Whole Foods Market: Melrose, MA

If you live in the Greater Boston area you probably heard about how Whole Foods acquired 6 Johnnie’s Foodmasters. I didn’t live here long enough to really get attached to Johnnie’s and I love Whole Foods, so for me it was a win.

When we moved from our condo to our house we were either going back to Medford or to Woburn to grocery shop, while I enjoyed the stores it could be a trek, especially if B was cranky. I did try shopping at our neighborhood chain but I was spending the same amount of money for products that were not as high quality.

Then I remembered that Whole Foods was coming to Melrose. Melrose is a few towns over, but in terms of mileage not very far at all. The store is located at 880 Main Street in Melrose, MA.

IMG 3615

Through my relationship with other area Whole Foods I was able to partake in a one-on-one tour of the new location. I want to start by thanking Heather, who is the Public Relations Manager for the North Atlantic Region, and Carrie, who is the Marketing Team Leader which is a community liaison, she handles the activities, social media, the giving back, etc…

Also, the store is opening July 24, that is tomorrow! They start with the traditional bread breaking ceremony at 9:45 am. Mayor Robert Dolan and the Store Team Leader both say a few words and they break a giant loaf of braided bread, that you can of course can sample, and then the store is open. Be a part of  the Whole Foods Market History! The community market’s version of a ribbon-cutting, the bread breaking ceremony has been held at the opening of every Whole Foods Market store in the world.

Before I give you information on the Melrose store, I want to give you some over all Whole Foods information. Some of it was new to me and I have been shopping at Whole Foods pretty exclusively for 4 years.

  • Any product can be sampled in the store. This applies to body, grocery, etc… If you come across a package of crackers that you aren’t sure about find a team member and they will let you sample the cracker. This applies to everything, cheeses, olives, etc… If you aren’t comfortable trying the item in the store, bring it home and try it, if you do not like it, bring it back. Whole Foods has a satisfaction guaranteed policy.
  • At any given time there are over 1000 items on sale, and if you follow Whole Foods Melrose on Facebook or Twitter you will notice they have Flash Sales in the stores, these sales are for things like fruit, veggies, fish, meat, etc..
  • There are over 80 items banned from Whole Foods stores, things like HFCS and aspartame to name a few. Going to our chain store trying to find a BBQ sauce without HFCS was like finding a needle in a haystack, Whole Foods definitely makes shopping a little easier.
  • Whole Foods offers more than organic items, they also offer conventional items, but those items are still high quality. To add to this, many think that Whole Foods is TOO EXPENSIVE, I know for our family I was spending the same at WF that I was spending at the nearest national grocery chain. A great example is this:

IMG 3580
Whole Foods EVOO is $5.99, pretty reasonable.

IMG 3581
If you want to try a higher end EVOO you can, for $24.99

There really is something for every budget.

Now for the tour and some information so you know what to expect when heading into Whole Foods Melrose for the first time, keep in mind some areas are still under construction and so my pictures are an accurate portrayal of what was going on before the opening.

The store is 31,000+ square feet and has 125 employees, 70% of which are Full-Time, FT for Whole Foods is 30 hours a week. They do this so that more employees are eligible for FT benefits.

IMG 3571

The produce department, empty at the moment, but it will soon be full of fresh fruits and veggies!

IMG 3572

Whole Foods has tons of signage throughout the store, like the above, that is telling you where an item comes from. All the stores have artists that create these signs, they are trained in a specific font and create these signs. Very cool!

IMG 3574

Check out this Bulk Bins area! This is probably the largest bulk bin area I have seen. Carrie told me that they plan on putting out booklets on how to cook the different items that you can buy in bulk. I know for me personally that I can become intimidated by a new to me item. Uh, hello Quinoa! By providing these booklets they are hoping that as consumers we can expand our cooking and even save money! This is also where you can buy your nut butters and they have 3 nut butter grinders, one plain peanut, one honey peanut, and the third is yet to be determined!

IMG 3576

As we move down the store we end up at the Fish Market & Butcher Shop.

All Whole Foods adhere to the MBA and BOI standards on all wild caught seafood so that customers can make informed decisions about the seafood they are purchasing.
The seafood is delivered to all the MA Whole Foods from Gloucester 6 days a week.

Now off to the Butcher Shop, it is a real butcher shop, the employees are experienced butchers, and if you don’t know how to cook a type of meat, any of the butchers would be willing to give you tips or recipes, so don’t be afraid to ask! The items (sausages, burgers, kabobs, etc…) are all made in store. The meat is labeled with the Animal Welfare Standards, 1-5, it is a way of knowing how your animal was raised before buying.

There are also freezer sections with seafood and meat, great places to pick up or stock up with items when you don’t want to go to the store!

IMG 3577

Next we see the Whole Body area. Heather was right on the money when she said those who work in Whole Body are some of the most passionate, their motto is “What goes on your body is just as important as what goes ON your body”. They even have swap out events, these events are free and you can swap out things like deodorants and toothbrushes for better ones from the Whole Body section.

IMG 3583

Here is the frozen section. They have local products, vegan products, frozen meals, etc…

IMG 3584

Milk, Eggs, Yogurt and Butter. All eggs are cage free and all milk is rBGH free.

IMG 3588

One of my favorite sections is the cheese! They have multiple kinds of cheeses, a charcuterie, and will have a pasta station. The pasta will be cut to order {edited the pasta will not be made in house, just cut in house}…and now you know where to find me on the days I am carb loading!

IMG 3584

You can find blocks and shredded cheeses pre-packaged!

IMG 3589

They also have wedges of cheese pre-cut, but if you need one smaller or larger they will cut it for you in the store.

IMG 3594

The empty antipasto bar!

IMG 3602

But again, running late to your party, grab some pre-packaged olives and be the star of the party!

IMG 3592

On to the bakery! Something new I learned was that even in the cakes and pastries baked at Whole Foods there are no artificial flavors or colors. If you custom order a cake with red or green frosting, they might use beets or kale to make the coloring, how cool is that?

IMG 3595

I’ve never seen this at a Whole Foods before, a bulk candy bin, but have no fear it is natural candy, again with no artificial flavors or colors. As a mom, I love this. Kids want candy sometimes and in moderation it is definitely okay. I would feel very comfortable letting my son get candy from here (well in a few years anyway).

IMG 3599

This is where you will find items that are for those who have allergies!

IMG 3600
The bread is made in a bakehouse in Medford, very local!

IMG 3605

In the prepared foods, they have a pizza area that has its own dedicated phone line, so you can call in your order, shop, pick up your pizza, pay and head home! They will also have baklava and barbari bread which is an Afghan flatbread. As well as sandwiches, Panini’s, and little crock dishes, like pot pies. The crock dishes will change based on what the chef decides to put out. Lastly, there will be the in-house made Kikka Sushi.

Of course there will be your traditional hot and cold bars. Breakfast will be on the bar from 8-10 am and then lunch & dinner options for the rest of the day.

IMG 3606

When you see the label “From Our Kitchens” that means the items were made in their larger kitchens in Everett, MA (again super local) and shipped to stores.

IMG 3609

Anytime you see the Health Starts Here sign, this is an indicator for those who are starting their healthy eating journey. These items are healthy options with no oil, minimal salt, no added sweeteners. There are also experts in the store that can help you make smart choices.

IMG 3612

Near one of the 7 registers there is a community calendar, you find store events as well as fun community events!

Whole Foods is also great at giving back, four times a year they have what is called “5% days” 5% of the stores daily total is given to a community charity that the Marketing Team Leader helps pick.

IMG 3607

On opening day, WF Melrose has picked 5 recipients to receive 1% of the day’s sales. Those recipients are: The Melrose Educational Foundation, The Mayor’s Melrose Emergency Fund, The Friends of the Aging Group, The Bingham Community Playground at the Lincoln School, and the Servant’s Heart Food Pantry. The register coupon for the first month will be for the Bingham Community Playground.

Each of these charities will have representatives on opening day at Whole Foods Melrose if you want more information.

I love that Whole Foods isn’t just about getting good food in our bodies, or products for our bodies, they are about being a part of the community in which they are located, and not just another chain grocery store.

Are you going to head down for opening day? What is your favorite thing about your local Whole Foods?