Guest Post: Finding Your Happy Pace

While I am frantically unpacking and trying to get settled in the new house before the holidays, I have a few guest posts lined up for you all. The first guest blogger I have for you is Darlena, she is the blogger behind Run Find Your Happy Pace. The concept is something I can totally get behind, running your pace for you and supporting all other runners regardless of their speed.

Darlena is going to share her thoughts on how to find that Happy Pace, enjoy and show her some love!

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First let me say a big Thank You to Kelly for letting me share my thoughts on Goal Setting with her followers. I also have a “slight” cupcake addiction…um I mean love, so she and I have a few things in common.

Setting Goals for 2013, It’s a Good Thing…

So here we are in December heading toward the end of another year. Its time to get ready to turn the page, start fresh, time to set our sites on 2013. And a great way to do that is setting some goals for the year to come.

I think goal setting (to quote Martha Stewart) “It’s a good thing” And you know what else is a good thing? Writing your goals down. Yup get a list and sit down. Its time to take a look at yourself and where would you like to be at this time next year? Healthier, stronger, faster? And it’s not just about running and fitness. Remember we are on a journey to “Find your Happy Pace in running AND life!” So include non-fitness related goals too, maybe there’s something you always to learn, a place you want to visit, or simply a book you have never had the time to read. Write them down. Wouldn’t it be nice to look back at your list around this time next year and say YES! I did that!?

For me writing things down makes me more accountable to ME.

And please note:

  • you DO NOT have to share this list with anyone
  • you DO NOT have to complete every goal on your list

Consider it an outline, a “rough draft” if you will, of where you want to be. Below is a blank list I set up , feel free to print it and use it or make one of your own. I have listed both fitness/health and an other important goal sections.

Sometime between now and the New Year…take some time,

write down YOUR goals and get ready to

“Find YOUR Happy Pace” in 2013

2013 goals

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April Photo a Day, Week One

IMG 2437

Sunday, April 1 – Your reflection

IMG 2634

Me and B

Monday, April 2 – Color

IMG 2638

I think I need more color with my workout wardrobe

Tuesday, April 3 – Mail

IMG 2646

dirty old mailbox

Wednesday, April 4 – Someone who makes you happy

IMG 2666

Obviously this little guy :)

Thursday, April 5 – Tiny

IMG 2681

Tiny little fingers

Friday, April 6 – Lunch

IMG 2615

The usual

Saturday, April 7 – Shadow

IMG 2704

B’s shadow

Sunday, April 8 – Inside your wallet

IMG 2718

money, cards, and a few mementos

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 3

I know this is a day late, I hope you enjoy the video!


I have seen this song challenge on many other blogs or facebook and twitter. The idea is to share a tiny bit of yourself by choosing a song. The idea is to choose a song every day, but for the purpose of the blog I am going to choose once a week.

The third day is a song that makes you happy. I picked Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. When I was young, I memorized this song and would sing it all the time. I still know all the lyrics. My sister and I play it at least 5 times on any road trip, it drives Nick crazy. I really wish Billy Joel would make an updated version. Enjoy!



Today’s Questions: What song always makes you happy?