Five Things Friday: Guilty Pleasure Edition

Today’s edition of Five Things Friday is brought to you by some of my guilty pleasures. I have no shame that these are things I enjoy!

1. Boy Bands. I have always had a love for boy bands, and I absolutely have no shame in it. In fact I will be going to the NKOTBSB concert 8 months pregnant. Nkotbsb promo photo oPt Source


2. The Scream movies. I am so excited that they are making a 4th movie. Nick doesn’t seem as interested. Scream 4 fan poster1 Source


3. CHOCOLATE. The fact that it is Easter season means Cadbury Creme Eggs, my absolute favorite. I have never been one of those who loves cadbury mini eggs, I love the big original fatty kinds. Cadbury Source


4. The Real Housewives series. Reality TV is probably my favorite genre, and I love the Real Housewives series the most. I secretly, well not so secret anymore, hope that they will do a Boston series. Real housewives2 620x241 Source


5. Fake Ugg Boots. I refuse to spend the amount of money that Ugg boots cost. I also think they kind of look like moon boots. My sister bought me a pair of fake ones for Christmas a few years ago and I bought some knee high ones from Nine West that were on super clearance. Being pregnant during the winter meant the only thing comfortable was leggings and boots.

Emu boots Source