go to one of their wine dinners!

IMG 3496
They also had some type of sangria, it was light and fresh and didn’t taste like it had any fake syrupy mixes, and that’s because it doesn’t!

While Caitlin was chatting with her friends, Kaitlin, Nick and I headed to Black Bamboo which is a Chinese Restaurant in West Hartford.

IMG 3498
Spring Roll and Vegan BBQ Boneless Ribs

Sorry for the poor quality photo it was DARK in some of the areas upstairs. I contemplated not telling Nick that the ribs were vegan, he is a MEAT guy, but I did because I’m a nice wife. He decided to try them anyway.

We all agreed that we could have been fooled, the sauce was seemingly identical to boneless ribs you’d get anywhere, the only thing that was a bit off was the texture. Honestly, I preferred these to “real” boneless ribs, because the meat is usually stringy and tough.

The spring roll was also delicious, it wasn’t greasy and it was packed with veggies. I think I found a new favorite chinese restaurant!

My last beverage was from Grants!

IMG 3500
Wild Hibiscus Punch: Avion Silver Tequila, Hibiscus & Ginger Liqueur, Cilantro Syrup, Fresh Grapefruit juice, and Rhubarb bitters

It was a bit too spicy for me, honestly I think it would be awesome without the ginger and cilantro, but I am not a bartender. The bartender also gave me advice to find the best cupcakes in the area!

We also hit up the sushi at Feng Ginza Group while upstairs, but that booth was packed so I didn’t get a picture. I’ve actually been to Ginza a bunch of times. I got to Nick to get out of his comfort zone and try sushi that had slices of fish on top of the roll and he liked it!

Our last dinner stop was Tisane Euro Asian Cafe

IMG 3503

They had a delicious steak with noodles and veggies

IMG 3502

And the cutest presentation. I am not usually a fan of asian style noodles but these didn’t have a ton of sauce and the beef was cooked to perfection.

Our last food stop was cupcakes, obviously. We went to Frosted Couture Cupcakes

IMG 3516

Look how nicely they matched my outfit

IMG 3517

I’ll be honest, they weren’t anything out of the ordinary, the frosting was decent and the cake was a bit dry.

Our very last stop was the Wall of Wine

IMG 3508

For $10 you could pick any bottle and and all bottles were priced at $10-$50 and all bottles were donated.

IMG 3521
Rinaldone dell’Osa, Morellino di Scansano

A tuscan wine that has notes of berries and anise. I am not sure I will like it (I don’t typically like anise flavors) but it was all for a good cause!

I was given the opportunity to visit Hartford’s Taste of the Nation event, but I would gladly pay the $75 General Admission ticket price, we are even contemplating going to the New Haven event.

Join Jenn’s link-up and see other delicious eat’s from around the blogging world.

Have you ever been to an event like this?
What do you think your favorite food and drink would be?

Greek Festival in CT

This weekend is the annual Greek Festival at our church in Hartford, CT.

Check out the details here.

My husband and father-in-law will be playing in the band.

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This was at our wedding, but you get the idea

There will be tons of delicious food, drinks and dancing.

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Again at our wedding

If you need any tips on what to get let me know!

Here is a girls shot from a few years ago at thee St. George Greek Festival!

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I will be there every night, if you plan on going let me know. Cait will be there Friday as well. Hope to see you there!

Have you ever been to a Greek Festival?