The Great Debate: Gender Reveal Parties

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Let me preface this post and say I AM NOT pregnant. This post idea was sparked by a conversation I had with Nick, my sister-in-law and her husband.

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A bump throwback

Maybe, I didn’t notice, but I don’t think that when I was pregnant that gender reveal parties were a huge thing. I feel like with the boom of pinterest, came the boom of other things, pressure for the DIY wedding, to become the perfect parent doing all the things, and of course, gender reveal parties.

I like the idea of gender reveal parties. I think it is a cute way to include friends and family in your pregnancy, or to have some suspense in your pregnancy, even just for a little while.

So what exactly is a gender reveal party? It’s a gathering where you have friends and family somewhere and reveal the gender of your baby in a fun way. Some people send the information to a bakery (without knowing themselves) and the bakery makes a cake and you cut into it and the inside is either pink or blue. Or you can go the DIY route and make cake pops!

Another common and frugal idea I have seen is to fill a box with balloons, a kite or lanterns and the color is either pink or blue, you open the box and let them fly out and reveal the gender that way.

The last is to fill a pinata, boxes, or something of that nature with either pink or blue glitter and let it fall over the parents-to-be heads. (One of my fabulous mom friends told me about this one!)

Of course you can play lots of games at the party and make your guests guess the gender. There are multiple ways to do this, I polled some mom friends and there suggestions include, having guests wear clothes the color of what they thing the gender is. You can have those guessing girl wear a hair bow and those guessing boy wear a fake mustache. Or you can do something super simple and just have a chalk board and tally the guesses.

Personally, I think that gender reveals are cute. I hate suspense and always want to know right away about everything (this includes Christmas presents) so I think that a gender reveal would be a nice way to bring that suspense. I would probably have a cake made or something along those lines. Nick however, thinks they are stupid.

So here is where you chime in. Gender reveal parties: love em or hate em?

26 thoughts on “The Great Debate: Gender Reveal Parties

  1. am i surprised that nick thinks they are stupid? no hahaha. i’m pretty sure that any boy likely would think the party is stupid! it’s all in good fun though. an excuse to have a party in addition to a shower!

    • Good Point! +1 Caitlin. If it was the first pregnancy I’d probably do it with the shower, or beforehand with JUST family and close friends. Other pregnancies probably just close family and friends, I hate being the center of attention and I wouldn’t want anyone to feel the pressure of buying a gift.

  2. I think gender reveal parties are cute but I think the best one is waiting for the baby to be born :) Yep, we were those parents that chose to wait until the birth of our kids to find out their gender – I think this is rare these days but I could be wrong :)

    • We had a handful of friends/family do that, but I can’t handle suspense. A weeks worth is probably my max. For our circle of friends and family, it was about 50/50 for those who found out & those who didn’t!

  3. I’m not a huge fan of the gender reveal, call me old fashioned, but (like you said), with the internet and Pinterest boom, I feel like everything is being made into a party (gender reveal and then a baby shower, bridal shower + wedding shower + engagement shower, etc), asking for gifts, etc.

    • OOOH I totally agree! I would only have one with a shower, but since I already had that with B, I would only have one for subsequent pregnancies and do a cake at a dinner with family, no frills. I really don’t like being the center of attention, so I definitely couldn’t see myself throwing a party just for that.

    • I’ve actually never been to one either. I really dislike any surprises, so I can’t ever imagine wanting to do that, although sometimes the baby hides and you have no choice, ha!

  4. We weren’t going to find out the gender with our first but then got way too impatient in the ultrasound room and asked them to tell us! If I could wait, I think a gender reveal party would be fun!

    • I could probably wait a max of a week, but that’s it. I definitely couldn’t wait the entire pregnancy. I think they would be fun too.

  5. I think they are cute, but people need to put a different spin on them, use something other than a cake to cut into, or the typical pinterest ideas. I had my kids way before this fad came out…. so I missed out on all of the fun.

    • haha, I would definitely be lame and do the cake idea, but with cupcakes obviously. I think I would be too tired to do anything else.

      • I actually own a gender reveal party business (which is how I came across this post!). Of course I love gender reveals, and the whole business is about making them easier for parents-to-be. Shameless plug: check out our awesome and unique revealers (no cake in sight) at

    • Oh, I agree. I would make this part of a shower or something. I wouldn’t throw a party. But since I have already had my shower with B, I would do it at a family dinner or something, no frills.

  6. I was just having this conversation with a friend. I guess they are a cute idea but also really weird to me too. Our gender reveal was telling people it’s a boy no drama. I don’t know if I would want to be in public when I found out the gender at the same time as my husbands 4th cousin 3rd removed that we had to invite to a reveal party. Mind you I cried when I found out my second was a boy, I had in my head 100% it was a girl. I think it was just the hormones at the time and the uncertainty of a second high risk pregnancy. But I wouldn’t have wanted people to see that, no that moment was just for me and my husband. And apparently now your blog readers :) It is an interesting topic!

    • That’s a good point. I think I would do mine (if I have one) at a family dinner with a few close friends. These people would already know my feelings and have all seen me have a pre or post partum break down the first time around anyway haha.

  7. I think gender reveal parties are fun and I think it would be awesome to have one for our little guy/gal! With that being said I would only invite close friends/family, not expect gifts, and definitely not have one if I was really, really wanting a certain gender.

    • Yes, I 100% agree with that! I think it’d be fun to either do at the shower, 2-for-1 or do with just family and friends before hand at a dinner. Something intimate and no frills and no expectations.

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