Birchbox Review: Month 2, February 2012

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F0r $10 a month you receive 4-5 beauty products picked just for you!

IMG 1260

January’s box was my first so it didn’t have a theme. However February’s box was about focusing on yourself. The items were chosen to highlight the person using them and to give yourself attention, and frankly as a new mom this was something that I needed.

IMG 1264

From Left to Right.

1. Chuao Chocolatier – Spicy Maya ChocoPod

This chocolate at first wasn’t spicy, but if you waited a few minutes after your first bite and it hits you. It might have just been me because my tolerance for spicy is pretty low. But honestly, it just sat in my stomach and I felt poorly after. Not a fan. Full size $6

2. Birchbox Digital Download – Six free songs from Green River Ordinance

Green River Ordinance is an indie rock band, and I loved their music, I love discovering new artists or bands and this one sounds similar to one of my favorite artists. Great band.

3. beautyblender® – the original beautyblender®

The hot pink sponge helps you smooth out your foundation, so that you don’t need a lot or any touching up in photos. I use this everyday that I wear foundation. I use my brush to put on the foundation and then use the blender to smooth out any areas that look uneven. I think it makes a huge difference. I will be purchasing more of these when I need new ones. 2 pack $25.95

4. Jouer – Luminizing Moisture Tint

Like I have said before I have extremely dry skin, this moisture works wonders and adds a little glow to your skin! Full size $38.

5. EYE ROCK - Designer Liner

This is an item I haven’t used yet. These are perfect cat eye liners that you stick on your eyes. I haven’t had the opportunity to really glam it up, but next time I do, these are first on the list to use. 2 packs of 4 are $13.

6. Mineralogie® – Ultimate Cream Concealer

Another perfect pick for a new mom. This is a full coverage concealer that gets rid of under eye circles and any blemishes. This isn’t heavy like most concealers, I really loved it. Full size $16.

Convinced yet?

February Photo a Day, Week 4

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Friday, February 24 – Inside your bathroom cabinet

IMG 2262

We don’t actually have a cabinet so I took a photo of my makeup table in the bathroom

Saturday, February 25 – Green

IMG 2273

B’s favorite paci. I was on the go all day on Saturday and forgot to take a pic so I took one late

Sunday, February 26 – Night

IMG 2274

The night of B’s baptism

Monday, February 27 – Something you ate

IMG 2277

The best item from my foodie penpals box

Tuesday, February 28 – Money

IMG 2275

My wallet where I keep my money

Wednesday, February 29 – Something you’re listening too

IMG 2282

Watching Sex and the City after a very long day

Here is the list if you want to join the March Photo a Day

IMG 2209

February Photo a Day, Week 3

IMG 2061

Check out week one and week two.

Friday, February 17 – Time

IMG 2188
B had gotten up at 5 that day, so this is when we both took a nap

Saturday, February 18 – Drink

IMG 2210
One of my favorite beverages, Champagne

Sunday, February 19 – Something you hate

IMG 2213
Washing bottles. My hands are so dry that they crack and bleed sometimes.

Monday, February 20 – Handwriting

IMG 2218
Part of my to-do list for B’s baptism

Tuesday, February 21 – A fave photo of you

IMG 2219
No filter on this one. One of the best days of my life. I was actually so nervous (about walking down the aisle and not tripping) that I felt sick

Wednesday, February 22 – Where you work

IMG 2237
The boss’ office. He was taking a little nap so I couldn’t clean.

Thursday, February 23 – Your shoes

IMG 2259
We didn’t go out on Thursday so I never put on shoes. This is one of my favorite pairs of shoes. White chucks with hot pink piping.

February Photo a Day Week Two

IMG 2061

Check out week one.

Friday, February 10 – Self Portrait

IMG 2111
Trying on dresses for B’s Baptism

Saturday, February 11 – Makes You Happy

There were many things.

IMG 2118
An early morning hardcore sweaty workout

IMG 2119
Starbucks Splurge

IMG 2120
Party Animal

IMG 2125
Date night with the hubs

IMG 2126
Tasting wine flight

Sunday, February 12 – Inside Your Closet

IMG 2133
The shoes and purse section

Monday, February 13 – Blue

IMG 2136

I didn’t realize until we got inside the store that almost everything for B is blue. Stroller, Jacket & Bundleme

Tuesday, February, 14 – Heart

IMG 2155
B’s special VDay shirt. Mr. Snugglesaurus

IMG 2157
My valentine

Wednesday, February 15 – Phone

IMG 2183

Our house phone, which only gets telemarketers.

Thursday, February 16 – Something New

IMG 2174
B’s new toy from Aunt Caty

February Photo a Day Week One

I missed January, but really wanted to do the February Photo a Day Challenge.

6799325789 fb267cb33d

Wednesday, February 1 – View Today

IMG 1987
B and his milk beard

Thursday, February 2 – Words

IMG 2003
A photo from the collage my sister-in-law made. A few of us in Vegas for our bachelor/bachelorette trip

IMG 1999
Also, my favorite words from the Hunger Games series

Friday, February 3 – Hands

IMG 2016

B trying to pull up his playmate

Saturday, February 4 – a Stranger

IMG 2028
Stranger things have happened. Cleaning a microwave explosion and baking at 10 pm

IMG 2035
I took a real pic the next day, strangers at J.Crew.

Sunday, February 5 – 10 am

IMG 2033

B at 10 am, ready for the Superbowl

Monday, February 6 – Dinner

IMG 2048

Leftovers, brown rice and steamed veggies & chicken

Tuesday, February 7 – Button

IMG 2056

Intercom system in the condo

Wednesday, February 8 – Sun

IMG 2059

No sun, but no clouds. Beautiful winter day.

Thursday, February 9 – Front Door

IMG 2062

Condo doors are boring. In front of the door of my childhood home.