Starting off the week with some marvelous things!

About a month ago, a high school teacher of mine started a campaign called 30 Days of Compliments. The idea was to compliment someone every single day for 30 days, it could be on Facebook, Twitter, a hand written letter, a phone call, etc… Not specific rules, just a way to remember (without it being a holiday season) to be grateful for the people in our lives.

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My family. I am grateful for them every single day. Nick who always supports my (sometimes foolish) ideas and makes me laugh and is a great day. B who turned my life upside down in the most amazing way, I can’t imagine my life without him.

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Siblings. My sister-in-law, her husband, my brother-in-law and my sister. They are amazing people, who always have our backs and are great aunts and uncles to B. Thank you for always being there.

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My dad & grandma. My dad went back to med school when I was in sixth grade, proof that if you want to make something happen you can. It’s never to late to follow your heart. My grandma who never lets anything stop her and is always on the go.

My mom. Who always listens, even when I am wrong, and who taught me the love of books.

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My in-laws. For always being there and always helping out, and for spoiling B rotten.

My trainer/great friend BZ and Amanda, for being my support system and pushing me beyond where I ever thought I could go.

One of my best friends, for acting silly with me, going out for beers because we need a break and for always having my back no matter what. Oh, and for starting my obsession with running.

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Blogging buddies, for not being too scared to meet IRL, to have playmates with our kids, for showing me new restaurants, and for talking to me when I am having a bad day…or a good one.

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My running coach, mentors and TNT teammates! I never would have been able to run a half-marathon without them.




To my Alpha Gams, especially my roommate, Corinne and big, Erin (sorry no photos none of them were appropriate ;)) for being such a huge part of my life. I wish we all loved footsteps away still.




To the 3 best guy friends a girl could have, and to our guardian angel, thanks for always keeping me on my toes.



To our friends and family for being supportive no matter what.

Who would you compliment?