The 802

This weekend Nick was at a conference so I took B for the first time to my home state of Vermont. I don’t really travel home a ton, I don’t have a room at either of my parents, or a ton of friends that still live there, so it is usually easier for my parents and siblings to visit me. But I decided to be adventurous and take a trip by myself.

I made a few observations while on this trip.

Massachusetts drivers really are idiots. Not all of them, but a good majority, once I got about 45 minutes out of the city it turns into a 2 lane road, when someone passes you they get back in the right lane. Also no one rides your tail in the right lane. Well, one person did, but shocker they had MA plates.

There is nothing to do. Literally nothing, I wanted to go buy some local to VT goodies for my foodie penpals but everything was closed after 6 on Saturday and all day on Sunday. Whoops.

Except you can buy beer and wine in the gas station.
IMG 2710

Vermont really is beautiful.

IMG 2689
Don’t worry I wasn’t driving

I will never move back. As beautiful as it is, there are a multitude of reasons that I could never go back there, visiting is enough for me.

First, these driveways

IMG 2692

Dear Sister – please find a house with a normal driveway, thanks!

Second, I am not really nostalgic for the past. High School, with a few exceptions, wasn’t one of the best times of my life. Frankly, I would like to forget a large chunk of it.

Third, the closest mall is an hour away, and it’s not even great.

Fourth, after living in the city, I realize that’s just much more my speed. I like having lots of culture around me.

There are many more personal reasons, these are just touching the surface.

Do you live in your hometown? Would you want to?