Weekly Updates: 04/14/14 – 05/04/14

I know…. it has been approximately forever since I posted a weekly update, there has been so much traveling on Sundays that I just haven’t been able to get to my computer to write it all down, so here is a condensed version.



04/14 – 04/20

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I went to Pure Barre. Thursday evening we headed to CT for Easter weekend, which included a few walks and lots of important family time…and of course B being very cute.



04/21 – 04/27

I went to Pure Barre on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. We are still having sleep issues with B man so I ended up cancelling some classes so I could be the one getting up at all hours of the night with him. Again we jetted to CT for the weekend on Saturday for a memorial. I am glad I was able to get a good number of workouts in, but I don’t regret the ones I didn’t, family will always be #1.

04/28 – 05/04

Pure Barre was Wednesday and Saturday, not great on my part. B was getting a cold and his sleep is even worse during that time, so I knew I would need to not be able to just rally in the morning, because the daytime would also be rough and I would need all the energy I could muster. We headed to CT…again but it was an amazing weekend of friend, family and fun. I don’t hate going down there all the time, but I do not love the 2 hour drive.


In terms of food lately, I haven’t been talking about it, because I haven’t always been super impressed with myself. We don’t eat terrible at home and we don’t eat out a lot, BUT my downfalls have been more carbs than usual, waaaay more, and chocolate. Those two things have always been comfort items and so I am not surprised, but I can’t keep them 100% out of my house either. I need to get better at the will power, and better at saying no to the piece of chocolate or piece of bread, etc…


How do you say no to your comfort foods?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Updates: 04/14/14 – 05/04/14

  1. I agree with Lindsay’s comment 100%! I think our meal at Seasons 52 was very balanced too, and I’m proud of you for still making it to the gym as often as you do, given how early you go. I actually woke up this morning at 6:40AM feeling like I was going to die, how could I make it through a workout. And I truly thought of YOU and how often you get up way earlier to work out, and it pushed me through. Thank you for being an inspiration!

    • It definitely was, I could eat that salmon dish every night and not get bored. I think the SAME thing when I have to workout at night, I sludge through the whole thing lol

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