Playlist Thursday: Summer Songs

It’s that time of the week again. Time to link up with Pavement Runner. This is an awesome link up I always try to partake in because I get to see songs that I might not have otherwise heard of and I always end up adding at least one song to my running playlist. Make sure you head over to Pavement Runner to check out everyone else who contributed this week.

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Today’s theme is: Summer Songs. My hands down favorite summer song is Summertime by Kenny, but since I used it recently, I decided to use country as a them and go with my other favorite summer country songs.


Artist: Rascal Flatts

Title: Summer Nights

Side Note: Seems appropriate, no? This song immediately reminds of summer and especially summer tailgating. Pace: 14:48

Summer nights
Everybody are you with me
Let that igloo cooler
Mark your piece of paradise
Summer nights
Everybody’s feeling sexy
Holler if you’re ready
For some summer nights


Artist: Brad Paisley

Title: Beat this Summer

Side Note: Love Brad. He has so many great summer songs, and this is no different.

Like the Ferris wheel goes around and around
Well the trouble with up is there’s always a down
First I’m holding your hand and we’re on the boardwalk
There’s heaven right here on these streets and these dock


Artist: Jake Owen

Title: Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Side Note: We saw heard him from our tailgating spot last summer when we saw Kenny. He’s a pretty great performer and this song reminds me of last summer. Pace 7:48

Never gonna grow up
Never gonna slow down
We were shinin’ like lighters in the dark
In the middle of a rock show
We were doin’ it right
We were comin’ alive
Yeah, caught up in a Southern summer, a barefoot, blue jean night

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