Defending my Vices

I hear a lot of complaints about my favorite coffee place, Starbucks.

Logo via Starbucks

It’s too expensive, it’s too crowded, etc… Well, if you get just coffee it is the same cost as Dunkin Donuts, and tastes better in my opinion.

What I love the most though is the outstanding customer service. Before the baby was born, I would go to my local Starbucks every morning. I got to know the barista’s and they got to know me and my order, and no matter if it was 5:30 am or 9:00 am they were always happy and kind to the customers. Dunkin Donuts does not have that.

After I had the baby I hardly went to Starbucks. I wasn’t really leaving my house and I sucked it up and had my coffee at home. I went back a few times since the baby, but it must have been the second shift, because my usual baristas weren’t there.

Today, I stopped in while my mom was at my house spending quality time with baby b. Some of my favorite barista’s were there. As soon as they saw me they started asking me about the baby and how I was doing. They also requested for me to bring him in or at least pictures.

While some may not like their barista to be knowledgable about their life I find it comforting. I’d rather have a conversation with my barista then be ignored at another coffee place while the person behind the counter messes up my order and chats to his co-worker in their native language.

Some say a cup of coffee out once a day, five days a week is expensive. And while it does cost a lot if you add it all up, it is one of my only vices, and I think it’s worth it. Great customer service, great coffee and great food too.

Starbucks knows what they are doing, but they should step up their marketing in New England, because I would rather see a Starbucks on every corner then a Dunkin Donuts.

Today’s Question: Do you have a place that you frequent partially because of it’s stellar customer service?