Last race of 2012: Jingle Bell 5k

Moving and the holidays got away from me so I didn’t get the chance to blog about my last race of 2012.

Pro Compression and Team Sparkle Skirt to help me run fast!

I ran the Jingle Bell 5k, the same course as my first postpartum race.

I had taken a significant amount of time off after the half-marathon in October. As soon as I got back to Massachusetts, I had to pack up the rest of our condo and we moved to Connecticut temporarily. We had originally thought we’d only be there a few weeks, but as it always does, house process didn’t go the way we thought it would and we were in CT for six weeks. Most days it was too cold to take B for a walk (we had packed most of our stuff in storage including some stroller gear), so I ended up getting a temporary gym membership.

Again, life doesn’t go as planned, and after suffering a stint in the ER every workout was stopped when I felt my ulcer flaring up, it was frustrating, as I was getting into the groove with my run or weights workout I would start to feel pain and I would have to stop. I didn’t want to make the situation worse but I didn’t want to lose my momentum either.

As I was overall starting to feel better, we were moving back to MA. The first weekend back was my last 5K of the year. It is a great course and I was doing the race with friends, I was excited, and grateful for the ability to go blow off some steam during the middle of the move. I will admit I was nervous, I hadn’t done a real run outside in weeks, I hadn’t raced since October, and it was cold and windy that day.

_Before I left for the race

I met up with my friends and we took fun pics and watched all the fun costumes while we waited to start. The first mile was great, lots of crowd support, a bit of an incline, but I was able to keep my pace around 11 minutes, not bad for not racing in 2 months. The second mile was the worst, there was an insane amount of head wind and it was freezing. The saving grace was the local HS Girls Cross Country team manning the water station, they were yelling and screaming, it was hard to not catch their enthusiasm and smile. I definitely hit a mental block and when my hip started feeling off I took a few walk breaks, 90 seconds run 30 seconds walk, only until I got to the last hill. The course is near our old condo and apartment so I know the area. Once I got to the hill a group tethered together as reindeer carrying santa and a sleigh were close behind, I couldn’t let them beat me. So I picked it up and ran up the hill and took a small walking break at the top, and stretched out my hip. Then ran to the finish.

Crossing the finish line!

I PRed on the course by 5 minutes, and I am really excited by that.

So what is in store for 2013. Ideally I would love to complete 13 races in 2013. I ran 7 in 2012 and I only ran 2 between January and June. I can totally step it up. So far I have 2 half-marathons that I would love to run, one in May and one in September. Other than that I am open, what are your favorite races in the New England area?

High Five Friday

I am finally linking up with Meg for High Five Friday to celebrate others successes, achievements and abilities for the week!


We all know what I would high five myself for, finishing my first half-marathon, all my complaining and frustrations aside, I am super proud of myself. I also made my fundraising minimum for Team In Training! Woohoo.

IMG 3874

I want to give a high five to a few people this week.

First to Kierston and Nicole for completing their first half-marathons. What a great accomplishment!

One of my favorite blends, Caitlin, for her one year blogiversary. I can’t believe she has only been blogging for a year. She is a wonderful person and I am so honored to have met her and gotten to know her these past few months!

Give some love to Lisa, she recorded her first blog, and I have to say I think it was great. I still have yet to get over my nervousness so props to her!

Madeline ran her first 5k and rocked it, actually her entire family did well!

Last, but certainly not least to my hurricane, Heather, for attempting the Spartan ULTRA Beast, while she did not finish, she most definitely is an inspiration and hero to me, I don;t think I would have the guts to even sign up and she was phenomenal. Show her some love!

Who are you high-fiving this week?

Fitness Friday: race goals & an update

I am excited to say I have 3 races registered for! I have a 4th on the maybe list, but I am waiting to hear if a few friends want to run it together.

I have registered for:

Color Me Rad 5k

May 26, Hartford, CT

Team Cupcake Kelly’s if you want to join.

I am running with one of Nick’s cousins and persuaded Nick to run as well.

31 2

The Color Run

July 28, Amesbury, MA

My trainer’s fiancé put together a team, and I can’t pass up a fun run. I did the Spartan Race at this location and I don’t love it, in fact I kind of hate it. However, I was at my lowest weight pre-pregnancy when I raced then and I wasn’t as dedicated about getting my workouts in. I want to see how much I have improved with this course.

CRgraphicgallery 150x150

The Warrior Dash

September 22, Willington, CT

A few friends from CT are running this race, so I decided to join them. I have done a Spartan Race so I sort of know what to expect, I hope. Like I said, I can’t pass up a fun run.

431568 10150633845689394 56874329393 8786211 131600124 n

My goals are to have fun and for the MA Color Run, to PR my previous time. I also want to find an October 5k, to PR at.

Body Update

In my race recap I was pretty down on myself about my performance, but I have to remind myself that my body is now a completely different machine than it was 2 years ago.

In general, I have been feeling bad about my body and weight loss. I eat really well, I am always within my calorie allotment and I have been working really hard.

I forgot to do measurements last month so we will count this as month 3 check in.

Check out my 1st month update

Weight – down 14 pounds which brings me to a total of 21 pounds!

Right Arm – down .78, total down .78 inches

Hips – down 1.18 inches total of 3.08 inches

Waist – down .4 inches, total of 3.5 inches

Right Calf – down 1 inch, total of 1.6 inches

Right Thigh – down .5 inches, total of 1 inch.

Seriously, I don’t get why I am so down on my self. I am clearly doing awesome. I will post pictures of the end of February and April (since both will have me very dressed up, and won’t be iPhone photos) just to see the difference.

It’s clear that my upped running, Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp and increased intensity of workouts with my trainer are paying off. My next goal is to lose 25 pounds by my sister-in-law’s wedding. From these stats it will be a little less than 3 months. I think this goal is definitely within my reach!

Thursday Things: loving my life

I am linking up with Averie for Thursday Things.

Life is pretty good right now, no complaints from me.

1. I signed up for another 5k. Hopefully there will be at least one before this, however this one is pretty awesome. It is the Color Me Rad 5k. Seriously take the 2 minutes to watch the video, that alone will put a smile on your face. I am running the race on May 26, in Hartford CT. I can’t run the Boston race because of conflict. However if you want to run the CT race and join my team (Cupcake Kelly’s) let me know!

Also, whoever runs the Color Me Rad twitter is hilarious.

Just do yourself a favor and sign up, if you don’t have fun I will buy you a beer.

And this is the inspiration video they posted:

2. Blogging Friends.

I never would have though that I would have met people that I have a ton in common with and talk to on a regular basis, or other moms who are looking for mom friends through my blog. But I did. I have met some wonderful women through my blogging and I am so grateful for that.

Last week we had a playmate with Colleen and her son Lyle who is 5 weeks younger than B. It was a beautiful date and I had a great time. I hope Colleen and Lyle did too! I hope once the weather gets back to being beautiful we can have more of these. Especially when the boys are older and more able to interact with one another.

IMG 2527

I also have made a great friend with Caitlin, a foodie and fitness blogger who of all places lives 15 minutes away from Nick’s family. She wrote this great post about blogging friends, and I might be a bit biased since she mentions me, but I have to agree with her, blogging has brought so many more benefits than I ever anticipated. And whole Cait and I have yet to meet, it will happen ASAP since I am in CT so often.

3. I am still grateful for my real life friends and family. Many of them have been my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to running and blogging, and I am eternally grateful for that.

4. I am grateful for such a happy baby. Even when he is sick he is in high spirits.

IMG 2562

IMG 2568

I also opened one of his Christmas toys that we had no room for so we had put in the closet until we needed a new toy, well because every sick baby deserves a new toy :)

5. Somedays I think I should have been a party or wedding planner. I am enjoying putting together my sister-in-laws bachelorette. That’s all I can say since she might read this.

What things are you loving about your life lately?

Fitness Friday: The Year of the 5k

I am declaring this the year of the 5k. I want to focus on becoming faster in this distance, and hopefully running a 10k by the end of the year. Like usual, my spring and summer weekends are almost all booked. So I have picked a few races, depending on where I am in New England, that I want to do.

I am hoping to do at least one a month, if not 2. I would love company for any of these races, or if you know of a race that’s fantastic let me know!


April is hard because Nick has a conference, Easter and my sister-in-laws Bridal shower, all 3 different weekends.

• Sunday, April 1 – 9 am

o Run for the Troops 5k

o Andover, MA

o $25

• Saturday, April 28 – 10 am

o Glastonbury River Run

o South Glastonbury, CT

o $25


May is pretty free so far. I really want to do the color me rad 5k, but would love to do it with someone!

• Saturday, May 5 – 10 am

o Boston Marine Corps Honor Run 5k

o South Boston, MA

o $28

• Sunday, May 6 – 1 pm

o Spring Fever 5k

o Newburyport, MA

o $20

• Saturday, May 26 – 9 am

o Color Me Rad 5k

o Hartford, CT

o $35


I can’t find any races for June, ugh. The first weekend is the Greek festival my husband plays at ever year. Then I have my sister-in-laws bachelorette and her wedding. If you know of any races in MA or CT let me know!


I’d LOVE to do the Take the Lake 5k since it’s my PR course, but I have to be in CT that weekend, so I don’t think I would make it.

• Sunday, July 15 – 8:30 am

o Take the Lake 5k

o Wakefield, MA

o $20

• Saturday, July 28 – 9 am

o Scottish Rite Freemasons 5k tun to benefit children with dyslexia

o Newington, CT

o $15


I could only find one race in August, but it’s on the same course as my PR so maybe this will be a good substitute for the actual race.

• Sunday, August 5 – 8:30 am

o Mystic Runners Swimsuit Classic

o Wakefield, MA

o $20


I have both friends and family members doing the Warrior Dash in CT. I have done the Spartan Race in the past and would love to do this race.

• Saturday, September 22 – waves from 9 -3

o Warrior Dash CT

o Willington, CT

o $50 – $75


Because I can’t think of a reason not to :)

• Saturday, October 13 – 8 am

o ING Hartford Marathon 5K

o Hartford, CT

o $25

Any of these races interest you? Join me! Or do you have any suggestions? Send them my way!

Running with the Devil

When it comes to running, I will definitely call myself unexperienced and new. For as long as I could remember, I HATED running.

I believe part of it directly stems from the fact that our women’s soccer teams in high school were picked on who could run the fastest and the most amount of mileage. This always made me angry, I am by no means the best soccer player, but I had some decent skills. I never believed that this was the best strategy for decided Varsity from JV, and the records showed. Our JV 2 team, the “freshman” team had a better record than the Varsity team almost every year. However, the stigma of running carried with me after high school. I would go for the occasional slow jog, but running, count me out.

Fast forward to the end of college and the planning of my wedding, I decided it was time to get my butt in shape and to work out regularly. I met with a personal trainer and developed a healthy eating and exercise plan that worked for me. Two years into this plan, I finally registered for a 5k race, my first race.

I decided to run the Vision 5k, a race for a cause close to my heart and a location close to my house. I ran the race with my sister-in-law. It was the first race we ever ran, and I definitely struggled. The race started at 11 am, which I now realize is extremely late, it was almost 90 degrees and and humid. BUT we finished, not without some pushing for sure, but I accomplished my goal.

IMG 0159

I decided to run another race that summer and registered for the Take the Lake 5k in July. The race started much earlier and had a much flatter course. I had a PR of 2 minutes and was extremely proud. That was it for 2009.

I decided to up the race schedule for 2010, and to not just include 5k’s but also fun races. I would still be running but I wanted something fun if I was going to race in Boston in the summer.

The first race of 2010 was the CitySolve Urban Race. Our team of 3 races around the North End and Fenway areas of Boston, getting clues and taking pictures. It was hard but it was definitely fun! Our team would have qualified for Nationals in any other city with our team, but Boston was super competitive and we didn’t make the cut.


My second race of 2010 was the Vision 5k again. I ran with my trainer/friend, one of my best friends and my dad. My dad is also on a impressive weight loss journey and he and I decided to have a little father-daughter competition. He beat me by 45 seconds. I blame the heat, even worse than last year, and the tequila from my birthday celebrations the night before. I don’t have any pictures from this great day unfortunately. But I will say the Vision 5k has the best 5k race in the Boston area. If you can do it, you should!

In June of 2010 I also ran the Great Urban Race, again a trio of us, answering trivia clues and running all over Boston! Trivia + Running = FUN. Oh, and our theme for this race was 80’s wear. We even got sweet snap bracelets.


The next race, wasn’t a real race, but so much fun. And a great break from all the training I was doing. The Great Boston Beer Marathon. Free Shirts, Viking helmets, etc… and 26 bars with free admission all day. Best race decision all summer. While we definitely did not make all 26 bars, we had great fun trying! Check out my sweet gear for this race:

IMG 0011

My last race of the season was in August. This was the doozy, The Spartan Race. The course was extremely tough. I ran the race with 3 friends, one of which runs marathons, and even he had to stop and walk because the hills were so intense. This race was my proudest accomplishment. Trail running, all of which was mostly uphill, plus 12 obstacles. Two of these obstacles were walls, a set of 4 foot walls and an 8 foot wall. At my height of 4’11” I feared these walls from the moment I registered. But I conquered them and all the other obstacles and have never been more proud of myself for overcoming my fear and doing something scary.

IMG 0977

IMG 0975

My only racing medal: IMG 0971

Now here it is 2011 and I have not signed up for any races. I had big plans of training and completing my first half-marathon and of course the Vision 5k and Spartan. Being pregnant has put all those on hold for the moment, and even though I miss it and wish I could race, this pregnancy is more than worth it. I will be back to conquer you both in 2012, and hopefully that half-marathon goal will be completed as well.


Today’s Question: Have you ever ran a race you were terrified of? How did you feel afterwards?