Studio Poise: My Afterthoughts

Since I have finished my month at Studio Poise (you can read more here) I have a lot to think about when moving forward with my fitness options.


I loved my time at Studio Poise, it came at a time in my life when I needed something to help me heal. I needed to find a place where I became more in touch with my body, and in a place where my emotions could catch up to my body. Physically the miscarriage was over, but emotionally I had (and still have) a long way to go. The classes at Studio Poise brought me to a place where I could do a lot of thinking of where I was in my life, and a place where I could relax and try to be at peace with where my life is.

That’s not to say that the classes didn’t give me a killer workout, because they did, but they are something completely than running and lifting weights. I focused completely on my movements and my body, and pushing my body and my mind to a different place.

The yoga especially brought me to a place that I hadn’t allowed myself to be in, at least not around other people. I thought that I would be in a bad head space (since the teacher was/is pregnant and due right around when I would be) but it actually helped me move in a more positive place, and that really surprised.

It is really hard for me to pick favorite classes, but if someone made me, I think I would pick Pound Fit and Zumba.

So now that we know I love Studio Poise, what’s the next step?


I still have my membership to Achieve Fitness, but that is up at the end of February. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the team at Achieve, I love the other members (or at least most of the 6 am crew) and I love how I feel after a workout. I definitely don’t have the bond with the other members at Studio Poise that I do with the members of Achieve/

I don’t love how far away Achieve is, now that I have found a place that is pretty much next door, I realize just how far it is. It’s not that it’s not doable, but the easier I can make it for me the better. The other traffic factor is that I could never make it to an Achieve class at night and make it back at a reasonable hour. At Studio Poise I can leave my house 20 minutes before class and still have plenty of time to change into studio footwear and get my class equipment set up.

A con for both places is that neither have childcare. Even if one had childcare 2 times a week that would be a sell for me.

So for now I have purchased a class package deal, thanks Santa, and I am taking about 1 class a week at Studio Poise and I am back to my regular schedule at Achieve. I think I will let future Kelly figure out what to do when her membership at Achieve ends.

Have you ever struggled with figuring out your workout routine?

13 thoughts on “Studio Poise: My Afterthoughts

  1. I was in kind of a funky place when we moved…I was pregnant and geared up to work out at home…then I got into a funk and needed a push out! I do like where I work out now…I just need someone to give me a work out to do!!

  2. I’ve been struggling with mine forever, ever since I graduated and got a “big girl job,” really. Working long hours, some weekends, all with traffic, made it SO HARD to figure out what to do. But now that I have a set schedule, and the classes at The Bar Method work within it, I’m finally on a roll!

  3. I love leaving problems to Future Caitlin ;) I’m happy to hear you will be continuing Studio Poise to some extent though. I think it’s been great for your body and most importantly your mind/heart.

    • It’s still a bit of a drive unfortunately, actually it really isn’t the drive but it is the traffic that makes the drive too much.

  4. I often struggle between “things I want to do” and “things I should do”. I have a hard time finding balance between cardio/strength training/flexibility. I’m an all or nothing girl sometimes!

    • Yes, same here! I wish it was easier to flip flop between activities, but I also understand the reasons why it is important to be consistent in one.

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