Five Things Friday: Books and Recipes

Five Things Friday

This week has been ridiculous. I will post a longer, more in-depth post on Monday, but suffice it to say, a toddler that has back to back stomach bugs is not a happy camper, and mom & dad don’t get much sleep. This week has been a lesson in survival, that being said, I haven’t been able to browse blog posts as much as I want to. I am going to share some of my favorite links from around the web that I have been able to get to.


Valentines Day Recipes


Buzzfeed put together a list of 27 recipes to make your sweethearts for Valentines Day, I love all of Averie’s recipes, so its safe to say I will probably try to make #1.



Another BuzzFeed list, Cait showed me this a few weeks ago. Then I won a gift card to use at Amazon. Which obviously meant I needed to buy some new books for my kindle. I ended up getting: The Monuments Men, Waiting to Be Heard: A Memoir (recommended by Jane), Wild (From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail), Reconstructing Amelia (recommended by Cait), I also have Mindy Kaling’s book, The Divergent series, Gillian Flynn’s other two books (Sharp Objects and Dark Places) and March’s book for From Left to Write in the queue. Also, am I the only one that didn’t realize they were making The Giver into a movie, and angry that Taylor Swift is in it, ugh.



Honestly, I tend to stay away from any blogs were the person is currently pregnant or just had a baby, but there are a few that I can read without letting it affect my mental state. One of those blogs is Lindsay’s, she recently wrote this post about stretch marks, and why they aren’t as bad as you think. I couldn’t love this post more, I get so frustrated when I see pregnant women or new moms bitch and moan about them, trust me when I say your child will never care if you have them or not. They are just happy you brought them into this world!



If you haven’t read Cait’s most recent post, then do it now. I am so excited one of my great friends is moving to Boston. I am incredibly happy for her new opportunities and glad that I get to spend much more time with her!

The Biggest Loser Controversy

I am actually very frustrated with this. I feel like Rachel was damned if she did, damned if she didn’t. If you’ve never been overweight or too thin, you probably don’t know what its like to have anybody judge your body. I work out hard, I try to eat clean, and when I do have a meal that’s not in the 80% I do it at home, because I feel judged in public.  The fact that people were outright saying she had an eating disorder was disturbing, saying that about anyone is very serious and shouldn’t be used as a joke.This was a competition, she is an athlete, did you really think she wasn’t going to give it her all. Rachel isn’t the one that should be receiving criticism, The Biggest Loser should. Anyway, Sarah’s video and Lauren’s blog, touch on a lot of these points and I liked how they put their opinions out there, and much more eloquently.

What are your thoughts on any of these posts?

8 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Books and Recipes

  1. K- you’ve got a world of support here! Which is luckier than some..
    No matter how crazy the week gets, or if your feeling down on yourself, know that your still inspiring (and amusing) others around the globe :)

  2. Those brownies look amazing!!! I need to get my rear in gear for this Valentine’s! I have everything for the girl’s valentine’s but not for my #1 valentine! I agree with Lauren’s post. I do feel it is on the shoulders of the producers. I know if I had a chance to win that money PLUS get weighed on NATIONAL television I would do whatever I needed to do to win. My hope for Rachel that now she can find that balance.

    • Right!? I haven’t gotten B or Nick anything, I will probably have to go to Target, oh shucks. I hope so too, and from the interviews I saw she seemed to be mentally in the right place, I hope she finds her way!

  3. The show is for entertainment purposes. People take it too seriously. I often do wonder if there’s psychological support that goes with the show since losing soo much weight must have a mental impact as well.

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