Zooma Cape Cod 2013

It took me awhile to get back into the swing of things, and unfortunately blogging just took a backseat for a while. I am not “healed” of course, and so that might affect some things. Some of what I blog or share and the other being people who I followed before the miscarriage. While I am not angry or hating on anyone, sometimes it’s just HARD for me to see your cute squishy baby photos or your 12 week pregnancy announcements, and I may have decided to not follow you on IG, twitter or Feedly for the time being. I will be back, eventually, I just can’t bear with it some days.

With all that on my mind, I really wavered on whether or not I should even go to the ZOOMA race this past Saturday. After what had happened at the triathlon (which I still need to blog about) I knew that even the 10k would be too much on my body, after the miscarriage, not only was my body physically not in, my heart wasn’t either.

I talked with my husband and doctor and eventually broke the news to the women who run ZOOMA. They were incredibly gracious and supportive of my decision, and understood if I couldn’t make it. I decided then that I would volunteer. I’ve never been on “that” side of racing and I thought it would lift my spirits.

I wasn’t able to make it up to the Mocktail event hosted by Honest Tea, but I was sent many of their products, so I will have try some the cocktails on my own.

I headed up bright and earl on Saturday morning. I mean it could be considered Friday night…I was up by 4:30 and out the door by 4:45.

IMG 6875
At least I got to take in this gorgeous sunrise

I helped Allison at the runner information tent, and then took over once the race started. I have to say, the amount of those who came to the tent to pick up their bib and swag, even though the website clearly indicated no day of pick up, that morning was surprising.

The race started on time and as soon as the runners took off the women behind ZOOMA went to work turning the start line into the finish line and making sure everything was ready at the post-race party. These ladies, and the help with the many volunteers, made it a seamless transition.

I LOVED being a volunteer, I loved seeing my friends race and seeing those that I didn’t know get excited to run and see the high they had after they finished.

IMG 6879  Version 2
One of my best friends and his wife. She trained hard and earned one of the sought-after Personal Best medals!

Even with the ups and downs that will happen in any “job”, I loved volunteering and spending so much time with runners and on the other side of the race.

IMG 6886
The Swag!

An awesome yoga mat, tech tee, bag and water bottle. The finishers also received a necklace!

I will most certainly be at ZOOMA Cape Cod 2014, whether I am a runner or a volunteer is yet to be determined, but I will be there.

Have you ever volunteered at a race? Love it or hate it?

10 thoughts on “Zooma Cape Cod 2013

  1. i’m proud of you for still going to the cape and facing head-on what i’m sure must have been a tough emotional situation. to watch the runners doing the race you’d be doing too if things had gone differently…you are such a strong person for turning this into a POSITIVE by getting in volunteer experience and letting yourself feel inspired by the race participants. you didn’t spend time feeling angry at them for running when you couldn’t. you reveled in their accomplishment and excitement. and you helped an organization you believe in. really awesome job lady, way to CHOOSE to keep your head up and continue your healing journey via a path that involved helping others. XOXO less than two weeks til we reunite!

    • Thank you for always being such a great support system. Dwelling on what happened would never be helpful, and it took some time for me to realize that. So glad that I could be a part of many others wonderful day!

  2. I agree with everything Caitlin said. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been, but you took advantage of the moment for what it really was and that’s amazing.

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