Year of Baking: Joy the Baker’s Chocolate Bourbon Banana Bread

I hope you got the opportunity to read my first week of baking in 2013!

For week two I have switched gears, another cookbook that I love is Joy the Baker. Blogger turned cookbook author, perfect.

So I decided to bake her Chocolate Bourbon Banana Bread, I am not going to post the recipe, but in addition to the book she has many banana bread variations on her blog.

I picked this recipe because Nick loves Bourbon and I love chocolate

My first issue, I think, was that it was a tad undercooked and the bread ended up fallen in once it cooled. Sad.

The other issue, for me, was that I don’t really like bourbon, and the bourbon flavor in this bread is strong. Not you are going to get drunk strong, more like the flavors will come out strong, so make sure you use a good bourbon, oh and make sure you like bourbon.

I obviously only had Nick taste-test this bread, sorry B, and while he liked it, it wasn’t a stand out dish. I think I will try it again, but without the bourbon, maybe I will try a different liquor, an irish cream perhaps?

Have you ever baked a boozy bread? Did you like it?

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