4 Months, an update

I have been 4 months old for awhile now, but I just had my check-up.

I weighed in at 15 lbs 5 oz (50th percentile) and I am 26 inches tall (80th percentile). Mom says I’m lanky like a string bean. I’m even wearing, depending on the brand, anywhere from 6 – 9 month clothes and even some 12 month clothes.

The doctor said I could start cereal!

Photo 1

First I had to check out my new seat.

Photo 2

Then I had cereal for the first time.

Good news, I dig it.

This month we had our first ear infection, it stunk.

We figured out that when Daddy shows me his iPad, and Daddy puts it on garage band, that I can play music.

I also love listening to guitar with daddy and reading with mommy.

I have yet to roll over yet, but I am pretty close.

I also still prefer mom & dad’s room to mine and have only given them one night of solid sleep while I was in my crib.

I can’t wait for my first Thanksgiving!