Reasons Mommy Drinks

I received this book to review through my relationship with From Left to Write.

We know that I love the Mom humor. I like to be on the side of there is something funny (eventually) in most frustrating parenting situations.

When I was pregnant all I could find was picture perfect stories about pregnancy and technical stories, boring. Then I found this book: The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy. It was full of satirical humor and sarcasm and posting the honest truth about what happens when you are pregnant.

I was recently given the chance to read and review Reasons Mommy Drinks by Lyranda Martin Evans and Fiona Stevenson.

Reasons Mommy Drinks

This book is very similar to the pregnancy book. It has an anecdote for every stage in motherhood, starting with pregnancy and your baby shower and moves into stages like baby wearing, mom groups, and dealing with visitors. Along with every passage there is a drink to go along with it. For the pregnancy bits there are non-alcoholic drink, but we quickly move into the alcoholic ones.

One of my favorites? Nap Thyme. First of all the anecdote of how you have to get ALL THE THINGS done during nap time, spot on. The drink is also creative, and something I need to try, and soon. Since B has been on a nap strike for a month.

Nap Thyme


Lemon Juice
1 ounce gin
3 ounces club soda
Sprig of fresh thyme


Rim a glass with lemon juice and then sugar. Fill the glass with ice, pour in the gin, club soda, a splash of lemon juice, and sugar to taste. Stir gently. Garnish with thyme.

While I was reading this book, I was practically nodding along with every single story, saying to myself, that’s exactly how I felt! This book would make a great gift for any mom-to-be, new mom, or even if you’ve been a mom for a while, and since we don’t always have a ton of time to sit down and read, it is a book that is easy to put down and pick back up, and reads very quickly.

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What is the one moment in parenthood where you look back and laugh, but at the time you were a mess?

For me? It was the time that B hid all his toys and then got very upset that he couldn’t find them. We both practically had a meltdown, and then I found them in our wine rack. One for you, one for me, thanks kid.

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20 thoughts on “Reasons Mommy Drinks

  1. I’m trying to pinpoint one time…probably the Christmas that we were going to my parent’s house and when we got there I had forgotten Em’s three perfectly monogrammed and matchy outfits!! I sent my husband back to Lynn to get them!!

  2. I don’t have kids of my own, but the first time Joe and I were babysitting our nephews overnight I had to have a glass of wine after we got them in the bed. What did I say to Joe? “It’s a good thing we don’t plan to have kids, I’d be an alcoholic.”

  3. HAHA that story about B hiding his toys in the wine rack is classic! i remember watching my mom get so frustrated in the past with my brother that she started crying as he was crying – it sounds like that was that moment for you. i think i need to recommend this book to kat. i’m so impressed by the cover art too, so creative.

  4. It’s so true, when you are pregnant (well when I was) all you can find it positive happy stories, and those that seem to have everything plus that all together making it seem like having this newborn is super easy. I only had one friend who at the time was like “you are going to lose bladder control, maybe not during pregnancy but well after, I can’t jog without peeing”. And to me I was shocked! I was happy she told me.

    It is possible too, maybe (especially with the first) maybe it is set up that all you find is the positive, as I’m sure I would have been a lot scared-er had I found the more negative, even though my kid has always been the fussiest of the fussy kind of kids! (still love him to bits though).

    • I agree, I think scarier stories might have been harder to read, but boy would I have been more prepared for the post-labor experience!

  5. I love these kinds of books! I always find myself nodding in agreement, even if I haven’t experienced it (yet). And since I barely find time to read (and we know it would be the end of the world if I shut the bathroom door for a few minutes of quietness) it’s good to know it’s an easy read :)

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