MIMM: Concerts Galore

I have had quite the marvelous few weeks instead of writing lengthy posts about each one, I figured I would give you the highlight reel for this Marvelous Monday link up. Thanks for hosting, Katie!

Last weekend, Nick and I were able to go to the Jay Z/Justin Timberlake show at Fenway Park. I won tickets through a radio twitter concert, which was pretty amazing. We were in the second section back and had a sick view.

Photo 2 6

our view before the show started

Photo 3 4

part of our view during the show. They had a massive set up and huge screens

I loved the show, it was more amazing than I would’ve even imagined, but my hugest issue was the fact that the tickets said the show started at 7, but they had some really annoying dj playing for almost 90 minutes and the show didn’t start until 8:30. My favorite songs of the night were Holy Grail and 99 Problems, Justin playing the part of the cop was amazing.

The following week was crazy, the B man and I headed to Maine with my dad, his wife, her kids, my sister and her boyfriend. Nick was crazy busy at work so unfortunately he couldn’t come. I don’t really have any photos, because we barely had cell or internet so I just ended up leaving my phone in the room the whole time. It was so nice to unplug and relax for a bit.

Friday we had tickets for the John Mayer concert in CT. Front Row.

Photo 4 2
view before the show

John Mayer is hands down my favorite artist. I have seen him almost every single tour, and met him almost 10 years ago. I love seeing him live and this show was absolutely amazing. Philip Philips opened up for him and he was also outstanding. I loved him on American Idol, but you could tell that he felt he was in his element on that stage, singing his music.

Photo 1 7

Then of course John Mayer. You could tell his voice is still not the same, but you could clearly tell all he wanted to do was sing on stage and he was enjoying every minute.

Photo 2 7

His set list for the CT show was awesome. He sang 83 for the first time and hearing the crowd sing along was so moving. This song from his first popular album, it felt like ages since I have heard it live, and everyone in the audience singing together was wonderful.

Photo 4 3

He also sang 4 songs from his new album, due out on Tuesday, and my favorite was “Waiting on the Day” and his encore song was a long version of Gravity, then John and the band left. It is definitely one of the best shows I have seen of his and I am glad I got to share it with Nick.

Then today I was looking online and Nick and I are on the webpage for the Hartford Set List show.


How was your week? What was the best concert you have ever been to?

14 thoughts on “MIMM: Concerts Galore

  1. hahah! i could not figure out at all where you were in that pic but then i saw the cute little “that’s us” bubble! so glad you enjoyed j. mayer and i’m glad you wrote about jay-z and justin b/c i never asked you how that concert was! i cannot STAND when tickets or events or anything say they start at a certain time and start late. i’m pretty sure i would have been enraged by that stupid dj playing for 90 minutes! at least you didn’t have to pay to wait around that long. i can only imagine nick’s comments about that dj hahaha! so awesome to see you yesterday. can’t wait til the next time we meet!

    • Nick’s comments were hilarious. The worst part, we wanted to get dinner first but there was a wait everywhere, so we gave up and ate inside the park (terrible) and I was more mad about that then anything!

  2. So much fun! Jason Mraz, hands down best concert ever, both times. Also, any band I’ve seen in a bar/club is on the list because of the intimate setting – my favourite band since jr. high (Canadian band Sloan) always plays small venues and it’s awesome!

    • I love small venues. John Mayer did a club tour with the Trio in 2006, but we didn’t go, and I am bummed, it would have been amazing.

  3. I wish I would have seen Jay Z and Justin Timberlake when they came to the Rose Bowl here in LA a couple weeks ago. I did get to see Bruno Mars a couple weeks ago and he was pretty amazing. He can dance, sing, play guitar, and bust out a drum solo. Incredible.

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