Summer is hard

Before I get to today’s topic, I want to share two articles. The first is written by one of the owners & trainers at Achieve Fitness (my gym) and is about the struggles that even trainers face with the scale. The second article is one that she shared via social media and is an eye opener about what we are teaching children about health in the grocery store. Please take some time to read both of these!

For most people, well in New England at least, you look forward to summer all year long. Beautiful, sunny, long days. Plenty of fun things to do outside. Tons of parties and time to spend with friends and family.

Unless you are trying to lose weight.

At least for me, summer is the hardest months to lose weight. Even in the winter months, the temptation to indulge isn’t as strong as it is in the summer.

IMG 4086
This was my reward after my second half-marathon

In the summer I run a lot more than I do in the winter. But with the running comes the mindset, well I burned X calories so I can eat this. I don’t tend to do that with strength training for some reason.

Also in the summer are the every weekend bbq’s and beer and desserts. This is where the summer gets sneaky on ya.

The desserts, like strawberry shortcake, that’s healthy right? I mean it has strawberries.

IMG 6323

Of course, then we have the drinks. Nothing tastes as good on a summer day as an ice cold beer or margarita on the rocks, right?

IMG 6326

Then last but not least, and this may only be a problem for me, is the abundance of celebrations in the summer months.

For us it kicks off in May with my sister’s birthday, mothers day, and both our mom’s birthdays. June has fathers day & my birthday. July has our anniversary, B’s birthday, and Nick’s birthday. Talk about dessert over load.

So for me, I am looking forward to fall, the slowdown with the crazy celebrations and the regular eating.

What months are hardest for you?

21 thoughts on “Summer is hard

  1. I agree with you – summer is super hard. Weekends at the Lake are extra challenging because there is always lots of good food, drinks and desserts. I am actually looking forward to fall and staying home during the weekends to cut down on my intake. Which also makes me a little sad because I want to enjoy my time at the Lake and not worry about it affecting my waistline. It’s really all about balance, isn’t it?

  2. I love this post and appreciate you sharing! You know I can relate to stressing about summer indulgences. I totally agree, summer is hard, harder than any holiday season in my opinion. In the summer the days are longer and I have more energy to go out to restaurants, stay out late and go out for drinks, etc. In the winter it gets dark so early and I become a hermit who is freezing, so I stay in. I crave pretty much just red wine in the winter or bourbon (well when don’t I crave that) but in the summer I crave sweeter cocktails or beer or sweet wines. I find summer also brings up more parties and events that involve desserts or heavier food I’m not used to. It’s very stressful at times but I try to remind myself that a lot of this just balances out in the winter when I’m doing half the stuff I did in the summer. I try to keep meals at work and at home as healthy as possible and I think I’m doing a pretty good job at balancing, but I still am hard on myself about summer fun. Sometimes I find myself afraid to move to a warmer climate because I’m afraid I’d be on summer fun mode ALL the time!

    • I know you are here with me, and I am glad we can lean on one another. I bake a lot in the fall but for the most part it isn’t as tempting as when others bake (unless it’s brownies, then all bets are off).

      I think you are doing a great job with balance, and even though sometimes you struggle – the fact that you can admit that is a big step.

  3. I have a harder time in winter. Its so hot here in the summer months that we tend to eat lighter food. In winter its frigid, so we want comfort food that tends to have a lot more calories!

  4. Winter is the hardest for me because cold weather means more coffee, tea, and hot drinks, which means I crave sweets and baked goods to go with those beverages. I also bake more in the winter (to warm the house) so the temptation is always around as opposed to the summer.

    • THat makes perfect sense. I do tend to bake more in the winter, but I can’t drink any hot drinks (except for the occasional hot chocolate) so I don’t have that temptation. We all have our own struggles.

  5. I’m one of those who loses weight in the summer (being outside, lots more energy!) and I gain when its cold. Turns out everyone struggles with something!

    • It’s true, everyone has their own battle, and it is nice that we can find those people to share with. Thanks for weighing in Caitlin! :)

  6. Agree 100% with you! Summer is crazy hard! There is always ice cream, birthdays, BBQs and booze! I do like all the fresh produce around and I feel like it helps offset the bad choices! Another really hard time is December so many parties and then there is NO fresh produce in sight!

    • That’s the one thing about Winter, I prefer Summer fruit, and I don’t really like any Winter fruit…so I really struggle. Luckily I love winter veggies!

  7. Same with me. I tend to do okay until around the 4th of July, then losing weight becomes super difficult. I basically just try to do my best, work harder to track my food (the good and the bad) and stay on track as much as possible while still enjoying summer.

    • The key is definitely to still enjoy, I try not to beat myself up about slips here and there but it can be hard! Thanks for sharing Becki!

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