The Second Trimester and Gender Reveal!

I am more than a few weeks into the second trimester, and I truly feel like this pregnancy is flying! I didn’t announce here, but some of you may have seen on Instagram


We are having a GIRL! I am so incredibly excited!! I would’ve been happy regardless, but it will be nice to have a little girl and a little boy in our house! Also, the addiction to buying girl clothes is real. I have had to put my self on clothes buying ban until she is born.

This pregnancy has been vastly different from what I remember with B1. I definitely felt like by the second trimester the exhaustion wasn’t as bad as it was in the first, but I guess I wasn’t chasing after a 3-year-old.


Typical dinner shenanigans

I had a lot of sciatic pain with B1, and it has been touch and go this pregnancy, but of course I have had other aches and pains and almost fainted in Whole Foods the other morning. That was scary, but apparently also completely normal. From what my doctor told me standing still for an extended amount of time (in the shower, long church services, a long deli line…) can cause your BP to drop and leave you feeling faint, it was scary, but now I know how to make sure that never happens again.

I also have felt the second trimester hunger kick in. When I grocery shop I don’t vary from my usual stuff, but as soon as I get hungry nothing I have prepared sounds good. I have been eating a lot of egg sandwiches, homemade chicken salad, chicken sausage, and salad. I really really wish it was watermelon season, because I could probably eat an entire one every day and be very happy.


My new favorite sticky socks! I am back at Pure Barre regularly. It’s been great to see everyone and the staff has been so helpful with modifications, as I have continued to grow, some things that felt fine even a week ago feel uncomfortable now so it is nice to have someone show me other exercises that work with what the rest of the class is doing.

Even though she is due the same month as B the maternity clothing is completely different. I lost 20 pounds due to severe sickness with B so I was in regular clothes, mostly workout clothes if we are being honest, until week 30. So most of my maternity clothes are dresses and shorts and tank tops, I had a few cardigans and one pair of maternity jeans, and that was it for maternity clothes. I am going to write another post on what I’ve been wearing in every day and for workouts, but it has been crazy how different my body is this pregnancy. I am carrying baby girl MUCH lower than I carried B, and I started showing much earlier this pregnancy.

I also started feeling kicks much earlier this pregnancy, and I LOVE it. Somedays it feels like she is stomping on my bladder, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Were your pregnancies very different or similar? 

14 thoughts on “The Second Trimester and Gender Reveal!

  1. I’m so excited it’s a girl :) I can’t wait to snuggle her. Happy to hear you’re back at PB regularly and enjoying it! I’m glad you have the fainting thing under control…and I’m not at all surprised that you’re more tired this time around seeing as B1 is definitely an active little guy. Miss you! XO

    • The faintness has been mostly under control and I have been back to the dr about. Basically the closer I get to getting into the 3rd trimester the better it should get. ALMOST THERE!

  2. Congratulations on your baby girl! LOVE the announcement. Actually, I just love baby girl clothes in general :) I’m just coming into the 3rd trimester so we aren’t that far apart! We didn’t find out the gender but my hunch is it’s a girl… just a hunch though. I’m doing everything I can to not buy those adorable little girl leggings, dresses, headbands with flowers… etc. Boys rock, but girls have so many outfit choices!

    I’m totally with you in being more tired with pregnancy #2! My son just turned 2 years old (today!) and I think chasing him has really drained me. Morning sickness was way worse this time – kinda why I’m thinking we’re having a girl – and I have been measuring a few weeks ahead with this pregnancy.
    Amy @

    • Totally adding your blog to my feedly so I can keep updated on your journey! Girl clothes are so hard to resist, I am now on a self-imposed budget ha. My morning sickness was the total opposite, incredibly awful with my boy and regular awful with my girl haha. I hope you start to feel mostly good soon, and hopefully get some rest ;)

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