Hyannis Sprint Triathlon II

It’s been a long time since this event even happened (September 7), but the day after was when my miscarriage started and I have had a hard time blogging about it, even just thinking about without feeling guilty.

The triathlon was on a Saturday morning and packet pick up was the night before. Unfortunately, I could not make it in time, but one of my relay team mates could get everything except the bib. I met the rest of my gym family at a local restaurant for dinner.

I had some ziti and bread and we made our way back to one of the gym owners families house that was down the street from the race. We had a fun slumber party, and the next morning we were out the door and at the race start bright and early.

There were about 12 people who did the entire triathlon and 4 relay teams. I was part of one of the relay teams, I was going to be tackling the run. We had a teammate that had a work conflict, so at last-minute we got a swim replacement.


Our Team and J’s husband!

As soon as we got my bib, our team got marked up, with our number. We sent our swimmer to the beach, while the biker and I waited back in transition. I will say the race was not over crowded and it started on time. It was certainly efficient and well run.

With no training, our swimmer gave us a great start, he came in right after the elite and collegiate level swimmers, I was impressed.

Our biker took off and I started to get race nerves. No one knew that I was pregnant, and I knew my running would be slower than normal. It was also getting warmer out and I ate breakfast long ago. I tried to gauge when the biker would be coming in and took some honey stinger bites.

As soon as J came in from the bike, I took off running. I saw Nancy during the first mile and that made me smile, her daughter was cheering and giving high fives, definitely a mood booster.

After that first mile, I felt pain in my stomach and was having a hard time keeping hydrated. I ended up walking until the last .2 miles of the race. I saw the majority of my gym family cheering at the finish.

We waited until everyone was done and we took a bunch of group photos.


YAY! We are all finishers!

I obviously did not complete 2/3 of the race, but I will say the sand at the finish was extremely difficult to run in. I know the swimmers had some difficulty with waves and the bikers had some difficulty with not being able to pass on the road due to obstructing vehicles and those who didn’t understand the rules of the road.

I am extremely grateful to have done this race with Lauren and Jason (owners of Achieve Fitness) and other members from the gym. Everyone was extremely encouraging and helpful, not only on the course but during training. I was even more thankful with the days that followed, as they were all rocks for me to lean on when I was going through the miscarriage.

For a triathlon, the race was efficient and without any major hiccups. They had plenty of pizza and other food post-race (although no regular water, weird). If I ever get the balls to do an entire triathlon, I will definitely want to do this one.

Photo’s courtesy of my gym family!

Have you ever ran a full or part of a triathlon? What was your favorite part?

11 thoughts on “Hyannis Sprint Triathlon II

  1. congratulations on conquering a sprint tri! even if you didn’t do the swim/bike, you still were part of a team that finished the race as a whole. damn sand at the finish? that is just mean! please don’t feel bad about the tri and your miscarriage, i know i’ve already said this but you don’t know what would have happened had you not done the tri, whatever is meant to be will be so try to focus on this accomplishment that you now have. i hope that writing this blog post helped you do just that! i love you and am very proud of you :)

    • Sand is so mean, and with no warning! This post did help, but I also wanted to show how awesome my teammates and gym members were.

  2. I’m sorry about your miscarriage :(

    I agree that the relay is SO fun! My friends and I did the Chicago international distance tri a few years ago. I was the swimmer. Having no expectations, we placed third for the all females!

    Awesome job!

    • Thank you, Chrissy. That is an amazing job! You must be so proud of your accomplishment. Sometimes the no expectations situations give us the best results.

  3. I’m so sorry about your miscarriage; I had one once, too (my first pregnancy) and it was tough. :(
    Hooray for your tri! I’ve done Hyannis, also, and yes, the end of the run, in the sand, is HARD!!! OMG. Slog slog slog.

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