The Great Debate: Baby Sprinkles

Since my last Great Debate went so well and sparked a lot of great conversation, I thought I would try another one.

I also want to clarify, I don’t necessarily believe in having these parties or not, they are things I have seen discussed with family, friends and on other blogs, and I wanted to discuss them here as well.

So what is a sprinkle? I first learned of them on Real Housewives of Atlanta (don’t hate) and they seemed to be exclusively a Southern “thing”. A sprinkle is a party to celebrate the second (or third, etc…) pregnancy.

It seems like these events, are less event-like, and more of a lunch with friends type of affair. It is also much more intimate than a baby shower. This usually very close family and friends instead of all the women in your families.

Bridal Shower not Baby Shower

Personally, I wouldn’t mind having a lunch gathering celebrating a pregnancy, but I would also probably just call it a girls brunch, as I usually hate being the center of attention.

I also wouldn’t be upset or offended if someone didn’t throw a luncheon for me or the future child.

So now it is time for you to weigh in. Did I get the definition of Sprinkle right? What are your thoughts on one?

16 thoughts on “The Great Debate: Baby Sprinkles

  1. i have never in my life heard of a sprinkle! i think it sounds kinda funny and i just pictured a pregnant woman having her friends throw sprinkles at her, pink if its a girl and blue if it’s a boy. if you ever have another baby, we should throw a party where that happens. i want to throw some sprinkles at you!
    but really, if one of my friends wanted to do a gathering like this, i may laugh at her if she did not call it something normal like a girls brunch or a celebratory lunch. why do you have to name it? and lordy why is it called a sprinkle?

    • That’s a good point. I think second (and third, etc…) babies definitely deserve a celebration, and I feel like second babies can get less, since mom & dad are now splitting their time between two or more kids, that having a few things for just that kid would be wonderful.

  2. I’ve never heard of a sprinkle before!! I can’t see what would be wrong with it. It would probably be a bit excessive to have a baby shower for each baby (especially if you are the Duggar family!!!) but a gathering of clothes friends and family sounds nice. Throw in some food and I may start crashing baby sprinkles quite frequently ;)

  3. I remember the first time I heard the term Baby Sprinkle, I totally didn’t get it at first but then it totally made sense – you get showered with stuff for the first but only a sprinkle for the second :) I think it’s a cute play on words.

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