The Great Debate: Gender Reveal Parties

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Let me preface this post and say I AM NOT pregnant. This post idea was sparked by a conversation I had with Nick, my sister-in-law and her husband.

IMG 0120
A bump throwback

Maybe, I didn’t notice, but I don’t think that when I was pregnant that gender reveal parties were a huge thing. I feel like with the boom of pinterest, came the boom of other things, pressure for the DIY wedding, to become the perfect parent doing all the things, and of course, gender reveal parties.

I like the idea of gender reveal parties. I think it is a cute way to include friends and family in your pregnancy, or to have some suspense in your pregnancy, even just for a little while.

So what exactly is a gender reveal party? It’s a gathering where you have friends and family somewhere and reveal the gender of your baby in a fun way. Some people send the information to a bakery (without knowing themselves) and the bakery makes a cake and you cut into it and the inside is either pink or blue. Or you can go the DIY route and make cake pops!

Another common and frugal idea I have seen is to fill a box with balloons, a kite or lanterns and the color is either pink or blue, you open the box and let them fly out and reveal the gender that way.

The last is to fill a pinata, boxes, or something of that nature with either pink or blue glitter and let it fall over the parents-to-be heads. (One of my fabulous mom friends told me about this one!)

Of course you can play lots of games at the party and make your guests guess the gender. There are multiple ways to do this, I polled some mom friends and there suggestions include, having guests wear clothes the color of what they thing the gender is. You can have those guessing girl wear a hair bow and those guessing boy wear a fake mustache. Or you can do something super simple and just have a chalk board and tally the guesses.

Personally, I think that gender reveals are cute. I hate suspense and always want to know right away about everything (this includes Christmas presents) so I think that a gender reveal would be a nice way to bring that suspense. I would probably have a cake made or something along those lines. Nick however, thinks they are stupid.

So here is where you chime in. Gender reveal parties: love em or hate em?

The Tank

Life is about to get real crazy!

IMG 4418
Please ignore the grass issue and orange cone.

This is our new house, at least it will be on Monday. We had a pretty frustrating search, of finding something to meet all our requirements, and we happened to come up on this new construction house. It was early enough that we were also able to customize a good chunk of it.

However, this all means that this little blog of mine is going to take a backseat for a week or two, because we will have no internet for awhile so that I can unpack. I will have some great guest posts for you and hopefully I will have some posts written in advance.

But until then, we have been spending time with our friends. We LOVE trivia, and the Hooters near Nick’s parents has trivia weekly, so of course we went.

IMG 4484
Meet the Tank.

I did not participate in the drinking of this, because I was recovering from a cold and because it was Coors Light…enough said.

Hooters actually has pretty decent salads, so I got my usual chicken salad but I also indulged in one of my favorite things.

IMG 4483
Fried Pickles. I actually hate regular pickles, but love fried pickles.

We did horrible in trivia, but it is always nice to see our Connecticut friends and spend time together, it doesn’t happen nearly enough.

Earlier this week B and I also took a trip to the money suck known as Target.

First – the Neiman Marcus collection is so underwhelming. The little girls dresses are gorgeous, but other than that, meh.

I did find this gem though…
IMG 4479
Trying to decide which lucky girl gets. Fight it out ladies.

IMG 4480
B hates the top part of the cart, so finally I allowed him to sit in the base part. For only about 5 minutes, and then he refused to get out. Apparently the base part is the fun part?

Also, I think it’s important to note that I got out of Target spending only $40 and only purchasing ONE thing that I wasn’t planning on buying.

Today, I am taking B to see Santa, I didn’t do it last year so I am not sure how he is going to react.


As this post goes live, Nick and I are trying to hastily pack the last-minute items we NEEDED until the last minute (I mean as long as Sandy passes quickly and without much fanfare) while making sure B doesn’t toss any items, like keys or wallets, into a box that is going into storage for an undetermined amount of time.

IMG 2059

I love(d) our condo, it was our first home as a married couple, the first home we purchased. The first home where I felt we weren’t living like post-college still wish we were in college adults. You know, plastic beer bong tables in the kitchen, etc… (currently that table is in the garage, we are parents that still have fun

Time is Love

Today’s post is most definitely inspired by this song.

It’s so hard sometimes to not get hurt by stupid things that have happened in my life, but I have to remember there are so many good things that are going on. I have had a lot of negativity regarding my Nike half, which is pretty disappointing. So in order to not let it get me down, I am making a list of things that are great lately.

I’ve been sort of MIA since we are packing up our condo and we are moving.

IMG 4100
1. Cabinets are empty so B has started hiding his toys in them. I love opening the cabinet and finding clifford, blocks, pacifiers and water cups.

IMG 4129
2. I’ve received a few new products to try, the first being this Uncle Sam cereal.

IMG 4131
I am really excited to test out this! The Kona Kase is such an awesome concept, I have been slowly testing out all the products, so I will have that up for you soon!

IMG 4008
Yurbuds, I have been testing these out, and so far, love them. I will have a review of these for you too!

IMG 4126
4. Family – B & Uncle Chris.

IMG 4069
Sister & I

IMG 3992
The husband & I at the Patriots game.

Love is what really matters, I need to forget about the hate.

So What! Wednesday

I am linking up with Shannon for another round up of So What! Wednesday.

This week I am saying so what if…

❊ I threw out B’s extra leftover cake, I’ll thank myself later.

❊ I cried while making B’s one year recap video.

❊ I am looking forward to spending time at home, it feels like it’s been forever since I have spent an entire 7 day week here.

❊ I bought the husband a birthday gift, and then felt guilty about spending the money.

❊ I got over it. It’s an amazing gift.

❊ I put my baby in muscle shirts in the heat, he looks adorable.

IMG 3336

What are you saying So What! to this week?

B’s Birthday Party

As you all know B turned one last monday, we waited until this past weekend to have his birthday party so that most of our immediate family could attend.

I am going to write real posts about all the aspects that went into this party, but I wanted to share some photos from our weekend!

IMG 2528
my mother-in-law and B at lunch

IMG 2546
oh hey mom

IMG 2565
Love this photo. 2 sets of great grandparents and 2 sets of grandparents, one very lucky little boy.

IMG 2569
the only family photo..

IMG 2579  Version 2
B and my dad

IMG 2574  Version 2
B and Aunt Caty

IMG 2582  Version 2
B and his godparents

IMG 2592  Version 2
B and my sister and her boys

IMG 2595
Imitating Uncle Chris.
IMG 2596

IMG 2600
B and his first cake

IMG 2613  Version 2
Birthday cake

IMG 2614
Cupcakes, recipe coming soon!

IMG 2624
While trying to take a family pic B reached over and stuck is hand in the cake

IMG 2655
Opening one of his gifts in his adorable hat from his godparents

IMG 2661
Yay! Maracas

It was a wonderful day spent with our amazing family!

So What! Wednesday

I am linking up with Shannon for another round up of So What! Wednesday.

This week I am saying so what if…

❊ I was going to make a lot of cakes for B’s birthday party, but instead I ordered one for the adults and I am making his smash cake.

❊ I am not crafty enough to make crazy party decorations, and bought most of my stuff.

❊ There might be more desserts then lunch items at the party.

❊ Nick had to put a spending limit for birthday gifts because I have no self-control when it comes to my baby.

❊ I am in denial that my baby is one.

IMG 2425


I had a really long post planned for this day, but I cannot form the words as eloquently as I would like. And frankly, maybe its best that way. I think most of my words are best to be said to B when he is older.

At 5:44 am, B turned one. I can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday we had the hospital stay(s) from hell.

A9ff66cd f4b9 47ac a54c 9b670a6fa1f0 3


IMG 2293  Version 2

9 days ago

He has turned into such a little man with an amazingly funny personality.

He loves to laugh, he loves to hear mom and dad laugh too.

He is learning to walk, I don’t think it will be too long before he is walking on his own.

He still doesn’t have any teeth, definitely still thinking that he will just get adult teeth

10 Months

B is officially 10 months old today. I cannot believe how much he looks like a toddler instead of a baby.

He’s now cruising pretty good, he follows me around the house like crazy. He is pulling himself up on furniture.

He is eating great, he doesn’t seem to have any aversions and will pretty much eat whatever I give him. He LOVES blueberries and mango!

Unfortunately we still have zero teeth. I am starting to think they’ll never come in haha.

And now some gratuitous baby b photos!

IMG 1925

He loves books

IMG 1932

Trying to grab mommas camera

IMG 1939

singing into our microphone

IMG 1942

mom, I have places to go!

IMG 1976

following momma down the hallway

April Photo a Day, Week 3

IMG 2437

Check out weeks one and two.

Tuesday, April 17 – Something you don’t like

IMG 2781

warm water & chipped nails

Wednesday, April 18 – Hair

IMG 2791

I wish I had shorter hair again

Thursday, April 19 – Orange

IMG 2796

Orange spoon and yogurt face

Friday, April 20 – Something you drew

IMG 2820

Draw Something game with Caitlin, I know your jealous of my skills

Saturday, April 21 – Bottle

IMG 2823

I want to bottle this up

Sunday, April 22 – The last thing you bought

IMG 2825

Tank from Lululemon

Monday, April 23 – Vegetable

IMG 2830

Roasted Asparagus, yum