Stocking Stuffer Guide for the Host!

This year I put together a gift guide for the fitness enthusiast and last year I put together a list of gifts under $100 for the new runner. The last guide I am going to share with you is stocking stuffer ideas for the host. That person that loves to host parties, or even just spend lots of time in the kitchen and put together lovely elaborate meals for his or her family and friends.

I know that gift guides seem materialistic and silly, but I do honestly love sharing products that, for the most part, have either been purchased by me or gifted. I am grateful for many things in my life and I know that life is more than gifts. For me this is a fun and light-hearted post.

Now, on to the fun stuff. I picked items that I love in my kitchen or that I think I would love. Sometimes, the little items that seem frivolous are the ones we never buy ourselves. These gifts are what I would definitely call frivolous, but they are all under $20 and I am sure would be appreciated.


1. The Olive Stuffer $17.95. This would seem perfect for someone who loves to throw parties with lots of cute apps, and I can imagine, would save a lot of time.

2. The Apple Corer $10. I don’t have this brand, but I love my apple corer, it makes Fall baking so much easier!

3. Zester $9.99. I just bought my first one a few weeks ago, and oh my gosh it was a life saver when I needed a ton of orange zest for the Koulourakia.

4. Grater $7.99. I don’t grate a ton of cheese, but I have a few recipes that need small amounts of grated cheese, and to be honest my current method is just asking for a bloody finger.

5. Juicester $7.95. I use a lot of lemon juice for everyday cooking and I have a handheld juicer, but I love this because it catches the juice for you, and you can juice the lemon or limes while you have down time in-between steps.

6. Cherry & Olive Pitter $13. Again, an item for the entertainer, it may take a lot of effort up front, but at least you won’t be finding pits everywhere the day after a party.



1. Cupcake Corer $6.99. Hands Down one of my favorite frivolous items. I could never get my coring to be perfectly circular, nor could I get each cupcake to match, this solved all of those problems.

2. Rubber Spatula Set $11.99. I have these and use them all the time, in baking and cooking. I love the different sizes, and definitely did not realize how much I would utilize the smallest one. This is a must have!

3. Mini Metal Cookie Cutter Set $3.29. In my mind you can never have enough cookie cutters for any holiday. Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, I even have a football one for superbowl parties. This is also fun for kids when they get to help with the holiday baking.

4. Medium Cookie Scoop $13.99. Actually, I have the medium and small one, I use them both. There are just certain cookies that are meant to be a bit smaller (snickerdoodles) and ones that should be larger (pumpkin chocolate chip) so I appreciate having options. There is also a large scoop, but I do not have that one yet.

5. Cake Tester $2.99. This is an item I could use. I am always scrambling to find a toothpick and then they always roll onto the floor creating a bigger mess, it is extremely frustrating.

Other items I think are wonderful in the kitchen are Silpats and an Egg Timer that you put in the pot with your eggs to hardboil! What are some items you would want in your stocking?

10 thoughts on “Stocking Stuffer Guide for the Host!

  1. You so didn’t need that little disclaimer about why you are doing a gift guide. It’s your blog and gift guides are a fun way to see new products where I am going to buy them or not! I actually would LOVE to try out an olive stuffer and I totally love cherry pitters…I used one for the first time at a Pond House Grille cooking class and I was wowed!

  2. I LOVE gift guides! I also recently got excited about cooking and baking – these are some things I never even thought of and now I totally want! Thanks for posting – and I agree with Caitlin, this is your blog – post whatever you want! :)

    • Thank you dear! <3 The good thing is they are all incredibly inexpensive, and many of the items can be used for multiple things. Like, I have definitely used the cookie scoop as a meatballer. No shame!

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