Achieve Fitness: On Saying Goodbye

As I mentioned in my last post, Thursday was my last day at Achieve Fitness. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but in the end I know that it is the best decision for our family at this moment. It takes me 20-30 minutes to get there even when I go to a 6 am class, and evening classes are not an option because of traffic, by the time Nick gets home from work I just would not make it. Obviously, there is hope that I will get pregnant again sometime within the 2014 year, but I am not naive to think that it could take longer. IF it happens in 2014 though, Achieve just wouldn’t be a fiscally responsible decision.



I was first introduced to Achieve by Amanda, and while I was intimidated at first it was definitely one of the best decisions I have made for myself in a long time. I have always loved strength training and cardio, but I had never been in a gym that approached these two things like the way Achieve does. Metabolic Conditioning and Strength Training classes were held the most often, with a few kettlebell classes as well.

Photo via Achieve Fitness. Just another action packed MetCon class!

Photo via Achieve Fitness. Just another action packed MetCon class!

I was part of a gym family, something I had never experienced before. I looked forward to seeing my favorite 6 am folk and even though I already loved the gym, they made me happy and excited to be there before the sun came out.



I participated in my first ever triathlon with members of Achieve. I also went through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. These friends were there for me, even when they didn’t realize it, it made a huge difference in my mental health. I don’t know that I will be able to separate the triathlon from the miscarriage, but it will also remind me of how lucky I was to have all these people in my life.



I have always been a fan of kettlebells, and I would one more than one if they weren’t so darn expensive. I love that Achieve had a class solely focused on kettlebells and we were constantly working on our strength!

Turkish Get Up - Proud Moment Photo!

Turkish Get Up – Proud Moment Photo!

I know that with Achieve I have gotten a 100 times stronger than I would have if I had not ever joined. Mentally, I am in a better space because of the support from Lauren and Jason and the rest of the members of the gym.


I definitely suggest if you are nearby that you check it out, I am hoping to be back after our kids are at least in pre-school.

I do have some plans for the future. I am going to continue my favorite classes at Studio Poise: Pound, Poise Fusion, The Remix, and Zumba! And for the next month I am participating in the Pure Barre Lynnfield Pure Madness Challenge.



While I can’t continue with Pure Barre after my package expires, it was a great deal and it will help force me into a routine with studio classes. Plus, I love a good competition. I also bought a few online deals for yoga studios nearby.

Thank you Lauren, Jason and all my fellow 6 AMers, you’ve made it one hell of a strong year.

Have you ever left a gym with sadness? I have not, I have always left gyms willingly.

14 thoughts on “Achieve Fitness: On Saying Goodbye

  1. Hang in there Kelly!! I left a gym once after a friendship went sour and pretty much the gym was my family. They all sided with the other person and I just didn’t feel comfortable there anymore. It was sad but I found another gym and a trainer that was AMAZING!!! I was super sad to leave her when we moved from Salem to here! I get it…gym friends become your family too. It’s hard to leave but think of it as making room for something even bigger!!!

  2. Aw! Saying goodbye it never easy! I had to say goodbye to my 24 Hour Fitness in Boulder, CO when I finally graduated College – now THAT was tough!!!! I had ex boyfriends, friends, trainers, etc there that all needed a personal GOODBYE! :( So sad, but you just remember the good times, obviously and try and stay in touch with as many people as possible!

  3. I’ve been lucky enough to never leave a gym willingly. I just end up leaving when I leave the area (college to CT, CT to Boston). But I have just skipped on joining gyms or studios because of $$.

  4. I recently had to say goodbye to my gym membership too as I’m often in a different gym/studio everyday now. It was really sad… But it doesn’t mean you can’t stop back every once in a while and get a day pass to relive some memories and say “Hi” to old friends/staff members :) I stopped back in last week and it was a pleasure to see everyone again!

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