All Grown Up

This weekend was spent celebrating a very special lady. It was my Grandmother’s 85th 39th birthday.

But first, we decided B needed a haircut. He had a minor one right before his first birthday, Nick’s hairdresser tried cutting it but he freaked and it ended up uneven. So we took him to our local Snip-Its and they did a fabulous job. I mean look at this “during” shot.

My aunt got a private room at Cobblestones in Lowell. Between chasing around a toddler and catching up with family I don’t see nearly enough I didn’t get the opportunity to take a lot of photos.

Nick and I both started with a drink, we had spent all weekend trying to finish unpacking and organizing and start decorating the house. So we definitely deserved one. I had a glass of red wine, it was the house special, very similar to a pinot noir with sone fruit hints with a smooth finish, it was delicious. Nick ordered the vanilla bean manhattan, it had muddled vanilla beans and orange bitters, something right up Cait’s alley.

The table ordered a few appetizers of onion straws, buffalo wings and spinach & artichoke dip. I tried an onion straw and they tasted bland, I don’t think they seasoned the coating. I also had one of the wings, which were okay. B had about a half basket of bread and some fruit & veggie pouches.

For dinner, Nick and I ordered almost the exact same thing. We started with the garden salad our entree was the petite filet with crab cake, you could choose one sauce and one side. We both chose horseradish as a sauce and they served it on the side so you could use as much or as little as possible. For sides I chose the sea salt baked potato which came on a separate plate with chives, chopped bacon and sour cream in separate dishes. I really loved the fact that you could decide how much of each condiment you could use. Nick ordered the truffle fries, which B ate a good amount of.

After we all ate, my aunt brought out the cake she brought and we all tried it. It was a bit heavy for me but still very tasty!

After dinner & gifts we took a photo with my Grandma and all the grandkids and great grandkid (B)!

Its crazy how “grown up” we have become.

This is Caty and I with 3 of our cousins, before the two youngest were even born. We’ve come a long way…especially in the wardrobe department.

I am glad we were all able to celebrate such a special day and I hope we get to see each other more often!

What did you do this weekend?