A Fresh Start

I know you’ve probably read a hundred Christmas & New Year’s recaps coupled with another hundred resolution posts, so I promise I won’t add a lot to that stack.

IMG 3756

My goals for 2013 were to lose a certain amount of weight and to take 20 minutes off my half marathon PR. I was definitely on my way to the weight goal before I found out I was pregnant and after the miscarriage I pretty much just gave up. The PR also didn’t happen because the half was just too close to the miscarriage to feel comfortable running that many miles.

I don’t want to make huge resolutions, I never do really, but I especially don’t want to this year. The past week has been especially telling, after all the stressing of a miscarriage and no new pregnancy, I have been going a little crazy to say the least. A huge realization was when my stress ulcer flared up like crazy this weekend. The only other occurrence was last year when were moving out of our condo. On top of that I have been knocked on my ass the past 3 days with a pretty nasty cold. I’ve been to scared of irritating the ulcer to even take cold meds, so this has been super fun.

I must say though, Nick and my MIL have been pretty great throughout this whole thing. My MIL took care of B and Nick took care of me while we still in CT. Then we cancelled our NYE plans and headed back to Boston early, and Nick has been taking care of B while I have pretty much been camped out on the couch since we got home.

This has been a huge wakeup in listening to my body. I have been pushing myself in some aspects and taking breaks in other areas, and just not listing to what my body needs. Not enough sleep or sweat while I was away really didn’t help.

I am grateful for finding some great friends, and making some friendships even stronger, I am blessed to be able to sweat it out at some amazing places where the support systems are amazing. I don’t  think that I could ever put it in words how amazing Nick has been throughout these months, I am a very lucky woman.

I need 2014 to be a happier and healthier year for the whole family. And to thank all of you for being so great and sticking by my side during some very tough times in 2013 and for tho past THREE(!) years that I have had this blog, I have a great giveaway coming up next week!

I hope you all had a healthy and happy end of 2013!

2013 & January Joiners

I want to preface this post with something important. I wrote a post last year about “January Joiners” and my feelings haven’t changed, but since I have become more immersed in the Healthy Living community, I am sincerely SHOCKED, by the amount of professionals & fitness minded individuals in the field who are making rude Facebook and Twitter comments about these people. As a community we should be enveloping these people who are trying to change their lives, even if you only help one person become healthier, doesn’t that matter?

The good thing about my blogiversary being January 2 is that I only have to do one recap post, luck for all of us!

I didn’t even do a recap post of 2011, I mean it goes without saying that B was without a doubt the best part of the year. I did however make a what I want to do moving forward posts, but first, if you want a laugh, check out my very first post.

For my goals of 2012 post:


Well, I definitely think I became a better blogger, I was constant about posting at least 3 times a week, I however failed at the baking posts…I guess that is going to top this years list, don’t worry, I already have a plan.

Family & Friends

Well, I will always be striving to be a better mom & wife. I made a few solid real life mom friends, and many online mom friends. I have also tried extremely hard to let go of dead relationships, and maybe this year I will finally explain why that is so difficult for me. Patience, definitely still needs work.


I continued baking, but didn’t document a large majority of it. On this years agenda.


I talked about trying Crossfit and with the exception of HLS, I did not, still not in the budget, and I am not sure my heart is 100% in to it. I also never found any fitness classes that fit into our schedule and budget. Gripe: so many gyms do not let you take on a class by class basis, you need to go to a specialized studio like Zumba or Pure Barre, and those are also pricy, dang. I would at least like to try Zumba and Barre this year, there are a few studios nearby.


I failed. We did not travel somewhere new, B did not go in the pool :(, but I did enjoy myself at all the big events. Even if I had some issues with my self-esteem.

So what’s in store for 2013?

The only solid goals I have for the year are to lose 20 pounds and to shave 20 minutes off my half. They both take work and I am willing to work hard for both of them.

Guest Post: Taking a Look Back!

Today’s guest blogger is Nicole, we actually don’t live too terribly far from one another and we both ran with Team In Training for the Nike Women’s Marathon in October this year. Even though we were unable to meet I have been continuing to talk to Nicole and follow her blog. She is going to share with everyone her first year in the blogging world and where her journey has taken her.

Last Tuesday was my Birthday. Well, actually, it was my blogs 1st birthday.

This time last year, I published this post. Take a look at it. It’s not my best work but it is real.

Race Start
My very first race!

I wrote that because I was excited about this journey that I was on and I didn’t want to forget anything. I am notorious for being forgetful. I have traveled all over the world but can’t tell you every place I have been. Sad, right?

So, I sat down and started writing about how I felt about running and being a wife and mother. I wasn’t sure if anyone would read and at that time, I didn’t really care. Just wanted to have a journal that keep me motivated and accountable.

Before starting my blog, I didn’t even know what a blog was. I just googled the word “running” and tons of stuff came up. Things about shoes, races, GPS’s, and blogs. I clicked on the first blog, read through it and then looked for more.

I was motivated by these runners who had put it all out there and I felt the call to start Running While Mommy to motivate others as well.

I have come a long way since then. At that time, my longest distance was 4 miles. Since then I have run two half marathons and ten smaller races, plus one more this coming Sunday for a total of 13 races.

Run Strong, Think Big Virtual 5k. Thank you to those who participated!

I have also raised $3900 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and ran in honor of Haley which was one of the greatest experiences of my short running career.

IMG 0014
After my first half marathon with my biggest supporters.

2012 10 14 09 59 19
Mile 10 at the Nike Women’s Marathon

Wow! Honestly, I thought that once I finished the Newport Bridge race the first time that I would be done. Now, I plan to run it every year.

Newport Bridge Run, 2011

Newport Bridge, 2012

I have also lost 19 pounds since I started running. This I did not expect, but it is awesome. With the weight loss and the training, I have also hit 10 and change miles. I was a pretty consistent 12 minute mile pace runner and am now trying to PR at my last race of the year. My best 5k time to date is, 34:50. I think I can do it Sunday, although, I will be dressed as an elf and I just hope the costume doesn’t get in the way of that. LOL

And, by the way, I am not downing those who run at a 12 minute mile pace. I think any pace is great as long as you are moving and doing what you love to do. And, the longer I run, it seems the slower I go, so I know I will still see those numbers in my splits again.

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After a great run with the TNT group.

2012 07 27 16 58 52
The Blessing, my first 10 miler.

One of the other surprises this year, is how awesome the blogging/running community is. I have met friends virtually and in person who I absolutely love! And I wish I could meet all of you. You all have a special place in my heart. They are not the only people who have inspired me, so you can check out my blog roll and see all the amazing blogs that I follow.

I also have to give a huge shout out to my Tough Chiks and Sweat Pink Ambassadors. These ladies have been there for me through the good and the bad and I love every single one of them! I wasn’t sure how I would like being a part of an online community, but this works. It is motivating, I get great advice and have made a few friends. Who knew!?

So how does one celebrate their blogs birthday? Well, with a run of course! Just a quick one, two miles.

I had some struggles with my run today. My GPS was not working and after the first mile, my Pandora stopped also. Plus, it was drizzling. The drizzle is usually not a problem but I was without my favorite running hat which would have kept the drops off my glasses. Not being able to see, was the turning point for me.

But despite all that, I had a great time reflecting about this last year and how far I have come. I also thought about so many of you and how far you have come. The motivation, the advice and the pics we share with each other is why I am looking forward to another year of Running While Mommy.

IMG 0356
Happy Birthday Run

I hope you will continue to read and run and share your experiences with me. I love hearing from you and cheering you on.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and kind words.

Happy Birthday Running While Mommy! Here is to many more!

Run Strong, Think Big!