At Peace

I love running, I do, but at this point in my life I think it is time to take a break.

Last year’s jingle run

The thing is, I had a hard time getting back into running after my miscarriage. I KNOW that the running didn’t affect it, BUT, my body hasn’t felt the same.

I had registered for a second half-marathon, just in case my goal PR didn’t happen at Zooma, and if I did PR, then it would be a fun congratulatory 13.1 hilly miles.


To be honest, I had forgotten about that I even signed up for the Newton Chilly Half, it wasn’t until I received the emails about packet pick-up and race day that I remembered. It was a relatively cheap registration, $40, that I had made back during the summer. If the race had a shorter option (a 5 or 10k) I probably would have still gone to the race and just downgraded.

There wasn’t an option, so instead I decided to soothe my soul…I took my first yoga class at Studio Poise, and I let my body enter healing.

Someday I will come back to running, I am not sure when that day will be, but it will happen. For now I am sticking with my strength and Metcon at Achieve and my favorite classes at Studio Poise.

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15 thoughts on “At Peace

  1. I really like Nancy’s comment above. It’s true running will ALWAYS be there. Right now you have the opportunity to try all these new classes and that might NOT always be there. Also, your mission and desire to get that new addition to your family won’t always be there because you’re going to achieve it (obviously) and once you do, maybe you’ll feel differently. Maybe after baby #2 is born you will crave running. And hey, maybe you won’t. We all go through cycles. After I was allowed to start higher intensity exercise again (I’d stopped it when I started recovery) I realized I wasn’t feeling my spin classes anymore. I just wanted to do Step or Zumba. So that’s what I did. And then I got back into spin about a year later. I seriously go in waves with my workout preferences according to my mood, my life, whatever. Your life and your healing definitely need to come first!

    • Thanks for sharing, I am glad I am not alone in wanting to switch up my routine. Maybe next time I visit we can do a fun workout together. Thanks for being one of my biggest supporters, it has been an amazing help.

  2. Hey you’re listening to your heart and your body and doing what is best for you. No shame in that at all. I dumped running for 30+ years before coming back to it. Enjoy the activities you are passionate about!

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