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Stitch Fix

My last Stitch Fix was pretty on point, my stylist nailed my style, but all the pieces didn’t fit right, or I had something similar in closet already.

I scheduled a second Fix for the begining of June, mostly because my 30th birthday is in the middle of the month and I wanted to see if I could find something special to wear for a pretty big day. When I wrote my review for my first fix I received an email from Kate at Stitch Fix, so I was super impressed with their customer service.

I made a note to the stylists that I wanted something fun for my 30th birthday, I love maxi dresses and skirts, I also requested no jeans. I wrote that I own a lot of pinks and blacks and while I love those colors I wanted to expand my wardrobe.

As soon as I opened my box and saw the Stitch Fix cards I was kind of disappointed. The stylist included a dress that was knee length. I noted on the first fix that it was too short for easy comfortable movement when chasing a toddler around. If it was dressy enough for a wedding I would consider it, but it was not flattering on the hips/stomach.

41Hawthorn Apollo Sleeveless Geo Print Sheath Dress – $68

41Hawthorn Apollo Sleeveless Geo Print Sheath Dress

I love the price point, but again the color is just another black dress in my closet, and the material felt a bit to heavy for the summer.

Kensie Jeans Johnny Skinny Jeans – $88

I didn’t even take a picture of these as they are very similar to the jeans that I received in my last fix, and the fit was the same, tight and not flattering. I am not against paying a decent amount of money for jeans, ¬†but they better look great on me.

Papermoon Taylor V-Neck Graphic Print Tank – $48

Papermoon Taylor V-Neck Graphic Print Tank

I love the color and style of this tank, but I am not sure it is super flattering? Nick liked it, B liked it, what do you think? It probably doesn’t help that I am wearing a sports bra instead of a strapless. This isn’t something that I would pick out on my own, but now that I see it on, I do think it is a great style for my body.

41Hawthorn Bryan Short-Sleeve Open-Front Cardigan – $42

41Hawthorn Bryan Short-Sleeve Open-Front Cardigan

I do think that this is a cardigan that I would wear, probably because I have one very similar to this in my closet, just the sleeves are 3/4 length. I am definitely going to pass on this one. If It was a color other than black white and gray.

Market and Spruce Dicaprio Layered Mixed Material Knit Shirt – $54


My stylist wrote that she included this because I like gray and pink. That was sort of frustrating since I specifically said I wanted to get out of that rut. That being said the shirt looks terrible on me. I love the color blocking, but the pink was flowy and the gray part was fitted. I felt like unless I was very slender this wouldn’t look great no matter my size, girls got curves. The price is also a bit high for a t-shirt.

I am going to give Stitch Fix (referral link) another try, because I think the potential is there. I am hoping that they will nail it for an awesome outfit for B’s 3rd birthday.

What do you think? Should I keep the green tank?

23 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #2: June 2014

  1. I agree with Lindsay. Perhaps another try to get you what you’re really looking for. With the tank…I always go by how I feel in it. If I don’t feel comfortable in it then it is going to sit in my closet!

    • I ended up sending the tank back. I loved the front, but I was eh on the back, which means it would stay in my closet. I am giving them one more try!!

    • Right!? Luckily, they responded well to my email and they are making it up to me, I am very grateful for that!

  2. The green tank looks great from the front, but a little snug through the back. Is it comfortable? Maybe try it with a better bra and see how it feels? I’d be unhappy that they totally ignored your request.

    • I tried it again, not as snug, but not my favorite, so it went back. I contacted Stitch Fix and they are remedying the problem!

  3. i just got my first stitchfix shipment last week and they almost completely ignored my requests. i want tops with prints or patterns and 3 out of 4 were solids. but when i reviewed them on my blog, they quickly sent an email. wish they were reading our requests as well as they read our blogs.

    • I saw your post, and I was bummed for you. My first fix was so good, that I had high expectation. I learned to leave very detailed notes on specific items that I want. I am giving them a third try because I love the idea of stitch fix!

  4. To be honest I’m not crazy about any of these things. I know you’re considering the shirt that Nick likes, but I don’t think it’s the cutest especially for the price and I have seen you in your own clothes that look way better on you and are cuter than any of these! I wasn’t that into Stitchfix when I did mine plus everything is just too expensive for this cheapo.

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